Ready To Run
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Sarang thought it was a housemaid maybe but the voice was so familiar. She held the phone tightly between her ear and fingers. Hesitating. What to say? Why was someone else picking up his phone?

"How can I help you?" The one on the other side of the line asked. Sarang blinked, he didn't have her number saved in his phone? Really? She wasn't prepared to believe that. She knew it was saved. There were two hearts after Sarangie in his phone. She remembered how he had so excitedly showed it to her once. Because they had been happy once.

"C-Can I get Sehun on the phone?" She asked, cautiously.

There was a pause, after that a yawn. "He's sleeping. Maybe I can pass the message?"

And then Sarang noticed the way she spoke, the voice was of Joohyun. A strange kind of horror ran through her body. The television in the background faded away, the pretty news correspondent dissolving in thin air. Sarang gripped the phone tighter. How did Joohyun have Sehun's phone?

She gathered up her courage, "J-Joohyun..."

"Dang, you catch on fast," the lady on the other side laughed. As if it was the funniest thing ever for Sarang. "Sehun's right here. Last night was tiring for both of us so he's sleeping. And we don't want to interrupt his sweet dreams now, do we?"

Sarang hissed at the subjective manner of her words. Questions ran wild in her head and blood in her veins boiled. This lady was annoying her. And disturbing her thoughts of Sehun. Sehun and her? Back together again? Heck, she didn't believe this Joohyun. Joohyun would never be able to convince her that Sehun and her had slept together again. Sehun wouldn't do that.


"Joohyun," she gripped the side of the table. "Don't touch the girls. Don't even think of it."

Joohyun chuckled, "No, I think I would rather keep it to your husband of three months, huh?" Sarang badly wanted to throw the phone at the television where the lady was repeatedly blabbering about stuff she didn't want to hear. Joohyun added to her rage. "Well, we touched a lot last night."

"If you have even the slightest bit of dignity left, you won't call him again, Sarang," she continued. "I still have your contracts. Don't even try to do anything and expect me to sit back and watch."

"Joohyun, the girls--"

"They've forgotten you," Joohyun chuckled. "They'll have a Mommy now and it won't be Kim Sarang. The girls are fine. Their father is too. So worry about yourself, miss CEO because you're chasing clouds if you think you're ever gonna set foot in this place again."

Sarang gritted her teeth, feeling tears on her face when she squeezed her eyes shut. She was angry because Joohyun was lying and making her feel worse than she already felt about leaving the three of them behind in that house. "Get Sehun on the phone," she growled at Joohyun but the woman only chuckled at her reaction.

"Oh Sarang, you sound--"

"Get him on the ing phone! Now!"


And the whole world stopped. Because she was hearing his voice again, not through some recordings in her phone or news reports on TV. It was him, really him, and he wasn't asleep. She bit back a sob, when his desperate voice reached her eardrum, she started crying like a little girl

"Sehun," she could hear Joohyun in the background, and his staggering breath. She could hear Joohyun talking to him, about what, she didn't know. But her heart said Sehun really was waiting to listen to her. "Sehun, I'm not feeling good at all," she confessed. "I want to see you."

"I . . . Sarang," she pressed her lips together, bringing her blanket closer to her chin, curling up in a ball on her bed. She cried holding her knees to her chest. "Sarang, listen to me, alright?"

She hummed. He hesitated, she could hear it. And it broke her heart.

"Don't ever . . . call again. Okay? Never."

The helplessness seeped in. The world seeping out through the gaps of her fingers. Was this it?

"I don't want to hear from you anymore," he spoke but she didn't pick up his words. Sarang tried to find a reason. Even though there were thousand reasons for Sehun to hate her, none was valid enough. They were so much more than hatred and love. The emotion he spoke with didn't make sense. There was no ounce of anything hopeful. A dry tone that would ring in her head every morning and every night. I don't want to hear from you anymore.


And the beep resonated in the background, he had cut the call. And he wasn't going to hear about their child either. But that wasn't the man she had fallen in love with. Perhaps the three of them were fine. But she wasn't going to believe that even if it came from Sehun's mouth. She knew better than that. She could hear it in his voice and see it in his eyes and feel it in her heart that he wasn't fine.

Her hand automatically touched her stomach, the same bones she felt against her hand everyday. Nothing was different. In fact, everything was the same. There was just a feeling, a though it her head that someone's inside her. She knew her skin was going to stretch, there would be a bump. But she wasn't sure if she would love it. Sarang was scared. How was she going to do it alone?


Wendy went for the glass. She slapped it away and it fell on the tiled floor of his office, into tiny pieces that shone in the dark. Each sharp; pointed edges that made him blink and look back at Wendy. He could barely open his eyes, so he squinted in the darkness, his hazy vision putting together the parts of her faces before he could recognize her. "Wendy," he breathed.

Almost immediately, Wendy wrapped her arms around him. "Why are you doing this?" She asked, hugging his torso. He staggered back but she kept him upright. "You ing idiot," she swore at him. She cursed a lot at his frown afterwards. He didn't know what was happening. Sehun stood there, gathering the strength to hug her back. But he couldn't.

"Wendy," he started."M-My phone. I want to talk," he stammered, running out of breath as he struggled out of her arms. Wendy held him by the arm, keeping him in place even though he resisted with the little strength left in his body. "Let me go."

"No, listen here," Wendy pulled him back. She made him sit but he kept slipping out of her hold. This was the usual drunk Sehun. He will act like a kid and he wouldn't be able to distinguish between faces. His mind would race. From this to that with no connection at all. "I'm Wendy," she whispered, worried, just to remind him again that she wasn't Sarang, or Joohyun, or anyone else.

"Wendy," he nodded, not looking at her. He breathed heavily, eyes traveling from this wall to that, between windows and pictures, He was panicking, something he had never done before during the many times he

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