Chapter 4

The Pack

The whole three years of university students had been forced into the main hall for an announcement from the principal. Namjoon felt that he was in a whole school assembly as they sat in their classes waiting for the principal to turn up and speak with them. Seokjin was sat beside him, Namjoon could feel his heart speed up as he looked down at Seokjin who was currently resting his head on Namjoon's shoulder. 

"Are you alright?" Namjoon asked the older boy. 

"Yeah, I'm just bored waiting for the principal to turn up, you don't mind me using your shoulder as a pillow, do you?" Jin answered looking up at Namjoon. 

"No, you can use it" Namjoon replied before bravely grabbing Jin's hand with his own and giving it a light squeeze. A small smile broke out on Seokjin's face as he entangled their fingers together. Namjoon opened his mouth to say something else but the principal rushed through the doors of the hall and towards the microphone which had been set up at the front. 

"I am sorry for keeping you waiting but I have a very important announcement to make, recently as you may know the number of individuals who have been disappearing from Seoul has dramatically increased and all these individuals have been taken from this area of Seoul. It is my duty to inform you to be careful and if you see anything suspicious then report it immediately to prevent others from being taken" The principal told the hall full of university students. 

"Please do not be alarmed there is a minimal chance that any of you will be taken but we need to ensure that you are aware of the circumstances and you won't do anything which could put you at risk, you are dismissed" the principal said before turning off the microphone and exiting the hall. 

Namjoon walked down the university corridor towards his first lesson, no one was around, it seemed that they were already in their lessons. Was he late? Namjoon did not know, he could not walk any faster then he already was, his body would not allow it. The corridor itself was dark, too dark for it to be 9 am and halfway through May.

Namjoon did not believe anything was wrong, they might have just had a power cut like earlier that week when the ceiling and floor in the old part of the university had suddenly caved in and took the lights out as well for the whole university.

'Namjoon' a voice said behind him, Namjoon turned around but there was no one there.

'Joonie, it is me, Jin' the voice said again, Namjoon instantly recognised 'Seokjin's voice'.

'Joonie come find me' Jin said, Namjoon turned around and followed after 'Jin's voice' completely ignoring the logical part of his brain telling him that the voice he was hearing did not belong to the man he was in love with.

"I am coming Jinnie" Namjoon muttered, his logical brain screamed that something was wrong but Namjoon ignored it, Jin needed him. Namjoon blinked as he stood in front of his locker, he had no recollection how he got there, just a few seconds ago he was searching for Jin and now he was here in front of his locker.

'Joonie, open your locker, there is something in there that you need to get for me' 'Jin's voice' said from behind him, Namjoon tried to turn around but he was unable to. It was like something had control of his body forcing him to look straight at his locker and no where else.

'Please Joonie, open the locker for me' 'Jin' begged. Namjoon moved in a trance like stated, Namjoon raised his left hand put opened his locker, inside was a silver locket.

'Pick up the locket Joonie' 'Jin' demanded. Namjoon reached forward and carefully picked up the locket in his left hand.

Namjoon's head suddenly snapped up at the sound of the bell ringing signalling the end of lesson, Namjoon was sitting at his desk. Yoongi and Hoseok was beside him packing up their stuff. In Namjoon's left hand was the locket, Namjoon's eyes widened and then he shoved the locket into his pocket and collected his books before shoving them into his bag and following Hoseok and Yoongi out the classroom.

Yoongi groaned as Hoseok pulled him over to a table in the canteen with Jungkook, Namjoon, Raven, Seokjin and Jimin following, Jimin was pulling Lexi over to the table as well as he wanted her to mix with them, after all he felt like they were bonding yesterday. 

"Have you heard Exo-cbx's new songs?" Hoseok questioned looking at the others on the table. 

"Yes, I love them, I have been listening to their new songs on repeat ever since it came out" Jimin spoke up. 

"I was learning the dance all last night" Hobi said before jumping up from the table and started dancing. 

"Wow, you are such a good dancer" Jimin complimented Hoseok. 

"Thanks, I have been dancing ever since I could walk" Hobi replied. 

"Who is Exo-cbx?" Raven questioned looking at Jimin and Hoseok confused. 

"You know exo-cbx, the famous band" Jimin answered looking over at Raven, the confused look only deepened. 

"What band?" Raven asked looking over at Namjoon and Jungkook for answers. A horrified look appeared on Jimin's and Hoseok's faces when they realised that Raven was not faking it. 

"I don't know who this exo-cbx people are either" Lexi piped up which made Raven feel a little better that she was not the only clueless one. Jimin and Hoseok moved their horrified look from Raven to Lexi. 

"Wait aren't they the people who did that ka-chinging song?" Lexi questioned. 

"Yes, we are going to have to show you the songs of the best band in the world, Exo and Exo-cbx" Hoseok said grabbing his phone from his pocket.

"Firstly, that was two bands not one and secondly, will it make you happy if you show us the band?" Lexi stated. 

"Yes, it will" Jimin replied. Lexi took one look at Jimin and Hoseok before grabbing her bag from underneath the table and ran out the canteen, Jungkook, Yoongi, Raven, Seokjin and Namjoon started laughing at the look present on Hoseok's face which he had pulled due to Lexi bailing on them. 

"Don't you dare" Jimin said as he turned to face a laughing Raven. A smirk appeared on Raven's face as she too grabbed her bag and darted out the canteen leaving Jungkook to stop his boyfriend from coming after both girls. 

"6" A figure muttered, they stood at the doors of the canteen, their eyes focused on the group of six who were laughing at something one boy had said, they were completely unaware of what was going to happen.

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