Chapter 17

The Pack

Lexi shuffled into the canteen, her eyes landed on her friends and Clara, Raven was sat awkwardly beside Jimin who was trying to protect her from the bully. Lexi faceplanted Yoongi's lap, her face was pale and bags were visible underneath her eyes.

"Hey get off my boyfriend" Clara shouted annoyed, she quickly glared at Raven who had laughed into her hand. Lexi lifted her head to look at Clara.

"How's the nose " Lexi said glaring at her.

"I am lucky you didn't break it" Clara said glaring back at her.

"Shame" Lexi replied before faceplanting Yoongi's lap once more.

"Hey Lexi, you have some paint on your sleeve and some liquid on your face" Taehyung said, Lexi groaned before once more lifting her head and wiping the liquid from her face before wiping it onto Clara's. Clara screamed before grabbing Yoongi's arm saying something about leaving before dragging her reluctant boyfriend away.

"" Lexi muttered before falling onto the floor and promptly falling asleep.

Hoseok was following behind Lexi, he was trying to be as discreet as he could. The unaware banshee was collecting some strange objects from her locker, Hoseok could tell that they had some supernatural origin but he was not able to figure out what these objects were.

"Hey Hobi, we were just looking for you" Taehyung said approaching the kitsune with Namjoon, Seokjin, Raven, Jimin and Jungkook.

"Shhh, I'm following Lexi, look at the objects she is carrying" Hoseok said.

"I don't recognise any of those objects" Namjoon replied moving so he could take a better look.

"Well aren't you a useless druid" Jungkook murmured.

"Hey, I spent most of my life trying to learn all the healing and protection a druid can do, I was soon going to learn about the sacred supernatural objects but Yoongi got bitten and I was kicked out of the druid community" Namjoon snapped back, Jin pressed a hand against his boyfriend's back in an attempt to calm him down. Jimin glared at his boyfriend before elbowing him in the ribcage.

"Lexi is on the move, we should follow her" Taehyung stated before running after the banshee with the others following behind him.

"Which way did she go?" Jin asked when they exited the university entrance where they then realised that Lexi had vanished.

"Her scent is going in that direction" Jimin said before running off.

"Should we call Yoongi?" Hoseok asked.

"Like Clara is going to let him go anywhere without her" Raven said.

"She has a point" Jungkook replied.

"Her scent stops here" Taehyung said as they approached a rundown building with a newly fitted metal door.

"Why the hell would Lexi come here?" Namjoon asked as he walked towards the door and tried to open it – it was locked.

"Is there another way in?" Raven asked.

"I didn't see anything else" Hoseok answered as Namjoon pulled against the door even more. Suddenly the door was thrown open and a loud bang filled the air. Jin ran over to his boyfriend, he was worried for his boyfriend's safety. Namjoon stepped backwards, he was covered head to toe in red paint.

"Joonie" Jin asked looking over at his boyfriend. Namjoon wiped the paint from his face before slowly turning to face his boyfriend.

"Oh my gods" Jimin muttered before deteriorating into giggles. The others looked at Namjoon before they started laughing as well. Namjoon gave the others one look before he ran over to Jin but before Jin could realise what his boyfriend was doing, Namjoon wrapped his arms around Jin's waist and pulled him against his body covering his boyfriend in paint. He let Jin go and chased after the others. Jimin let out a high-pitched scream when Namjoon caught him. The others scattered trying to keep Namjoon from making them his next victim.

"Namjoon, you, Hoseok and Jin go fill in Yoongi, tell him about Lexi collecting weird unknown supernatural artefacts, I'm going home to have a shower" Jimin said before walking away with Jungkook, Raven and Taehyung.

"Joonie, we should use the front door" Jin argued when he watched as his boyfriend started to climb up the side of Yoongi's house with Hoseok following after him.

"Don't worry Jinnie, I do this all the time, Yoongi is use to it by now" Namjoon replied before climbing through Yoongi's window. Jin let out a small sigh before he too climbed after the pair.

Yoongi looked away from his girlfriend to watch his best friend, Hoseok then Jin climb through his window. Yoongi sighed.

"There is a front door, why aren't you using it" Yoongi complained before taking another look at his best friend.

"Hey get out, Yoongi and I are spending time together" Clara complained but everyone ignored her.

"What the hell happened to you guys?" Yoongi asked looking confused at the red paint which covered Namjoon.

"Hoseok will explain, Jin and I need to use your shower" Namjoon said grabbing his boyfriend's hand before walking out Yoongi's room to the bathroom which was on the first floor.

"Yoongi tell them to leave, you are spending time with me" Clara shouted glaring at Hoseok.

"So, what the hell happened?" Yoongi asked ignoring his girlfriend. Clara looked at Yoongi shocked before standing up and storming out Yoongi's room.

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