Chapter 19

The Pack

"We're here" Jungkook said as the two cars pulled up. The pack got out and started unpacking their stuff out of the back. All except for Yoongi who was asleep inside the car and Tae who was prancing around with his earphones in and shouting the word Ddaeng over and over.

Lexi went to the boot of one of the cars, wrapped up in a big fluffy black coat, she bent over and tried to pull the bag of tent poles out. "Here, let me help" Raven said coming behind her. Raven lifted the other heavy bag of supplies off the poles so Lexi could lift them out.

"Thanks" Lexi smiled to Raven.

"I'll go get some firewood, anyone wanna come with?" Jungkook asked, everyone else was busy setting up the tents and getting things ready.

"Take Yoongi with you" Namjoon said, going over to where the boy was still asleep in the car he used his pillow to hit him in the face.

"What the !" Yoongi exclaimed opening his eyes but his brows relaxed at the sight of Namjoon.

"You're going to collect firewood with Kook" Namjoon spoke, "See you later" he said patting Yoongi's shoulder before walking off to the food supplies.

"Ugh" Yoongi groaned getting up and following Jungkook who was laughing, well more like cackling at something Lexi had said.

Later on Yoongi and Jungkook returned armed with a big pile of firewood and were happy to see that all the tents were set up. Namjoon had found some big logs to use as seats that he moved into a circle and there was a stop in the middle where they were waiting for the firewood.

Yoongi's face lit up and he could feel himself becoming more relaxed as he watched his friends laugh and goof around with each other. Lexi was tickling Namjoon and Jin was sprawled on the floor, bright pink from laughing at his boyfriend's unamused expression. Raven was talking with Hope and Tae and they were all laughing and smiling brightly while it appeared Jimin was organising their food supply and picking things out for what they would eat tonight.

Yoongi dumped his firewood onto of Jungkook's and went to sit down by Namjoon. Jungkook was crouched in the middle and had got a matchstick out ready to light the fire. Jimin had come over and placed the food by the logs so they were ready to cook when the fire was warm and he sat down next to Jin who had now sat down on a log. 

"Ahahhahahha! Is the remarkable Jeon Jungkook struggling to light a fire" Hobi laughed as Jungkook tried multiple times with the small flame.

"Here" Lexi put her hands round the side of the firewood to stop the wind's harsh blow from extinguishing Jungkook's flame. He was finally able to light the fire. He smiled to Lexi and she returned his gaze.

The pack then ate dinner, cooking various foods over the fire. Jin also got out his guitar while the food was cooking and played a couple of songs, one where Jimin sang with him. Raven also played a song on the guitar surprising some of the others and Tae danced to it showing his enthusiasm.

They cleaned up some of the things and decided to play some games.

"Let's play truth or dare" Hoseok shouted. 

"Yess" Taehyung said whilst the others nodded their heads. 

"What's truth or dare?" Raven asked. 

"Basically, you ask someone truth or dare and they have to choose, if they choose truth then you ask them a question and they have to answer it truthfully or if they choose dare, then you dare them to do whatever you want. I'll start and you can watch, join in when you understand" Jungkook answered. 

"Hoseok, truth or dare" Jungkook said. 

"Dare" Hoseok replied. 

"I dare you to stand up and do your best impersonation of the person on your right" Jungkook dared, Hoseok look to his right which was Jimin. Hobi smiled before standing it. 

"Hi guys I'm Jimin, I'm a cute mochi but I have a darker side, I'm actually called Christian ChimChim" Hoseok said trying to impersonate Jimin. 

"I mean where the lie" Jungkook said. 

"Kookie! I do not sound or say anything like that" Jimin pouted. 

"You do, anyway Lexi truth or dare" Hoseok said to the banshee. 

"Truth" Lexi answered.

"What's the biggest secret you have hidden?" Hoseok asked. 

"Who I am. My parents don't know that I am a banshee" Lexi replied. 

"Um... Jin truth or dare" Lexi asked. 

"Truth" Jin answered. 

"How often do you daydream about you and Namjoon having ?" Lexi said. Both Jin and Namjoon went bright red from embarrassment. 

"Daily" Jin shamelessly replied. 

"Joonie truth or dare?" Jin asked his boyfriend.

"Dare" Namjoon answered. 

"I dare you to take your top off" Jin dare whilst staring at his boyfriend's chest as he removed his top. 

"You just want to see him shirtless" Raven shouted. 

"Of course I do" Jin truthfully answered, not taking his eyes off his boyfriend's chest. 

"Yoongi, truth or dare" Namjoon asked the older boy. 

"Dare" Yoongi replied. 

"Okay, I dare you to dress up in Raven's clothes" Namjoon dared. 

"No, I am not doing that, I refuse, you can't make me, I will not do it ag... I mean how is that fair for Raven" Yoongi started complaining. 

Hoseok and Jimin looked over at Lexi, she had hardly said anything since they got here, her arms were wrapped around her body. Her head was resting against her knees. She looked distant. 

"We should find out what is wrong with Lexi?" Jimin said to Hoseok, who nodded. The pair walked over to Lexi before sitting either side of her. Lexi looked up at Jimin then turned to face Hoseok before resting her head back down on knees.

"Lexi what's wrong? You have been really distant, we are here to relax so please if there is something on your mind you can tell us" Hoseok said, Lexi took another look at them before closing her eyes and closing in on herself even more. Jimin opened his mouth to say something else when Yoongi suddenly started talking. 

"Guys do you really think this is a good idea, I am really worried for Clara, we should be looking for her, I don't want to force her into this life as a supernatural creature and she is my girlfriend, I am meant to protect her, isn't that what these new supernatural abilities are meant to be used for and I failed, I ing failed to protect her" Yoongi said worry filled his voice.

" Clara, seriously, do you know how pathetic it sounds you whining about her when you hardly know the true person she is, the fact that she is a..." Jimin shouted before slapping a hand over his mouth to prevent him from saying anything else.

"I'm sorry Yoongi" Jimin muttered looking down at his feet.

"No! tell him, don't worry I deleted it when they were too busy fussing over her, I forgot to tell you" Lexi pipped up, everyone looked over at her in shock this was the first proper thing she had said whilst being on this trip.

"Okay then, actually I'm not sorry Yoongi, that has been bullying Raven ever since she arrived, she has been manipulating you so you would believe her over anything we tried to say, that party at yours she planned so she could weakened the bond between Raven and you and guess what she ing succeeded because Raven hardly speaks with you anymore... the only reason I never told you is because... s...she s...said sh...she wo...would des...destroy my rel...relationship wi...with with Jungkookie and I... I cannot let her do that be...because he is my world" Jimin confessed before deteriorating into tears. Jungkook jumped up from where he was sat and wrapped his arms around his boyfriend's waist.

"Raven is this true" Yoongi muttered looking over at the female werewolf.

"It's true" Raven replied, pain filled her eyes and voice as she was forced to remember everything she had been through at the hands of Yoongi's girlfriend. Tae put a hand on Raven's shoulder. Yoongi mindlessly walked away from his friends and collapsed to the ground he had no idea that his girl... no his ex-girlfriend had done to Jimin, to Raven. 

"It's not your fault, you didn't know, Yoongi, you are stronger than this, I know you will overcome what is going to happen, to protect your friends, your pack. Yoongi there are great battles yet to come and you will wonder why you are even bother to fight but you will because that is who you are, Min Yoongi, you are a caring individual who will fight for those he loves even when he does not believe that it is worth fighting for" Lexi said.

"Why are you telling me this?" Yoongi questioned.

"You will find out" Lexi said standing up and walking off, leaving a confused Yoongi behind.

"We have run out of fire wood, I am going to go get some more" Jin announced.

"I'll come with you" Lexi and Taehyung said simultaneously.

"I'll come too" Namjoon said standing up beside Jin.

"No, you two would make out if you do" Lexi said before she walked up to Jin and whispered into his ear.

"Kiss him like you mean it" Jin gave her a questioning look but proceeded to wrap his arms around Namjoon's neck and pressed their lips together, the couple made out for a couple of minutes before Lexi grabbed Jin's arm and pulled him from his boyfriend.

Taehyung looked over at Lexi she was becoming distant again the further and further they got from camp the more closed in she became.

"Lexi is there something wrong?" Jin asked when he noticed Lexi's behaviour as well.

"I am so sorry" Lexi whispered but loud enough for the others to hear. Jin gave Lexi a confused look before she collapsed to the ground unconscious.

"Lexi" Taehyung and Jin shouted before running over to her.

"Jin, there is a knockout dart sticking out her neck" Taehyung said pointing at it before another one hit him as well.

"Tae" Jin said as he watched Taehyung lose consciousness as well, Jin watched as the man from the forest months ago appeared in front of him. He had the dart gun in his left hand.

"Go to hell" Jin spat out before he fell unconscious as well.

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