Chapter 6

The Pack

A tall figure slowly approached a slightly unconscious individual who was resting their head against the cold wall which was the only thing keeping him awake. The figure took a seat opposite the individual and pretended to read something on his phone whilst secretly observing his target. 

The train carriage slowly depleted with people until the figure and his target were left. The figure pulled out a small box which contained an syringe filled with a clear substance which would ensure that the target would not regain consciousness until given the reverse potion. 

The figure quietly crept over to the now sleeping target and pushed the needle of the syringe into his vein before administering the substance. Once the figure was sure that no one would see him or his target, the figure put the unconscious figure over his shoulder and carried him off the train. 

Back in his laboratory, the placed the unconscious body onto one of the operating tables and turned to where he was keeping another person locked away. They had started to regain consciousness so were speaking but still clearly dazed as it was incoherent.

The figure walked towards the man he had locked under chains and then removed them, the figure pulled the man up to one of the other operating tables, keeping his hand on the man's vein in case he tried to escape.

The figure lay the man down and proceeded to collect a glass vile with a substance in and a needle. Surveying his potential successes he bubbled inside with anticipation that this time it may actually work. He tried different methods of extraction, inserting and other variables that would effect the transformation of these individuals. He had two separate substances to try on his two targets.

After getting the first substance ready he stuck the needle into the man's arms and he scream at the sudden pain which brought him out of his drowsy state. The figure stood back, defending himself with mountain ash and watched as the man in front of him slowly morphed into a beast but then regressed again. The figure approached cautiously and sighed when the felt an absence of the man's pulse. He then dragged his body round the corner to a pile where he would then deposit those in the woods.

The man kicked the body before storming back over to the other man and quickly grabbed the substance he needed to wake the man up. Once the substance had been inserted into the man's system, the figure grabbed hold of the other glass vile and poured some of the liquid into a clean syringe. 

"Where am I? Who are you?" The man said once he regained consciousness but the figure ignored him, instead he grabbed the syringe and injected the substance into the man's system before once again protecting himself with the mountain ash when the substance started to take effect. 

"Work" The figure muttered when the man's eyes started glowing yellow and fangs started to appear in his face. The man struggled against his straps which were keeping him confined to the table before finding an unknown strength to rip then apart free him. 

"Stop" The figure ordered when the recently turned werewolf darted towards the exit taking down anyone in his path who tried to prevent him from getting to freedom. 

"After him" the figure ordered as he walked towards the glass vile which contained the solution to his months of struggles, finally he would get the supernatural army which he was slowly building. 

Lexi stared at the marks on the tree, they were recent. 

"Something came through here not long ago, keep your eyes open for anything, Taehyung have you discovered the source of the pull" Lexi said whilst turning to face the hellhound. 

"It's coming from the same direction as last time, my guesses are that the bodies are being dumped in the same place or a similar place" Taehyung explained. 

"This way then" Lexi muttered before running off in that direction with Taehyung and Namjoon following behind her. 

"Wait up" another voice said, Lexi turned around to see Jin limping behind them trying his hardest to keep up with them. 

"Did they?" Taehyung whispered looking at Jin then to Namjoon who was smirking. 

"If they did, I don't want to know" Lexi answered just as Jin and Namjoon reached them. 

"You going to be able to keep up with us or is someone going to have to carry you?" Lexi questioned looking at Jin who flushed in embarrassment. 

"I'll carry you babe" Namjoon said crouching down so Jin would be able to climb onto his back. 

"You better since this was your fault" Jin muttered before getting onto his boyfriend's back.  

"Yeah they did" Taehyung muttered before running off to avoid any awkward conversations due to the realisation. 

"Wait for me" Lexi said running after the hellhound who was disappearing into the trees with Namjoon and Jin following after them much slower due to the extra weight Namjoon was now carrying. 

"You cannot blame it on me, you enjoyed every second" Namjoon retaliated. 

"Shut up" Jin muttered hiding his face in the base of his boyfriend's neck. 

"I love you too baby" Namjoon said grinning as he came up to Taehyung and Lexi who were standing in front of a ditch. Namjoon gently lowered himself to the ground to prevent his boyfriend from hurting himself in the dismount before they both walked over to Taehyung and Lexi. 

"Another body?" Jin asked.

"Yeah" Taehyung answered. 

"Same as the others, marks signalling them being used as experiments of turning them into supernatural creatures" Namjoon questioned. 

"Yep, Namjoon call Yoongi and the others" Lexi ordered as she looked down at the dead body in front of her. 

"Sure" Namjoon said grabbing his phone from his pocket and called his best friend, Namjoon looked down at the phone in surprise before attempting again. 

"What's wrong Joonie?" Jin asked looking over at his boyfriend. 

"Yoongi is not answering" Namjoon answered. 

"And that's an issue because?" Taehyung questioned. 

"He always answers to me, just in case I've hurt myself and cannot get anyone to help me" Namjoon explained before trying to call his best friend once more.  

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