The Pack

Namjoon, Jin, Taehyung and Hoseok ran back down the corridor until they reached the stairs and climbed up. They could still hear the fight going on above them. None of them had noticed that Lexi was still not with them. Namjoon's priority was to get Jin away from the fighting. 

Yoongi could feel his powers returning to him, he looked up at the sky and saw that the lunar eclipse had finally ended. Jungkook's eyes flashed red showing to the supernatural army who he was before taking out half of their forces in one go. Raven quickly shifted into her wolf form and started attacking everyone in sight. Taehyung's body engulfed in hell fire. 

The fight raged on, the pack took the army out until the ground was covered in seriously injured or dead man-made supernatural people. Relief filled their system. It had finished. It was finally over. 

"You bastards, all my hard work and you destroyed it, I will end you, I will end you all" The creator of the supernatural army shouted as he came running out of the laboratory building holding a modified hand gun which was contain the rarest and most deadly type of wolfbanes compressed into a bullet. It was pointed directly at Yoongi. 

Jungkook ran straight over towards the creator to take him down, Jungkook fell to the ground before kicking the creators feet from underneath him but it was too later, the gun had already gone off and a bullet containing wolfbanes was heading straight towards Yoongi. 

"LEXI!" Jin screamed as they watched Lexi push Yoongi out of the way of the bullet, there was a contented look on her face as the bullet hit her chest and she collapsed to the ground. Yoongi was able to regain his balance just in time to catch her falling body in his arms. Yoongi did not focus on the others rushing over to them or that Jungkook had killed the bastard who shot her. All he could focus on was his friend bleeding out in his arms miles away from civilisation and a hospital.

Yoongi entangled his fingers with Lexi's before pulling her bleeding body closer to his chest.

"I can't take your pain, why can't I take your pain" Yoongi choked out, tears running down his cheek.

"Because, it doesn't hurt, hey don't give me that look, I have known for a very long time that this was going to happen to me and I accept it, what could be a better cause then dying to protect those I care about, the only people I have ever cared about. Don't worry, you still have so much left to look forward too, you all do, you will see me again, I promise Yoongi, you will carry my memory around with you after tonight is up. Look to the future my friend, not the past" Lexi said.

"No, you can't die, I will not let you die, I can't lose you, I promise you, you will live, you will survive" Yoongi begged as Lexi reached up and pressed a hand against his cheek before giving him a large smile, she could tell that she did not have long left.

"This was always destined Yoongi... Yo...Yoongi goodbye" Lexi choked out before her eyes closed for the final time and her body went limp in his arms.

"No no no no no noo, Lexi please no" Yoongi screamed tears were streaming down his cheeks as he pulled her body closer. Yoongi rocked his body backwards and forwards. She was dead. Lexi Bowen was dead. One of his best friends was dead. And it was all his fault.

The End

Preview for Moving on 

Everyone was dressed in black suits or dresses. Today was Lexi's funeral. There weren't many people there, only Lexi's immediate family and them. Yoongi stood up from his seat and headed towards the coffin, her family had decided to have it open, allowing everyone to have one last look at the girl before her body went into the ground forever. 

"I'm sorry Lexi, I wish I could save you... no I should have been able to save you, this is all my fault" Yoongi muttered, tears were flowing down his cheeks. He could imagine her reply. 

"Your fault, the hell is it your fault. Now stop feeling guilty about the past and live for the future. Just don't forget me" Lexi's voice echoed in his mind. 

Yoongi lent down and pressed a gentle kiss to her forehead before taking her hand in his and pulling it gently to his chest.

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