Chapter 9

The Pack

"I cannot believe that you did not tell me that you had a girlfriend Yoongi! We are best friends, we are meant to tell each other everything to ensure that we can rescues each other's when either of us gets into trouble. This is important Yoongi! You. Have. A. Girlfriend! How could you not tell me about this? I feel so betrayed" Namjoon complained at Yoongi once he had introduced his girlfriend Clara to everyone.

"Hey, you are one to talk. You never told me about you attempting to date Jin before you asked him out! If anyone feels betrayed it is me" Yoongi shot back.

"Come on Yoongi! Through the ual attention and the constant disappearances, it was quite obvious" Lexi said.

"She has a point" Jungkook said.

"Ew, you are dating a man, that is disgusting! A man should always be dating a real woman like Yoongi is with me not another man. You are a disgrace to everyone else" Clara suddenly said glaring at the couple.

"You are homophobic, you know the word homophobia technically does not work as the correct meaning for an individual who is being homophobic because the word phobia is being really scared of something like Arachnophobia – the fear of spiders. When an individual is homophobic you are just being an not fearing of homoual individuals" Lexi said glaring back at Clara.

"Hey listen here..." Clara said before she was interrupted by Jimin.

"So, how did you and Yoongi meet?" Jimin asked trying to protect his friends from either a physical or verbal fight with Yoongi's girlfriend who was not going to stand a chance against the others.

"Oh well, Yoongi and I met at the University" Clara started her eyes trailed after Lexi who had move from the couch and was now currently leaning against one of the walls spinning her recently sharped knife in her hands, it was still stained with the blood from the rogue alpha.

"Well, I am considered quite popular at our university and..." Clara was once again cut off by Lexi muttering "No " under her breathe. Clara glared at Lexi before continuing.

"I saw Yoongi around Uni and instantly fell in love with him but when I tried to pursue a relationship at first he was quite reserved and refused to date me but I kept going after him and he soon fell in love with me too" Clara explained.

"I think I vomited" Lexi whispered into Jungkook's ear, who nodded at her with a similar expression on his face.

"We went on a first date not long..." Clara's voice faded into the background. Lexi stumbled forward nearly crashing into Yoongi who quickly caught hold of her, a jealous look appeared on Clara's face.

"Lexi, What's wrong?" Yoongi asked his friend as she seemed to fight back from the hold Yoongi had her in, her head was resting on his shoulder.

"Jinnie, what's wrong?" Lexi just heard Namjoon ask the other banshee.

A loud scream ripped through the air as the figure dragged his latest victim into the warehouse... The substance was injected into their arm... glowing eyes... silence...

"They weren't strong enough" the figure growled kicking the dead body.

"Get rid of it and bring me the next one" he ordered.

Lexi felt her legs buckle before she fell, Yoongi quickly reached pulling the banshee closer. Lexi tried to push Yoongi away from her but her weakened body couldn't get the strength to push him away. Lexi opened and in time with Jin, they screamed.

"4" the broken voice said as they observed the scene, the future events were inevitable and the pack were still not prepared for what was to come.

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