Chapter 18

The Pack

Yoongi was sat at a table in the canteen with Hoseok, Namjoon and Seokjin, they were currently discussing a thought which Hoseok had recently had.

"So, let me get this straight, you believe that Lexi and Taehyung are in a relationship?" Namjoon said for the fourth time.

"Yes, they have gotten really close lately and if you remember Taehyung always sits by her or when Lexi punched Clara at the prom Taehyung instantly held her back so I think they are dating" Hoseok explained.

"He does have a point" Yoongi said.

"See even Yoongi agrees with me" Hobi said.

"I'm sorry Hobi but I cannot see it, Tae got close with Lexi because she promised to teach him how to control his powers and she was the first person to really get to know him so he obviously sees her as someone he can trust so he is trying to protect and help her, I really cannot see them in a relationship" Jin retaliated.

"Yeah, I agree with Jin, it is really unlikely" Namjoon said.

"I will prove it to you" Hoseok said before walking off.

Clara pouted as she walked through the woods, she had gotten a text message from Yoongi asking her to meet her here but would not tell her why. Maybe he was finally coming to his senses and was going to finally get rid of those ridiculous friends of his once and for all.

"Yoongi, I'm here what did you want?" Clara said but received no reply.

"Yoongi?" Clara said

"Yoongi" Clara screamed before a hand covered and a syringe was shoved into her neck, soon her world went black.

Yoongi was panicking his girlfriend has completely disappeared, he had seen her earlier at uni but soon after disappeared off the face of the earth. He had searched all over for her and according to her friends she had received a text from Yoongi to meet her in the forest but he had looked everywhere and she was still yet to be found.

"Lexi, I know you hate Clara but please do you know where she is? I cannot find her anywhere" Yoongi begged the banshee.

"Yoongi... she has been kidnapped" Lexi answered.

"What, why didn't you tell me or try to prevent it" Yoongi snapped.

"Because I only just found out, you moron" Lexi glared at him.

"I'm sorry" Yoongi muttered apologetically.

"Right everything is getting too much for us we need a break and I will not take no for an answer this supernatural army is becoming way too much for us, I suggest we go on a camping trip to clear out heads and then only after we have done that, we start properly looking for Clara and this supernatural army, Yes?... Good" Hoseok suggested to the others who all nodded.

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