Chapter 5

The Pack

Namjoon tucked the locket into his t-shirt as he entered the University. He walked towards his locker to collect his books, the conscious and unconscious thoughts buzzed in Namjoon's mind as he heard what the people around him were currently thinking. 

'Ugh, I hate this outfit, I really should have worn that one with the cute pattern on it' one girl thought.

'Oh crap, I have that Math Exam today and I haven't revised, I'm doomed, so long world' another thought. 

'There he is! Namjoon! He looks so handsome today just like always, I wish I had the courage to speak with him but he like on another level to me' a girl thought. 

'Plus he is dating Seokjin and he would never look at anyone else in the same way, Namjoon please notice me, please love me, I want you to be with me no I know that you should be with me, we are perfect together and I would even let you occasionally be with Seokjin if that is what you desire but we need to be together, we are meant to be together, ugh why can't you look at me, why can't I talk to you' the same girl continued. 

'Look here comes the man who stole my boyfriend' the girl thought as she glared at Seokjin. 

"Joonie" Jin shouted running over to his boyfriend who was putting his books into his bag then closed his locker door. 

"Hey Jinnie" Namjoon said before quickly pressing a kiss to Jin's lips. 

"I was wondering where you were since everyone is already in the canteen waiting for you" Jin said after kissing his boyfriend back.  

'Joonie looks so hot today, how do I deserve such an amazing and hot boyfriend. I just want him to tie me up and me so hard that I cannot walk for a whole month or remember who I am. I want him to claim me as his , gods I would do anything he would want to do' Jin thought.

"Joonie is everything already, you are blushing" Jin asked concerned. 

"I'm fine Jinnie" Namjoon replied before walking towards the canteen with his arm wrapped around his boyfriend's waist, he kept listening to people's thoughts but he was suddenly bombarded with a ray of thoughts. 

'I wonder where Yoongi is? Did I do anything wrong and he is avoiding me? I wonder what the matter is? Maybe he isn't feeling well? Yeah, that makes sense. I don't remember doing anything wrong so he must be feeling well. Unless, someone else did something wrong to him and he is avoiding them not me which would also be understandable. Yoongi, Yoongi, Yoongi Oooohhh Namjoon! Jin found him' Hoseok thoughts were jumbled and all over the place which was making Namjoon have a headache. 

"Joonie are you alright?" Jin asked as he watched his boyfriend clutch his head in pain. 

"Yeah Jinnie, just a headache" Namjoon said trying to reassure his boyfriend as he quickly slipped the necklace off and into his pocket. He was completely unaware of look he received from Lexi who had seen the necklace. 

Namjoon quickly ran up to his boyfriend who was getting somethings from his locker, Namjoon hadn't dared put the telepathic locket back on again as the headache he had experienced had made him think how dangerous it would be to mess with something he didn't understand.

"Jinnie" Namjoon said wrapping his arms around his boyfriend's waist then buried his head in Jin's neck before he started pressing small kissing up and down his neck. 

"Joonie" Jin giggled as he turned in Namjoon's arms and wrapped his arms around Namjoon's neck before pressing his lips against Namjoon's in a passionate kiss. Jin's fingers trailed from Namjoon's neck to his hair where Jin entangled his fingers in Namjoon's hair. The kiss deepened as Namjoon slid his tongue across Jin's bottom lip asking for entrance, Jin opened his mouth and Namjoon's tongue darted inside and started exploring every inch. 

Jin suddenly pulled away when he felt his surroundings started to blur, it was normally a sign to when he would start having a vision.

"Baby, what's wrong?" Namjoon's voice faded into the background as the vision became present in his mind. 

A figured approached a slightly unconscious individual... carriage slowly depleted with people... box with syringe... clear substance... sleeping... put the unconscious individual over his shoulder.

The vision faded and Namjoon looked up at his boyfriend who has a worried look present on his face. 

"I just had another vision" Jin said whilst resting his head on Namjoon's shoulder. 

"What happened?" Namjoon asked before pressing a kiss on Seokjin's forehead. 

"It was quite vague but what I could make out someone was taken from a train and was given something from a syringe" Jin explained. 

"Okay, are you alright?" Namjoon asked. 

"I'm alright Joonie" Jin said before kissing his boyfriend once more. 

"Guys" Taehyung said to Namjoon and Jin, "Have you seen Yoongi anywhere, Raven, Hobi and I can't find him anywhere and I called Jungkook but him and Jimin haven't seen him either" Tae explained.

"No" Jin replied and looked at Namjoon who also agreed.

"Why do you need him?" Namjoon asked.

"Nothing important, it's just no one has seen him all day and he won't answer any calls or messages" Hoseok spoke back.

"We just hope he's okay" Raven added. Namjoon scrunched his face up in thought, it certainly was odd behaviour, even for Yoongi.

"It's no problem, we'll go look around for him some more" Taehyung said.

The three of them exited the canteen and headed towards entrance of the Uni and out into the parking lot. After surveying the area they were about to go back in when Hoseok spotted Yoongi's black hair poking out near his jeep.

They walked towards him only to hear his voice resonating out and they realised he was on the phone. He turned after hearing Hoseok's loud voice and quickly said "I gotta go now" before hanging up and pocketing his phone.

"You okay?" Taehyung asked hesitantly as for some reason he felt quite unsure.

"Yeah, why wouldn't I be?" Yoongi fired back

"We just came looking for you since no one had heard from you all day" Taehyung replied

"Who were you on the phone to?" Hoseok asked curiously

"None of your business" he stated and then walked away from his car and headed inside.

"He's definitely acting differently" Raven concluded and Taehyung and Hoseok agreed.

Namjoon dropped his bag now on his bed and instantly went to his parents library housing the oldest books about supernatural artefacts known to the supernatural community. Namjoon grabbed the nearest book about telepathic artefacts before putting his hand into his pocket to find the necklace but he couldn't feel it. 

"I could have put it in my bag to keep it safe" Namjoon muttered before running to his bedroom and pulling all the items in his bag onto his bed but yet he still couldn't find it. 

The locket was gone.  

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