Unconditional Love

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Unconditional Love

Being single doesn't mean no one wants you, it just means you're in the process of creating your own story.


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I submitted this Fanfiction to Pearl Aqua Dreams Writing Contest which is linked in the poster above.

The genres of this fanfic are interrogative, crime, thriller, suspense, fluff, friendship,  and romance. Inspired by SHINee's Tell Me What to Do and View.

Please make sure you read all of the Chapters especially Chapter 5 because chapter 5 is one of the most important parts! None of the scenes are related so read all chapters! Also please Subscribe for updates on the full version!

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Unconditional Love • by lovelyfeisty

What is love? Does it exist? Is it real or just an emotional illusion that is not easy to escape?

Love doesn't need to come from a romantic relationship, a true friendship and a real family is enough to call love. Love is not an illusion one could see, but an emotion that can be felt with the heart when the meeting the right people.

Hyun Bora thought with just her master's degree in creative writing and valedictorian status from Seoul University and becoming a freelance writer that she had everything she needed for her happiness while thinking that love and friendship were unnecessary after she graduated from high school.

Her father arranged her to marry a former classmate that she despised. The same classmate that made her believe that love didn't exist.

Bora thought the easiest route to her happiness was to run away from it all until meeting an acquaintance, her psychology professor, Kim Kibum, only two years older than her. Kibum offers Bora to stay at his home as a friend while letting her help with his other work as a Private Investigator.

They both were only meaning to build a friendship but like any situation anyone gets into, it should not be expected to go as planned.


Hyun Bora

Hyun Bora

25, freelance writer. Bora was a valedictorian candidate in both her high school and university graduating classes. Has a hard time opening up about her struggles and feelings. Also has a hard time trusting people and doesn't believe in love or anyone cares about her. Also, believe all males make jokes out of and target women ually since after what Jackson did to her. Now she ran away from home to protest against her parents' approval for arranging her to marry Jackson.

kim Kibum

Kim Kibum

27, Psychology professor and Private investigator. Bora's professor during the last 3 quarters but never spoke with her until they met at the coffee shop. Warns her to stay away from Jackson but he doesn't know she's arranged to marry Jackson. He wants to help her get out of her arranged marriage to make her happy. He seems to be mentally suffering from his past but just hides it keeps to himself because he doesn't want Bora to worry about more than herself.

Jackson Wang

Jackson Wang

24, works at his family's company and a university student. Bora despised in high school. Now he's arranged by her father to marry him but doesn't realize he's responsible for nearly humiliating her. Since then, he claims he wants to her friend and he changed but Bora thinks it's just a trap. Every time he tries to talk to her, she thinks he wants something. Currently dates Soomi, whom he can't stand but seems to be intimidated by her for some unknown reason. But did he really change for Bora?

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