Ominous Illusions

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Ominous Illusions
by Lovelyfiesty

In Jang Hana's first portrait, she drew,

The model was an 18-year-old boy, Shin Wonho.

She named it “Ominous Illusions.”

What is she calling ominous?

Violence, tragedy, loss of innocence, trauma,

And a very long list of many other reasons anyone could think of.

Hana and Wonho are two completely different people with opposite personalities;

That didn’t stop them from helping each other to heal from and overcome their own traumas.

Jang Hana

A timid artist who lives with her mother. Her father died in a car accident when she was 10 years old. Her stepfather her when she was 14 years old; due to the trauma, Hana became withdrawn and distrusting to all males until she met Wonho. 

Shin Wonho

An extroverted playboy; rides motorcycles hoping to become a professional racer. Since his twin's suicide, he has deep scars and unanswered questions. In spite of his dark and mysterious past, he remains cheerful with others.

Kim Areum

A female classmate of Hana and Wonho. Was "in love" with Wonho since heir freshman year. Targeted Hana with brutal psychological attacks because of her connection with Wonho, but then reforms and became a solid and protective friend to Hana.

Chae Hyungwon

Hana and Wonho's classmate. Wonho's best friend who also had a crush on Hana since they attended junior high together. Later decides to just be friends with Hana after realizing he might not capable of protecting Hana from danger.

Park JAewoon

 A sociopath who was bullied by his only friend. Wonho had saved Jaewoon from being beaten to death at once. He admires Wonho but also claims to have liked Hana and plotting a plan to keep Wonho and Hana apart. 

Shin Hoseok

Wonho's younger twin brother, he was an artist and bullied, but Wonho always stood up for him. In junior high, he committed suicide jumping off the school building in front of Wonho, leaving him with questions and deep emotional scars.

Author's note:

Beside song inspirations, this fanfic is inspired by the Japanese manga, Mars. This fanfiction is not marked Trigger Warning nor mature because a lot of the chapters are not Triggering nor mature content but mature mark contains violence. I also would appreciate if you guys would answer the little questions I typed out at the bottom at the end of each chapter too.

Genre: Drama, Romance, Coming of Age, Psychological, Slice of Life, School Life, Fluff
Rating: R
Warnings: Violence, Triggering Events, Psychological Harm and Threats, Description of Suicide and Death, and Attempted Murder.
Song Inspiration: Underwater, Miss You, Beautiful, Shoot Out, Hero, and All In
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