Rebirth of an Angel

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Rebirth of an Angel
by Lovelyfeisty

Ever since childhood, Sohyun feared falling in love and being heartbroken which left her to reject every love confession received. Choosing to not date was what had given her pride she would use to show everyone she doesn't need to have a lover to be happy. Everything fell apart when a friend makes a terrible mistake she can't imagine until it nearly ruined her perfect pride. She attempts to lose her memory, only came back to remember everything she wished to have forgotten. Discovering she's an angel upon her arrival in heaven, she realizes this to be her rebirth as an angel. How will everyone see her now when they discover her to still be alive?

Kwon Sohyun

The reborn Angel, she only wanted to escape from the pain she was put through, to only find out that she's an angel that was sent to be born as human after she arrives in heaven.

Kim Jongin

The Forgotten Angel, one of Sohyun's best friends but she barely remembers him. With, Suzy and Sohyun each choose a person to go observe and watch over during the day.

Suzy Bae

The Fierce Angel, one of Sohyun's other best friends from childhood that she actually remembers. She is protective and fierce towards anyone that had done something to hurt Sohyun.

Lim Jaebeom

The Attentive Friend, one of the few friends by Sohyun's side during her days a Daeyeon Academy. Is grieving over Sohyun's disappearance. The person that Sohyun has decided to observe for her mission.

Jackson Wang

The ignorant Jock, he thinks that the world revolves around him and popularity. He displays no guilt towards Sohyun's disappearance. The person that Suzy decided to go observe for her mission.

Krystal Jung

The Clever Friend, even without anyone speaking of their thoughts she tends to be able to figure out anyone's emotions, one of Sohyun's friends from Daeyeon. Is observed by Kai as part of his mission.

Author's note

Genre: Romance, Coming of Age, Friendship, Slice of Life, Fluff, Rebirth, Fantasy
Rating: PG
Contest: Shoes of a Unicorn Writing Contest | Round Eleven
Prompt: Janus MV - Boyfriend
Hello Readers~
Guess what? New Kwon Sohyun story here since there aren't very many, especially about friendship! Although I'm sorry about deciding to make Youngji and Jackson (kinda) the antagonists of the story I kinda felt like this was the only way I could manage to make the storyline work but I hope you enjoy reading it! I'll keep the short so go ahead and start reading! Also, do not plagiarize this story! Please do subscribe and upvote if you like it!




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