Baby, We'll Be Alright

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These are snapshots of Donghae and Hyukjae’s lives according to their daughter. From being Super Junior, to being parents, but not necessarily in that order.


Donghae was strumming his guitar softly while Hyukjae was playing with his phone, when Donghae dropped a whole bombshell.

It was unexpected, especially when they both knew that it could cause them a lot of trouble.


“Let’s get married,” Donghae had said, his fingers hovering on the strings. It stopped the song, and there was silence between them, except for the background noise of the television.




















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Upvote if you shed a mental tear. Or one tear.


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MissLavi #1
Chapter 22: You said that we should upvote if we shed a tear referring to a certain chapter near the finale, but I had a knot in my throat since chapter 2. So when I read all the story I was shedding more than one tear T-T
I usually feel emotional reading or watching well written stories, but it's very rare of me to cry because of them. And I'm convinced that happened not only because you told sad events, but because your wonderful narration made us see simple, intimate moments between lovers or family like the real treasures they are. Some of us can relate in some way to Donghae and Hyukjae's struggles, or value much more our loved ones, but I'm sure everyone was impacted in one way or another by this story. Thank you very much for it ♡
Chapter 22: i love this so much i'm staying up late to finish the entire story and it's amazing and i cried so much at the latter parts. thank you for writing this and i am actually a fan of your works!!!! ♡
I'm not sure if there's a chance you'll read this or not, but I really like this fic and I'm seriously thinking about translating it. Anyways I will most definitely mention the original writer and link it with this one if I go through with it. Have a good day ♡
Chapter 22: Every chapter, i cried. This is so beautiful and i cried again.
Haven't read it yet, but I'm sure I'm gonna cry a lot
LeeLenaMx #6
Chapter 21: You won the upvote... you got me with the mental and real tears... thank you for sharing this sweet and sad story
Chapter 21: I just comeback here to shed some tears, gosh this story never failed to make me crying like a baby, such a beautiful story, thank youuu, thank youuuuu for writing it ಥ‿ಥ
Chapter 21: I didn't expect this story to turn like this! I love this!
I love DongHae and HyukJae's family and I love the feeling your story brought me
I love their children, especially EunHae !
Thank you for a wonderful fic
Chapter 22: I'm obviously stalking all your fics but my heart is just so overwhelmed and I'm hiding under my blanket cause I'm full out crying after reading that epilogue. I didn't miss that greys anatomy reference though and I thought that was a really great inclusion haha...I thought three chapters before the end that Eunhae's thoughts in italics might be her eulogy to Eunhyuk and that just made me cry more thinking about it. That was a lovely family and it was full of love that I can't help myself. I'm just a sap and if this was a movie I would buy the DVD and watch it in theaters a dozen times lol

That ending was painful in the most beautiful way possible <3 Thank you!
Chapter 22: There's a note saying that, "Upvote if you shed tears". I need to upvote then.
But, seriously, this story is well-written. I never knew Donghae's lyrics in Lost is for Hyukjae. Sometimes I think when they wrote songs and said they are about Hyukjae/Donghae, I really think they meant that.
Whether is platonic love or real love, only they know the truth. I hope fans especially ELF can support them and Super Junior regardless their decision related to their own personal life. They all in their 30's anyway. They should date and get married, having Super Junior's juniors and enjoy their life. Kekeke