He's Mine


Eunhyuk is casted in We Got Married with a rookie idol who has been a long-time fangirl. Donghae is not too happy and does whatever he can to thwart this virtual couple.


Super Junior is notified ahead of time that they will be meeting their pretend sister-in-law. Donghae dreads this, but it’s time to size her up close. He’s been keeping tabs on her and her group, watching her interviews, and even some variety shows. If she’s not in We Got Married with Eunhyuk, maybe he’d think she’s endearing. Also, she’s a known SJ fan. He wants to hate her.

It's just a show.


“To be honest, she’s not Eunhyuk’s type,” Donghae remarks with a mischievous glint in his eyes. He chuckles a little and looks straight at the camera, unabashed.

























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1486 streak #1
Chapter 8: Aw, a very cute little ending. Yes, adopt her Eunhae. ♡
1486 streak #2
Chapter 7: It's always a great thing when a writer can get you to like and care about the "rival" character in a BL story. Usually women especially are just used as a 1-dimensional plot device for jealousy fodder, and not given much of a personality beyond "desperate/determined/pathetic" or really any redeeming qualities. Most of the time it makes the reader just want to skip those scenes and get to the actual main couple.

But here is different. Even if she doesn't have any bad intentions or schemes and she's a victim of the situation now too, she's a fully formed and likable character with her own ambitions not related to a man. Haeyoung really is a good kid. She saved them, and suffered so much. That goes beyond being a fan to just being such a selfless and kind person.
1486 streak #3
Chapter 6: Ah clever that you use Hyukjae's real name when he's actually in real, intimate and
honest scenes and his real relationship.

Hyukjae is also right, while doing something like that did make a big mess, the only thing to truly be mad at is a world that wouldn't accept them. Sad for Donghae, sad that they have to go to lengths of a "fake scandal" for damage control over what would be considered a bigger scandal. :(
1486 streak #4
Chapter 5: Knowing how irl Hyuk is the far more possessive one and Donghae is more easygoing, it's funny to see them like this. Of course Hyukkie is always a teasing brat, but he's really making sure to get Ddohae jealous since he's invited himself along to thirdwheel on the shoot. Guess it serves them both right, they're both annoying lol.

But even no matter how annoying and pesky Donghae is for tagging along and being generally disruptive of the point of the program, Eunhyuk still takes care for him and comforts him. Probably out of habit too, can't keep the annoying teasing up 24/7. Also Donghae recognizes Haeyoung is nice and professional, and probably in no way trying to steal his man, haha. Just as much as Hyuk views her from a paternal position. So maybe that will help him relax a bit, after "making sure the fit is right" lol.

When it's finally just the two of them alone, they're really so adorable though. ♡
1486 streak #5
Chapter 4: Gotta give Eunhyuk credit, he takes everything in stride. Doesn't even get upset when Donghae pulls a petty embarrassing stunt like that. (Whipped.) He just sends him reassuring "I love you" messages. Dang Donghae, your man may be fake married for TV but he's devoted to you, haha. Now maybe you can find some chill? (Doubt it just yet.) 😂
1486 streak #6
Chapter 3: Gosh, Hyukkie's thoughts are so cute and innocent. Like Haeyoung just adores him as a sunbae/idol, he really sees her as a kid to take care of. Meanwhile Donghae's going crazy alone with his own jealousy. Mostly because they can't even pretend to be an open couple.
1486 streak #7
Chapter 2: So now we get to see Donghae's outward bravado and feigned confidence, when we really know what's going on inward. Hyuk is still completely clueless? Willfully ignorant? Also feel a bit bad for Haeyoung, she's a pure intentioned ELF and she wasn't prepared for the other fans' response.
1486 streak #8
Chapter 1: Aw. Started reading this (finally!) because the premise sounded so entertaining, and Donghae so confident from the bit in the foreword. But somehow I didn't clock the slightangst tag and feel the heartache and insecurity already. Poor Donghae! Hang in there.
oliviachan99 #9
Chapter 8: Happy ending:)
Thank you, authornim💙
oliviachan99 #10
Chapter 6: Haeyoung living as all the fangirl's dream, meet her bias, even becomes her bias fake wife and fake girlfriend.
But, she's so kind. Hope the scandal wouldn't affect her career though.