My Heart With You


Donghae gets rescued by a certain sea creature, and in return, he gives him his heart.


He coughs as he hears a heavenly giggle.


“You!” Donghae accuses.

Eunhyuk rises to the surface, his webbed ears glittering with silver and some red lines. “A word of advice, fisher boy.”


Donghae glowers at the sea creature, who raised a tiny fish by the tail.


“You keep catching the little ones,” Eunhyuk says. He lets go of the fish. “Let them go, so they can produce more.”

Donghae simmers down. “I have to be in the market before lunch, Eunhyuk. My family will not be able to earn anything.”


Eunhyuk watches him, and he swims closer. “Promise me you’ll let the little ones go.”


Donghae nods, and he sits in his boat. “I promise.”

Eunhyuk grins sweetly. “Okay, wait here.”


Donghae sits on his boat like a waiting worm, feeling like a fool. For what seems like forever, Eunhyuk resurfaces and he pulls himself halfway on the ledge of Donghae’s boat. Water drips down his face and into the boat.


“Check your net,” Eunhyuk suggests.


Donghae moves around his boat carefully, and he raises his net. It was filled with fat fishes of all kinds, and even a few squids and octopuses. He takes a breath and he chuckles.


“Thank you,” Donghae tells Eunhyuk. His heart spreads with warmth. No one has been this kind to him.

Eunhyuk slaps the waters with his tail, and douses a half-dry Donghae.


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Chapter 10: It was so cute watching them learn and explore different worlds of their kind. Their love was so tender my heart really clenched in the feels, and then the last few chapters really did hit me in the feels but the sad kind. Donghae willing to wait for Hyukjae and Hyukjae loving Donghae despite him aging, then they die almost at the same time for them to find each other again in the afterlife. I love it ;-;
Chapter 10: Really really beautiful, thank you authornim<3
lilachortensia #3
chapter 9 & 10 made me cry really hard... really, thank you for your writings, you're good at this! :)
Chapter 10: Your works are always so well done! From a study in minor... Now this... Ah I'm still crying
Chapter 4: Im crying too
Chapter 1: Every time I see "my name is Donghae" I automatically think 'let's party tonight'
Chapter 10: the story is bittersweet, but as long as they two live happily im content, thank you for writing it :")))
Chapter 10: This is so sad TT They had a very difficult life. Every one of them. But still they loved each other. And it's natural to die in the end of your life, but it's still so sad, that Hyukjae had to see his love dying 8___8 I cried for two chapters. And then he ended like the foam, just like the little mermaid 8____8
But the story is a fairytale beautiful.
Thank you for sharing!
Chapter 10: Once again; to me its a sad ending urgh I think I'm not cut out for your stories haha....but touching on the supernatural/creatures is something difficult and I really liked how you managed to make it relatable, understandable and generally easy to picture. This story literally depicts an everlasting love.
felineminseok #10
Chapter 10: Ahhhh, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Sometimes you could be so cruel, writing something so forlorn and solemn, but without it being actually sad at all-- because they still ended up together-- but I guess my childish side just hates the concept of time and aging, so it still leaves a bittersweet taste in me no matter the ending. It's so inevitable and sad but they're together now but still!!! TT my heart aches for them. Also, I really really really am in love with mermaids, you got my heart for this. Thank you for writing and sharing this one!!! ???