Love Your Body, Babe

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Hyukjae wants to bulk up. The weight lifting instructor has something else in mind.


A bday fic gift for: Icey_Likelots

I'm not telling you the date of her bday, but I just want to tell her that I love her! 


Rated M for curse words. It's not that serious.

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oliviachan99 #1
Chapter 1: Poor Hyukjae hahahahaha...and poor me, I thought I would get more!
Chapter 1: I see this, i clicked! Gonna subscribe it first
I thought I've got to see more... haha
Chapter 1: Ohmaygahd Donghae's such a tease!!!! XD I can feel Hyukjae's frustration hahaa. Nice story ♡
Chapter 1: Hahahha lee donghar what are you doing to hyukjae make him flustrated like that. Hyukjae really funny in here. Thank you forthe story
1544 streak #6
Chapter 1: O.O omg what have you done? Hae how dare you??? Now every time seeing Hae in a fitness studio I‘ll imagine what he‘s doing whit Hyuk in there ^\\\^
Thank you for this❤️
Chapter 1: Omg.u love to make me go insane with this!!!
Next chapt please,, if u really dont want me really crazy
Chapter 1: Lol silly Hyukjae made his intentions crystal clear when the first thing he told him was he wanted his body. And oh God I can't imagine having Donghae as a gym instructor I'd be even more embrassing and miserable than Hyukjae :D
This was hot, thanks :)