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A collection of Fromis_9's sailing and unusual ships. 


I. Saerom and Gyuri are secretly and romantically committed.

II. Jiwon like Jisun so much, Jisun may not want to date yet, but Jiwon will still like her.

III. Chaeyoung just woke up because Nakyung is with Jiheon.

IV. Seoyeon wants to flirt with Jiwon, even in public.

V. Jisun is jealous because Gyuri and Saerom are so close and there's Seoyeon following her.

VI.  Jisun and Nakyung went to attend their double date on time but their girlfriends didn't.

VIII. Jiwon is a bad student who got punished and had a deal with his dad. To be able to do so, she needs Jisun's help.

I'm planning to make VIII the main story and do side stories of the other characters too.

Library is a wonsun/gyulsun, then I'll make a side story for gyulrom/harom. It's confusing but I already have a plot in my mind.
Supposedly, I will post a harom and seoheon ff :( but I lost my drafts :( I tried to rewrite them but I can't finish it so I just started a new one.


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vuongtuhue135 #1
Chapter 10: ch.9 - it's cute on the bottom of the chap
mntzkdei #2
why is gyulwon a tag if there’s no gyulwon content😭😭😭
a45_06 #3
Chapter 9: author nim can you make a gyulheon or gyulsyeon? if you can do it and if u want tho
Huynki #4
Chapter 1: Fluffy
jenniehearteu #5
Chapter 2: im soft ;'
hhhhhhhhh #6
Chapter 9: can you please continue this story~~I want to know the ending.
Chapter 1: I want to GyulRom more ^^ Please create GyulRom, Authornimm Y_Y
ElizabethChaeng #8
Chapter 6: Please make more chaekyung authornim!!
Chapter 1: please do more gyulrom authornim!!! i miss gyulrom so much :<
Chapter 10: Is this a different story from library? i like it... make a longer one...something thats fluffy like this haha....i hate angst so dont ever try one lol....

anyways this is really good haha