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With 7 chapters, 15 votes, 22152 words
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Marry You

By euieA_ssi Updated
Tags  fromis   fromis9   gyulrom   leesaerom   janggyuri 
Characters Lee Saerom, Jang Gyuri
With 1 chapters, 3 votes, 172 subscribers, 920 views, 3 comments, 1184 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

An impromptu idea popped into my head.


By gyulrom Updated
Tags  fromis   fromis9   gyulrom   romgyul   leesaerom   janggyuri 
Characters Jang Gyuri, Lee Saerom, other fromis_9 members
With 11 chapters, 31 votes, 44 comments, 31247 words

GyulRom all the way!

Pairs Can Come in Threes

By SecretMiracle7777777 Updated
Tags  jiwon   jisun   seoyeon   mates   98line   fromis   wonsun   fromis9   lotion   stables 
Characters Lee Saerom, Song Hayoung, Jang Gyuri, Park Jiwon, Noh Jisun, Lee Seoyeon, Lee Chaeyoung, Lee Nagyung, Baek Jiheon
With 1 chapters, 4 votes, 131 subscribers, 850 views, 2 comments, 3443 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

Park Jiwon has always been the complete opposite of what Jisun is.   But she wouldn't have it any other way.

Puppy Predicament!

By broke_senpai Updated
Tags  parkjiwon   fromis   wonsun   fromis9   gyulsun   janggyuri   gyulwon   rohjisun 
Characters Jang Gyuri, Park Jiwon, Roh Jisun, Lee Saerom, Song Hayoung, Lee Seoyeon, Lee Nagyung, Lee Chaeyoung, Baek Jiheon
With 1 chapters, 8 votes, 254 subscribers, 1490 views, 6 comments, 4647 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

It's Jisun's birthday and her best friend, Jiwon, has something special planned as a gift for her... with the help of Gyuri of course.

Trust Me

By broke_senpai Updated
Tags  kimjiwoo   loona   kimlip   fromis   fromis9   chuu   chuulip   kimjungeun   janggyuri   gyulchuulip   gyulip   gyulchuu 
Characters Kim Lip, Chuu, Jang Gyuri
With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 79 subscribers, 570 views, 2747 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

Kim Jungeun had no expectations of running into any familiar faces when she was on the way to the drama club with her best friend Kim Jiwoo. However everything changed the day they visited the drama club.

Pure sentiment

By hemaodashi Updated
Tags  fromis 
With 1 subscribers, 580 views, 12 words

今天是fromis_9在日本行程的第二天,河英和池原被分到了一组去到涩谷完成预出道团综的拍摄,拍摄方式是自摄。       因为宣传预出道单曲的需要,两个人都穿了西式jk制服,然后像普通的女高中生一样去涩谷游玩。       池原拿着拍摄相机,两个人并排行走在人流量很大的涩谷街头。       初春的寒冷让池原忍不住缩了缩,然后把手揣进了西式制服外套的包里。       “池原...很冷吗?”河英边说着边把自己的手也放进了池原的袋。       池原感受到对方用纤细的手指和自己十指相扣,然后体温通过河英的手掌传递到了池原的手上。       虽然两个人很亲密,但是这是第一次和河英十指紧扣。池原想着

What if?

By izone_stan48 Updated
Tags  chaeyeon   gyuri   yuri   hyewon   yujin   eunbi   sakura   minjoo   chaewon   minju   wonyoung   yena   fromis   fromis9   hitomi   nako   izone   izonexyou 
Characters Kwon Eunbi, Miyawaki Sakura, Kang Hyewon, Choi Yena, Lee Chaeyeon, Kim Chaewon, Kim Minjoo, Yabuki Nako, Honda Hitomi, Jo Yuri, Ahn Yujin, Jang Wonyoung
With 3 chapters, 7 votes, 303 subscribers, 2050 views, 15 comments, 2201 words
Status Subscribers Only

Jang Diyeon did not know what she was getting into when the two apartments next to her became occupied by a rookie girl group  

past the ticking clock (time never truly stops)

By pleaseimdying Updated
Tags  gyuri   hayoung   alternateuniverse   jiwon   jisun   seoyeon   saerom   nakyung   chaeyoung   hawon   jikyung   fromis   jiheon   fromis9   gyulromsun 
Characters Baek Jiheon, Lee Nakyung, Lee Seoyeon, Lee Chaeyoung, Noh Jisun, Jang Gyuri, Lee Saerom, Park Jiwon, Song Hayoung
With 4 chapters, 10 votes, 64 subscribers, 2030 views, 10 comments, 5544 words

"as long as we have something to come back to, we are never truly alone." a collection of one-shots set in the same universe in no particular chronological order. 

Notice Me

By Emerald_Vampire Updated
Tags  angst   drama   romance   yujin   minju   2kim   doah   wonyoung   yena   fromis   jiheon   fromis9   produce48   ahnyujin   nako   annyeongz   jangwonyoung   izone   yujinxwonyoung   wonyoungxyujin 
With 26 chapters, 84 votes, 1934 subscribers, 22740 views, 352 comments, 44205 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

Witnessing your own annoying bestfriend fall for every person would irritate anyone. What more if you're actually in love with your own bestfriend and they do fall in love with every person but you?  This is how the pretty girl Jang Wonyoung feels for the annoying bully Ahn Yujin.

trouble is a friend

By letsgohome Updated
Tags  hayoung   ot9   jiwon   jisun   seoyeon   saerom   chaeyoung   chaekyung   harom   fromis   jiheon   wonsun   fromis9   nagyung 
Characters Lee Saerom, Song Hayoung, Jang Gyuri, Park Jiwon, Baek Jiheon, Roh Jisun, Lee Seoyeon, Lee Nagyung, Lee Chaeyoung (fromis_9)
With 5 chapters, 8 votes, 68 subscribers, 4110 views, 7 comments, 5914 words

drabbles about fromis + life (cross-posted on a03)

Off The Record

By vesicularorb Updated
Tags  comedy   friendship   romance   yuri   school   idol   the   hyewon   yujin   jiwon   sakura   saerom   baek   minju   chaeyoung   off   yena   fromis   jiheon   fromis9   produce48   hitomi   record   chaekura   izone   yenyul   yulyen   otr   romsae   izoneships 
Characters Baek Jiheon, Choi Yena, Jo Yuri, Miyawaki Sakura, Chaeyeon, Minju , Eunbi, Jiwon, Hitomi,
With 7 chapters, 8 votes, 307 subscribers, 2130 views, 7 comments, 22720 words
Status Subscribers Only

Yenyul / Chaekura / Jiheon  /  Yuri is struggling with her feelings of jealoisy towards her Yena, Jiheon goes up against the mean girls at school and Chaekurra deepen their bond. A story of both the hardships and triumphs in the OTR family.     


By Jay1221 Updated
Tags  harom   fromis   wonsun   gyulrom 
With 1 chapters, 4 votes, 90 subscribers, 910 views, 3 comments, 2167 words
Status Subscribers Only

    A Lazy beautiful woman. It’s bad to describe someone as Lazy but she’s really one..   By the way I’m Lee Nakyung..   This is hard to explain but here it is.   Right now i’m telling my story how i search for my appa...       Standing on this dusty...well frankly calling the place dusty is seemingly be honest the place is dirty.....when i turn the knob of the door earlier it’s already open so i wen


By euieA_ssi Updated
Tags  fromis   fromis9   gyulrom   leesaerom   janggyuri 
Characters Jang Gyuri, Lee Saerom
With 1 chapters, 15 votes, 442 subscribers, 2510 views, 6 comments, 4113 words
Status Completed, Members Only, Subscribers Only

"Gyuri-ah. Keep an eye on her, please?" That was a favor you asked of me, and I did.

summer storms with you and i

By sluggshyun Updated
Tags  harom   fromis   fromis9 
With 1 votes, 1 comments, 57 words
Status Subscribers Only

It was one summer, and then the second, and there were ice creams, sunshines, promises, and maybe more. And she hopes, for a third summer to come. And hopes again, for a promise of not only summers to come.  

Finding Solace

By michyeo Updated
Tags  fromis   fromis9   gyulrom   leesaerom   janggyuri 
With 1 chapters, 6 votes, 33 subscribers, 1090 views, 3 comments, 1096 words
Status Completed

Forest sprite Gyuri finds a girl who keeps going back to the forest.


By kyungna1209 Updated
Tags  fromis 
With 5 chapters, 1 votes, 110 subscribers, 1110 views, 1 comments, 27818 words
Status Subscribers Only

  Stories that starts at dream station exit 1....  


By Kangkang0205 Updated
Tags  twice   chaeyu   blackpink   chaelisa   fromis   chaengkko 
With 3 subscribers, 260 views, 19 words



By kyungna1209 Updated
Tags  chaekyung   harom   fromis   wonsun   gyulsun   gyulrom   chaengkko   syeonkko 
Characters Fromis_9
With 4 chapters, 3 votes, 199 subscribers, 6 comments, 8473 words
Status Subscribers Only

        This is a story of 9 different people who will be connected by fate and a tragedy that happen 11 years ago........     Jang Gyuri lost her younger sister and mother in a car accident 11 years ago on her birthday.....   Her mother died while her sister was missing and was never found.......   For 11 years she had hated her birthday and she just believed that her sister is still alive even though everyone had t

i promise you (fromis_9 oneshot collection)

By sluggshyun Updated
Tags  fromis   fromis9 
Characters saerom hayoung gyuri jiwon jisun seoyeon chaeyoung nakyung jiheon
With 3 chapters, 5 votes, 20 comments, 8786 words
Status Subscribers Only

  fromis_9 oneshot dump

the dazzling you, the angelic you

By yeonreum Updated
Tags  gyuri   saerom   fromis   fromis9   gyulrom 
Characters gyuri, saerom, jiwon, jisun
With 1 chapters, 21 votes, 381 subscribers, 2350 views, 5 comments, 4374 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

Beautiful, breathtaking, alluring. That’s what Saerom was. And Gyuri couldn't bring herself to take her eyes off of her, ever. (cross-posted on ao3)

as flowers fall one by one, i worry your feelings will cool down too

By sluggshyun Updated
Tags  harom   fromis   fromis9 
Characters saerom, hayoung
With 1 chapters, 6 votes, 4 comments, 2118 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

Every flower has its own meaning, one can even mean a thousand. But to Saerom, flowers are Hayoung. Or, Hayoung has a habit of giving Saerom flowers every week.

Kung Alam Mo Lang

By youngandkko Updated
Tags  minjoo   nakyung   chaeyoung   chaekyung   fromis   fromis9   chaengkko 
With 2 subscribers, 380 views, 10 words

"Kung alam mo lang.... ikaw pa rin" 

With love

By michyeo Updated
Tags  fromis   fromis9   gyulrom   leesaerom   janggyuri 
With 5 chapters, 7 votes, 27 subscribers, 1250 views, 2 comments, 1040 words
Status Completed

A collection of Saerom's birthday letters to Gyuri.

The Sin That I Can't Confess

By Fromcynk Updated
Tags  nakyung   chaeyoung   chaekyung   fromis   fromis9   chaengkko 
Characters Nakyung Chaeyoung
With 2 votes, 85 subscribers, 760 views, 4 comments, 235 words
Status Subscribers Only

What will happen if you fell inlove with your sister would you confess or just keep it to yourself forever?

Grow Old With You

By natsomnia Updated
Tags  fromis   fromis9   gyulrom 
Characters Jang Gyuri, Lee Saerom
With 1 chapters, 16 votes, 62 subscribers, 2090 views, 10 comments, 1404 words
Status Completed

It's the night after Gyuri talked with Saerom's father and found out something for her future.


By kyungna1209 Updated
Tags  chaekyung   harom   fromis   wonsun   mekko   gyulsun   seoheon   gyulrom   romsun   kyungbang 
With 11 chapters, 8 votes, 4670 views, 15 comments, 39952 words
Status Subscribers Only

        A collection of Fromis one shot that will take you to Dream station Exit 1     1 - HAND ( CHAEKYUNG)     I Have Two hands the left and the right...   the left one to hold youre hand   The other one to wipe every pain away....   and it wont ever let go...           2 - BOOK (WONSUN)     As

Habbang Recommends One Pinky Per Serving

By ShatterTheNexus Updated
Tags  fromis   fromis9 
Characters Saerom, Hayoung, Gyuri, Jiwon, Jisun, Seoyeon, Chaeyoung, Nakyung, Jiheon
With 3 chapters, 10 votes, 47 subscribers, 2010 views, 7 comments, 3758 words

A Fromis_9 collection of drabbles and one-shots, come as they may. Title stays until I grow one (1) brain cell, a phenomenon which may never occur! Table of Contents 1) Waste It On Me: So if love is nothing more than just a waste of your time, waste it on me. (Gyuri x Saerom x Hayoung) 2)

this love made of roses

By moonatic32 Updated
Tags  gyuri   jisun   fromis   fromis9   gyulsun   janggyuri 
Characters jang gyuri noh jisun lee seoyeon
With 1 chapters, 21 votes, 577 subscribers, 4450 views, 15 comments, 2362 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

when jisun accepted gyuri invitation to go on a date with her. jisun wasn't sure since she don't have any fe

Go Hard, Then Go Home | A fromis_9 collection

By ellyvated Updated
Tags  fromis   fromis9 
Characters the fromis fam
With 3 chapters, 9 votes, 50 subscribers, 1830 views, 4 comments, 1864 words

Gyuri wants to tell her members something important, but they never make it easy, do they?


By michyeo Updated
Tags  gyuri   saerom   fromis   fromis9   gyulrom   leesaerom   janggyuri 
With 1 chapters, 42 votes, 125 subscribers, 3640 views, 20 comments, 10966 words
Status Completed

It has been a long running joke in their circle that Saerom and Gyuri were girlfriends even though they were just best friends.    *cross posted on ao3


By softminkys Updated
Tags  hpau   fromis   fromis9 
With 2 chapters, 7 votes, 47 subscribers, 1480 views, 4 comments, 3520 words

A one shot compilation of Fromis at Hogwarts

All about Chaeyoung [ONESHOT]

By Archain Updated
Tags  chaekyung   harom   fromis   wonsun   fromis9   gyulsun   gyulrom   lotion   chaengkko 
Characters fromis_9, Lee Saerom, Song Hayoung, Jang Gyuri, Park Jiwon, Noh Jisun, Lee seoyeon, Lee Chaeyoung, Lee Nakyung, Baek Jiheon
With 2 chapters, 1 votes, 54 subscribers, 2670 views, 3 comments, 6187 words
Status Completed

I changed the title and decided to make this as oneshot! You can drop any pairing you want on the comment section I'm pretty open to any pakripa even to the crack one ? I mainly focus on Chaeyoung and Gyuri!

Pristine (Untraced By The World Outside You)

By slinkyminky Updated
Tags  gyuri   saerom   fromis   fromis9   gyulrom   slightgyulsun   slightharom 
Characters Lee Saerom, Jang Gyuri, Song Hayoung, Baek Jiheon, Roh Jisun, Lee Chaeyoung, Lee Nakyung, Lee Seoyeon
With 1 chapters, 12 votes, 64 subscribers, 1960 views, 14 comments, 6944 words

Two best friends separate because of circumstance, with a heavy feeling that maybe there was more that should have been said.  Four years later, one year after Saerom moves back to town, she still finds herself unable to talk to Gyuri about everything that happened all those years ago. Gyulrom, slight Harom, slight Gyulsun.  Title from Snail Mail's Pristine. Companion spotify playlist: http:// bit . ly / pristine_gyulrom (no spaces)


By kyungna1209 Updated
Tags  romance   hayoung   jiwon   saerom   nakyung   idolschool   chaeyoung   chaekyung   harom   fromis 
Characters Lee Nakyung, Lee Chaeyoung, Song Hayoung, Park Jiwon, Lee Saerom, Lee Seoyeon, Noh Jisun, Jang Gyuri, Baek Jiheon
With 42 chapters, 15 votes, 356 subscribers, 150 comments, 107449 words
Status Subscribers Only

  Girls that lives on one house.....Girls that have bond and love for each other.....girls who wont let each one of them get hurt........   Lee Chaeyoung believes she is Happy but not really.... Lee Nakyung believes that she will stay but not really....   Park Jiwon believes that

Fromis crack family

By Fromisfantasy Updated
Tags  crackfic   fromis   fromis9 
Characters Fromis
With 3 chapters, 3 votes, 25 subscribers, 1090 views, 2 comments, 380 words

Fromis_9 started to live together in one house, what could possibly happen?


By kyungna1209 Updated
Tags  chaekyung   fromis   wonsun   seokyung   gyulsun 
With 1 chapters, 12 subscribers, 850 views, 3 comments, 1810 words

    There’s no such thing as perfect.....     Even in love......     Two Lives had change the moment greed and power had Take its ultimatum.....   Can love ever change Fate and how the world runs around?   Can Love Give The happiness the world had tried to change......     Can there really be Picture of Perfect Love?


By dumbbeargi Updated
Tags  fluff   slightangst   longshot   chaekyung   leechaeyoung   leenakyung   fromis   fromis9 
Characters chaeyoung nakyung saerom hayoung gyuri jiwon jisun seoyeon jiheon
With 6 chapters, 9 votes, 112 subscribers, 3540 views, 13 comments, 22007 words
Status Completed

Chaeyoung and Nakyung became bestfriends after the survival program Idol School.  After they debuted, their skinships had been seen through their reality shows and people started to ship them. Little did they know that Chaeyoung really have that "weird feelings" towards Nakyung.  Everytime they're on cam, their manager always request them to always be that affectionate on cam so that fans will be hype for the group and to their beloved ship.  Chaeyoung had planned to t

Cute and Shy

By shnryn Updated
Tags  fluff   jiwon   2ji   jisun   fromis   wonsun 
Characters jiwon jisun wonsun chaeyoung nagyung chaekyung
With 2 chapters, 11 votes, 41 subscribers, 1370 views, 5 comments, 7182 words
Status Completed

"Cute." Jiwon giggled, using her free hand to pat Jisun's head. Jisun pouted and gently smacked Jiwon's hand away, "I'm not cute." "Yes, you are." Jiwon replied, pulling Jisun closer, "At least, you are to me."       This story is not mine! full credits to InfinityPenguins :) here's the

The Woman from 1974

By Jin1202 Updated
Tags  chaewon   2young   chaekyung   harom   fromis   wonsun   mekko   gyulsun   seoheon   gyulrom   romsyeon   chaesun   nabbang 
With 22 subscribers, 1300 views, 1 comments, 40 words

      Among the 9 girls, Of stone town is a woman who had already live her life from 1974 up to this day..       What is her actual reason?   how did she live so long?     who is she?       Find out....Who is she?


By kyungna1209 Updated
Tags  chaekyung   harom   fromis   wonsun   gyulsun   seoheon 
Characters Fromis_9
With 33 chapters, 7 votes, 212 subscribers, 3690 views, 59 comments, 65631 words
Status Subscribers Only