trouble is a friend


drabbles about fromis + life

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just some one-shots about the girls and life basically.

i perfer using ao3 than this website (because i have no idea how to use this) so sorry if theres any errors

1. life is sweet (but we can be sweeter)

[barista au; saerom centric]
coffee can be bitter but saerom makes it sweet
or, saerom is a tired coffee shop owner but she has friends that help her along the way.
(1000+ words)

2. remedy 

[idol au; jisun centric]
jisun has some serious hearteyes for jiwon
(1000+ words)

3. sweet and salty (just like us)

[idol au; saerom centric]

jisun has a thing of stress baking and the only way the girls figured out to get her out is bringing in jiwon

(1000+ words)

4. think twice

[idol au; jiheon centic]

four times the girls reminded jiheon to eat and one time they don’t

(800 words)

5. you became my home

[pokemon au; gyuri centric]
gyuri is a new in town looking for a job and saerom owns a day care who needs a little extra help 
(900+ words)

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