I Grow Up Like This


Kim Taeyeon, an educated girl whose life turned upside down because of her jackass step-father.


 Debts, mafias and loans are what hunting her family down after her father died in a car crash. 


 Not wanting to leave his wife because of his 'needs', he abandoned the 15 years old Taeyeon at a tattoo shop alone with no money and no spare clothes. Nothing at all.


 That's when, Eric, the leader of a group of underground mafias adopted her and raised her the way a MAFIA would raise her.


A/N : This story would not focus on any ships ( eventhough I badly want to do a focused gtae but they will appear too ) and this story needs more time for me to construct it's plot. But, maybe the chapter 1 will be up soon ?

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Chapter 1: Well at least he knows his friend is an idiot
Hayat786 #2
Chapter 1: Interesting
Tygdlove #3
Chapter 1: So where is ji
Amazingqueen #4
Chapter 1: Interesting... cant wait for the next chapter :)
Goofiehoodie #5