Chapter 01

Stranger to Me
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“Come in.” Yong Guk said.

“Guk-ah” Mr. Bang said. “Let me introduce to you, Park Ha Na. She will be your assistant starting today.” He left the room leaving the two of them alone.

Without looking up from his task, Yong Guk casually dismissed Ha Na away. “Just go do something. I don't really need you.”

“Nae, Mr. Bang” Ha Na began to walk towards the door.

Yong Guk, hearing her voice, suddenly looked up and called her name. “Park Ha Na”.

“Yes sir?” Ha Na turned around.

Yong Guk eyes became big. His eyes started to startle. The girl in front of him look just like his dead girlfriend. No. No look just alike, but their voice, their tone, their hair, eyes, nose, mouth, exactly the same. Yong Guk knew that his dead girlfriend did not have a twin nor any sisters. So why? Why is this person looks just like her? Who is she?

Yong Guk stood up and slowly walked towards Ha Na. He grabbed her arm. “Is your name really Park Ha Na?”


“Do you have a sister? a twin perhaps?”

Ha Na got a bit confused.

“DO YOU?!?” Yong Guk’s eyes were about pop.

Ha Na got startle at the sudden outburst. “no sir. I don't have a sister.”

Yong Guk became calm again and let go of her arm. “You are dismissed.”

Ha Na left the room, leaving Yong Guk by himself. “Who is she?”


Ji Soo, in the kitchen making dinner, noticed that Ha Na was only had a towel wrapped around her. He couldn't stop staring at how innocent and fresh she was. Just as if he had first met her when they were young.

“Yah. Kim Ji Soo. Stop staring at my sister.” Park Ji Sung lightly slapped the back of his best friend head. “I know you like her.”

Ji Soo stared at Ji Sung, his best friends since kindergarten. Ever since the Park's sibling parents died 15 years ago, they have been living with Ji Sung family. His parents treat the siblings as if it was their kids.

“Ji Soo oppa!” Ha Na called out. “Is dinner ready yet? I'm so hungry”. She rubbed her tummy.

“Yah. Put some clothes on first” Ji Sung nagged at his younger sister. “You're not a little girl anymore.”

Ha Na sticked out her tongue and went inside her room. Ji Sung shook his head. “I've spoiled her too much”.

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