Stranger to Me
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“Ha Na, take this document to Mrs. Yoo. Remember, do not give it to anyone else. It has to be in her hand.”

“Nae.” Ha Na excused herself.

“Abeoji” Bang Yong Nam quietly said. “Do you trust her that much?”

Mr. Bang sigh for a bit. “Beside you and your brother, she is the only one that I can trust. Plus she has followed me for 3 years now.”

“As you said Father.” Yong Nam quietly drink his coffee.

There was a knock on the door. “Mr. Bang, your son is here now.”

A man, a bit taller than 5'9 in a black suit, walked in. He gave his brother a quick hug and sat down across from his father.

“Have you settled in?” Mr. Bang asked.

“I have.”

“ah, Yong Guk-ah” Yong Nam called out. “did you received my gift for you?”

Yong Guk turned to his twin brother. “I have. Thanks but it wasn't my style.”

Yong Guk has just came back from the States after obtaining his Master in International Business. He is now the COO at the Bang's Enterprise, the family company.

Handing Yong Guk the keys to his office, Mr. Bang explained that he has assigned someone close to him to protect Yong Guk. Yong Guk dismissed the idea of having a bodyguard.

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