Chapter 02

Stranger to Me
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Ha Na looked at herself in the mirror, adjusting her white blouse and her black skirt,doing a quick touch up on her hair and makeup. She sighed as she looked away.

Beep beep. Ha Na heard the honk as she finished up.

Once again, Ha Na sighed before she walked out of her house grabbing her clutch. She walked down the stairs and saw a smooth, shiny, black, Mclauren P1. With the car door opened, Yong Guk signaled for her to hurry up. As Ha Na walked over to him she noticed that her brother and Ji Soo were walking towards the house. She hurriedly sat in the car and Yong Guk closed the door behind her before getting in on his side.


“Mr. Bang. Mr. Bang. Are the rumors true? Is your son Bang Yong Guk getting married?” A reporter asked.

Mr. Bang raised his hands up for the press to be silent. “Today I asked you all to come to make an announcement.”

Yong Guk and Ha Na walked into the press hall hands in hand with each other. They stood on the left side of Mr. Bang while Yong Nam stood on the right of him. “Let me introduce to everyone.” he said as he smiled. “This is my other son, Bang Yong Guk. And this is his fiance, Park Ha Na.”

Everyone in the room clapped. The reporters took pictures and asked questions all at once.

“Bang Yong Guk, how did you two meet?”

“How long have you two been engaged?”

“Is the reason why you haven't dated because of her?”

Yong Guk took over the mic to answer questions. His voice and tone was deep. Stern, unemotional. His eyes firmly lock on the reporters.

“We actually met back in middle school and dated since then.” He calmly said. Ha Na was shock and confused. Surely she has never met him, let alone dated anyone in middle school.

He grabbed her hand tightly. “We've actually been engaged for a little over a year now and only recently did I returned did we decided to announce to everyone of this exciting news.”

He smiled sweetly at her, even when his words had no emotions in them. “It's true I haven't dated because of her. She is the love of my life. My one and only. The only one I want to be with. The only one I want my to give birth to my children.”


“Yah yah” a colleague of Ji Sung yelled out as he ran into th

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