Chapter 03

Stranger to Me
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Sitting at his desk, Yong Guk rolled his neck around. He has been working all night finishing up some documents. Ha Na opened the door and walked over to him with his coffee. She sat it down on his desk and as she was about to turned around, Yong Guk asked her where she was last night.


“I don’t think I need to report to you what I do on my off time.” Ha Na replied.


Yong Guk got up from his desk, walked over to Ha Na, and slowly backed her up against one of the wall. He put his hand up on the wall next to her and stared in her eyes.


“You’re my wife.”


Ha Na remained quiet.


“Don’t forget that.” He walked back to his desk.


Ha Na gave a sigh. “As if I had a choice” she said under her breath before she left the office.


Yong Guk smirked when she left.


When lunch time rolled around, Ha Na decided to just go to the nearby park. She sat on one of the bench and leaned her head back with her eyes closed.


“Why oh why did I agreed to this?”


Yong Guk saw her from across the street. As he was about to cross over to her, he noticed another guy walked up to her. He rubbed her temples and he smiled looking down at her.


“That guy. He look so familiar.”


Ha Na smiled. She knew it was Ji Soo from his smell. “My knight has come to rescue me.”


Ji Soo laughed and sat next to her. “I’m your knight now huh?”


Ha Na nodded. “No patients today?”


“I just finished with one earlier. I have another one later this afternoon.” He replied with his smile. “How is work?”


Yong Guk watched as the two happily chatted away. He clenched his fist. No Yong Guk she isn’t Ha Na. Not YOUR Ha Na. Ha Na had died. Everyone said so. You were there at her funeral.


“Has Bang Yong Guk mentioned anything funny to you?”


“He is as cold as ice. Why would he mention anything funny?”


“I see.”


“But you know what is weird? He thought I am his dead girlfriend. Apparently I look like her.” Ha Na causally said. She looked down at her watch.


“Crap. I’m going to be late.” She ran off back to work. “Oppa! I’ll see you tonight at home.” She yelled as she waved back.


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