The Break-Up
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[one week later]

"That's not the point sica!" Yuri yelled tossing the opened wedding invitation on the couch, it landed in Moonbyuls lap.

"I know it's not the point Yuri! But what the hell do you want ME! To do?!" Jessica yelled back. Jessica and Yuri have been yelling for the past 30 minutes about Jessica's wedding to Tyler Kwon.

"Oh I don't know, how about NOT marrying the son of a ?!!!" Yuri screamed making the veins in her neck and forehead pop out.

"So do they ever stop arguing?" Hwasa whispers in Moonbyul's ear, the two were on the couch watching the Yulsic couple go back and forth with each other.

"Yeah, they have and then go back to arguing" Moonbyul whispers back making Hwasa giggle a little.

"This conversation is over, it's not getting us anywhere , plus I have wedding invitations to send out" and with that Jessica grabbed her purse out of Moonbyul's lap and left the apartment slamming the door.

"Fine!" Yuri yelled,  she was breathing heavily and breaking into a sweat, she turned to the two on the couch and made a face Moonbyul knew too well the girl got up and started hugging her sulking best friend "I don't get it man " she cried out as Moonbyul rubbed her back.

"It's Alright Man, it's going to be alright" Moonbyul tried to assure her crying friend.

Yuri pulls from the hug and wipes her tears away " I'm going to go to my room for the day, you guys have fun at the party without me" and with that Yuri walked to her room closing the door, Hwasa and Moonbyul could hear sobbing.

"I feel bad for her, " Moonbyul said sitting back next to Hwasa who laid on her shoulder, just then Hwasa pops her head up confusing moon.

"I have a plan," she said with a smirk.



Solar has been spending her whole week on ways to get Moonbyul back, she kept rewriting her apologie later over and over again to make sure it was perfect, two and a half hours later and she believed she wrote the perfect letter she smiled at her handwriting when the door was being knocked on.

Solar opens the door and her mood changed "what do you want Wheein?" She's been trying to avoid the woman for a week now, not answering her calls or the door it was working at first, Wheein was supposed to be gone a week ago but the woman refused to leave solars side.

"My love, when are you going to stop this torch on me and give me the chance I well deserve?" Wheein asked the woman was head over heels for the other.

"How many times do I have to tell you that I'm not interested in you wheein?" Solar asked crossing her arms in annoyance.

"Until I get to take you on a date " wheein let herself in the apartment and sat on the living room couch "I love you, why can't you see that ?" Wheein said, she sounded so sincere.

Solar sighs and close her apartment door, she started to feel bad she sits next to the sad woman and look at her for what seemed like forever ,a few moments passed and the two were attacking each other's lips wheein pulls from the kiss and look at solar lovingly " so does this mean you love me back?".

 "wheein I-" before solar could finish the door was being knocked on again.

"Sol it's me " she knew that voice to well and she did not want the person behind that door to find wheein in her apartment yet again.

"Jess...." Solar whisper to herself before looking over at wheein "I need you to hide, now!" she whisper yelled "Be right there Jess!" she drags wheein into her room and shut the door before answering the apartment door. Jessica walks in with ruined makeup and a sulking face, she lay face-first on solars couch getting mascara all over its whiteness.

"It's over," she said so sad and lifelessly.

"What's over ?" solar ask before sitting in the chair across from the couch.

"Me and Yuri's relationship, this whole marrying Tyler thing is messing my life up " 

"Then why not just end the engagement and not marry him?" Solar said it like it was the most obvious fix to what was going on.

Jessica sits up on the couch and stares at her best friend "you know I can't do that Sol" 

"Why not Jess? , As your best friend I've supported every decision you've ever made but I can't support this one, your marrying someone you can't even stand who also so happens to be a man " solar said she couldn't accept this union.

"I know, but Sol there's a reason why I'm marrying Tyler," Jessica said looking at the carpet.

"What's the reason, Jess?" Jessica slowly looks up at her friend with teary eyes, Meanwhile, in solars room, wheein was looking around, there were so many pictures of solar and Moonbyul together, it angered her that solar loved the other girl and not her, she hears solar yell "what??!!!"

Solar walks over to solars desk and picks up the paper on it.


Dear Moonbyul, my love, my best friend, my life.
I've messed up, I have done something that I had no right of doing, I was blinded by lust and feeling wanted by someone who was not you.
I don't want to lose you, no, I can not lose you, I will do everything you want me to, I'll go to therapy, tell you where I am 24/7 if it would bring you back home to me.

I don't feel anything for wheein, I don't love her .. I love you so much it hurts, I thought I was confused, I thought you weren't for me but I was so wrong.
Please come back to me, wheein means nothing to me.
You are enough for me, you're all I need and all I want.
I miss you wrapping your arms around me and me playing in your hair, byulie please my love forgive my foolishness.


Wheein felt anger overcome her after reading the letter,  wheein could hear solars voice getting closer so she hurrie

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