The Break-Up
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Insanely awkward that's the perfect words to describe how Moonbyul felt right now, she was in a room with not only her ex-girlfriend and new girlfriend but the universe had to also throw in Cassie.

"So we've talked to the judge and he has agreed for you to see her but she still cannot be bailed out "Yuri's lawyer informed everyone, Jessica just couldn't hold back her tears "Yuri has requested to see Taeyeon and Moonbyul first".

Moonbyul let's go of Hwasa's hand and kisses her but it didn't go unnoticed by two girls. Moonbyul and Taeyeon walk into the meeting room and noticed Yuri in a grey jumpsuit locked to the table "Yul" Moonbyul was sad to see her best friend like this.

The two sit in front of there friend who just had a blank expression on her face "Yul? How do you feel?" Taeyeon studied Yuri's face to see at least a little bit of some type of emotion.

"I yelled at her , I called her a liar "

 "You had no idea, hell neither did I " Taeyeon was shocked just like Yuri when she found out how Jessica wined up pregnant.

"Moon, why didn't you tell me? Why didn't say anything to me before it got to this point?" Yuri wanted an answer and her knuckles were turning white from her tightening them.

Moonbyul sighs and leans forward to the table"I didn't say anything because I was trying to avoid it getting to this point" 

Yuri sighs too she knew Moonbyul had her reasons for not telling her.

"I called my brother in jeonju, he said there's a good lawyer that lives down here that did his case"

"Thanks, T but I don't need any more lawyers, I did the crime and I would do it again" When it came to Jessica, Moonbyul and Taeyeon knew there was nothing the girl wouldn't do to protect her and make her happy.



Solar knew she needed to break the silence in the room, Tiffany was playing a game on her phone, Jessica was staring into space, Cassie was looking through magazines and Hwasa kept typing really fast on her phone.

"So um Hwasa how was you and Moonbyul's trip" Tiffany and Cassie look up from what they were doing.

 Hwasa looks up from her phone and puts it in her pocket "it was great, Hawaii was beautiful" she smiled.

Taeyeon and Moonbyul walk back into the room "they told us she can only see one more person today and she wants to see Solar" Moonbyul walks over to her girlfriend and intertwine there fingers while Taeyeon told everyone the news.

The shock on the three girls faces said it all, Jessica was hurt that the last person Yuri wanted to see was Solar, Solar walks over and kisses Jessica's forehead "I love you and I'll ask why she doesn't want to see you last" Jessica smiled a little and hug her friend.

Solar sat in the chair across from Yuri and the girl looked so broken "you're probably wondering why I wanted to see you" Solar gave an ' Mmm's a response"there's something I need you to do something for me, I'm pleading guilty at my court hearing" Solars eyes widen, if Yuri pleaded guilty than she was going to prison for a while.

"Yul you know what's going to happen if you do that right?"

Yuri sighs while playing with her fingers "i know and I'm okay with it, can you promise me that you'll watch Jessica and the baby?" Solar could see the tears shining in Yuri's eyes like glass.

"I promise Yul" Once Solar got back to the waiting room she went over to Jessica who looked like she had just lost a part of herself" she loves you Jess" Solar hugs her friend who starts to silently cry.

Moonbyul walks to the bathroom, she washes her hands and looks at herself in the mirror today was just so overwhelming she was on her way out when she bumped into Cassie "oh I'm sorry" she felt nervous and awkward at the same time.

"No worries" the girl smiled at her and Moonbyul couldn't help but smile back, the girl looked even more beautiful than the last time she saw her "so your girlfriend seems nice".

"Girlfriend? What- oh yeah she is" Moonbyul's heart started to pound out of her chest and she could feel the sweat forming on her forehead" she's amazing".

"That's great" the fall into an awkward silence for a few minutes "well I have to pee, but it was nice seeing you again"

"Yeah same to you" Moonbyul walks out of the bathroom, she frowns she wanted to talk to the girl some more.

It was time for everyone to leave , Moonbyul and Hwasa was on their way to the rental car when Taeyeon stopped them "hey we're going to grab something to eat if you guys want to come" Moonbyul ask her girlfriend if she was cool with going out to eat and Hwasa kisses her in response "eww get a room" Taeyeon joked before going to her own car.




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