The Break-Up
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Two days passed and there was no sign of Moonbyul coming back, solar sat in there room hugging one of Moonbyul's jackets, she missed her, she didn't mean for there break up , she was just so frustrated with the younger girl, now she was in a mess she might not be able to actually fix,she cuddled the leather jacket and cried herself to sleep .







"yah! Your so dead Kwon Yuri !" Jessica roars before chasing the laughing girl around the amusement park.

Moonbyul asked solar on their fourth date the last three were amazing and she couldn't help but to ask her out again, the two giggled at there two best friends before taking a seat at a picnic table "those two are going to end up together " Taeyeon said before sitting across the two followed by Tiffany. Moonbyul asked her two best friends to join them and solar did the same, so it became a triple date.

Jessica walks to the picnic table exhausted and sits next to solar "I'm going to kill her " she said out of breath before laying her head down, everyone laughed, Yuri walks up to the table with a victory smile on her face.

"I'm all tired out the ice princess " she proudly stated before getting tackled on the grass "yah!" She yelled and looked at the tackler.

"You wish Kwon," Jessica said with a mischievous smirk.

"Well played Jung"

Everyone began to eat their food before deciding where to go to next, they all decided on going to watch the fireworks, Moonbyul and solar sat away from there friends next to an old oak tree , it was silent, neither speaking "it's nice out " said Moonbyul who was staring at the night sky, the moon was out and the stars shined beautifully .

"Yeah," solar said rubbing her arms, Moonbyul noticed and took off her leather jacket and put it around solar, the girl looks up in surprise and Moonbyul gave her a smile.

"You know if you were cold you could have asked me for my jacket right ?" Moonbyul said looking back at the night sky, solar said nothing and laid her head on Moonbyul's shoulder as the fireworks started to light up the sky in marvelous colors.

Moonbyul had the hugest grin on her face.








Solar wakes up, she had dried up tears and her hair was a mess, she sits up, looks at the clock on the wall | 2:30 pm |and picks up her phone from the nightstand, she had 4 new messages.


[01:22pm] [Jess]
It's been a week and two days, I haven't heard anything from you!!!!...

[01:39pm] [Jess]
Are you dead? , you better not be dead! !!!

[02:00pm] [Jess]
Come on! Yongsun! If you don't answer then I and Tiffany are coming to check on you !!!

[02:18] [Moonie]
We should talk...


Solar heart stopped for a second, did she read that right? Moonbyul wanted to talk to her? She takes a deep breath and types a reply.


[02:33] [To:Moonie] SENT!
Sure, when did you wanna talk?



Not even a second later, a reply flashed on her phone screen with a heavy heart she opened the message.



[02:33] [Moonie]
Tomorrow. At 3, I'll be waiting at the coffee shop by your apartment.


That hurt, she said -YOUR Apartment-, there was no OUR apartment, solar sighed and laid back on her bed when she could hear banging from her front door "jess" she mumbled before getting up to answer it, "Jess I -" solar expression darkened "why ?"

"Why what ?" The girl said before stepping inside the apartment " I haven't seen you in two days, I thought I'll drop by " she said before relaxing on the couch.

"Wheein leave " solar sternly said, that day Yuri came over and seen said girl was the worst day of her life.

"Why are you fighting this?" Wheein said, she stands up and walks over to solar and whispers in her ear "we both know you been waiting for me to come back " before solar could move away, wheein capture her lips.

The front door opens "yongsun !" Solar pushes wheein away from her and wipes her lips before going to the door to greet her two best friends.

"See I told you she wasn't dead," Tiffany said before taking her shoes off.

"Whatever " Jessica said rolling her eyes before taking her shoes and jacket off.

"Yup, I'm fine, you guys can go now," solar said, she was panicking, Jessica and Tiffany knew about her cheating, they practically blame themselves for it happening.

"Why the rush ?" Tiffany asked as she hanged up her scarf and jacket.

"Yeah, why you want us out so badly?" Jessica asked with an accusing eye.

Solar heart was pounding like crazy, she didn't want them to misunderstand as Yuri did , wheein walks out from the living room wiping her lips with a cheeky smile plastered on her face,she waves at the two as if it was a common thing to do considering the fact she wasn't even supposed to be there , the two were stunned before looking at solar who lowered her head I'm completely harassment .



(Ten months ago pt1)



"Stop being a big baby about this " solar said as she looked at the puppy eyes of her sulking girlfriend through there bedroom mirror.

"But yongie I don't want you to go, I'm going to be lonely here " Moonbyul pouted, solar was having a girls night out with Jessica, Tiffany, Krystal and a famous model friend of Jessica's.

"Why don't you have the studs come over ?" Solar said as she applied her eyeliner, the studs were, Taeyeon, Yuri, Amber and Moonbyul, they were called that since college, it was a name given to them by the girls and boys of the university. They had the appearance of a handsome stud and their personalities made people fall for them even more, they liked the name so much they used it all the time.

"I just saw them six hours ago, baby I really don't want you to go, I have this weird feeling in my stomach," Moonbyul said as she rubbed her stomach, she couldn't pinpoint it but she knew if solar left something was going happen.

Solar smiles and walks over to Moonbyul and sits on her lap as Moonbyul wrap her arms around her waist protectively "look at me " Moonbyul refused to look so solar grabbed under Moonbyul's chin and lifted it up so they were eye to eye " listen to me, I'm yours got that ?" Moonbyul nods with her puppy eyes still visible " you are the only person I love,no matter what happens you'll always be mine and I'll always be yours " Moonbyul smiles as solar planted a heartwarming kiss to her lips "I love you " solar said putting their foreheads together as her hands laid on the girls chest.

"I love you more "


_ _ _ _



They arrive at the night club, the music was loud and three dudes were already passed out on the curb of the club "names " the bouncer in front of the club door asked.

"Jessica Jung," Jessica said, the bouncer ch

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