Train Station

Nana's Private War
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As the camera flash blinded him, Park Chanyeol flinched and covered his eyes  with his hand.  Miss Kwak grabbed him by the arm and Chanyeol pulled away from the commotion of  the news crews asking relentless questions.  The glass airport doors opened wide and  Miss Kwak followed him straight back into the international arrivals section.   She walked behind him clicking and clacking her stiletto heels on the white tile floors.  Chanyeol’s steps grew wider but as he neared the end of the hallway, he suddenly halted.  He set his brown leather duffle bag on the floor and turned around facing her.   Miss Kwak gazed up at him. 

 “Miss Kwak-ishhi, please stop pretending.   You know that our relationship ended a while ago.”

“After meeting you again, I thought that we could make it work ”  she pleaded with a grin.    

“I’m sorry to say that there is nothing left between us.  You know where I stand.  I’m an idol.”

Her grin turned into a mighty scowl.  

“Are you looking down at me because you are an idol and I’m a nobody?  Chincha, you really are amazing Park Chanyeol.  There are no words that can describe you right now. Your really have no self respect.”

Park Chanyeol grimaced. 

“I’m honest about my feelings and that shows more than respect,”  he said in a low voice.  Park Chanyeol expected her to listen and to understand his own heart, but  Miss Kwak walked straight away instead.   It was better that way.  It would be too hard for him to tell her that he liked someone else.

Immersed in thoughts, Chanyeol strolled straight towards the exit.    Baekhyun tapped Chanyeol on the shoulder and then he asked:  “Metro or taxi to the hotel?" 

“Metro,”  Chanyeol answered. 

There was a question  that irked  him, but he was too afraid to ask his best friend.  He didn’t know what he was truly feeling inside.   Chanyeol raised his brow. 

“Is it too late?”

“For the show?  No, the flight attendant didn’t keep you too long,”  Baekhyun replied. 

“No, is it too late to win Nana’s heart?”

Baekhyun shrugged his shoulders. 

“Did you know why I became an idol?  It was because of her, because of Nana,”  Chanyeol said as he straightened his  collar on the trench coat. 

“I didn’t know you were such a hopeless roma

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amlyaqis #1
JokerAtWork #2
Chapter 18: So happy you updated but aish what is happening??? Nothing good can come from ego in war and tactics '~'
JokerAtWork #3
I read your story as one of my first on this site, and it was cute but TOP was such a jerk. He should have told her from the start that he's not into her, instead he laughed about her behind her back. I was glad nana got with chanyeol in the end, although he's not my bias :)
Chapter 16: Yes! She finally acknowledged CY ! He's so hung up on her and she's just now realizing that he's a good friend as well as a good guy. I hope they end up together.

I hope you're doing well.
vahala #5
Chapter 14: i need more chanyeol and nana, thank you!!!
kpop_lover09 #6
Chapter 13: Update soon!! (:
cheery45 #7
Chapter 13: This is so addictive :)
vahala #8
Chapter 13: I need more!!!