Beauty Before Beast

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Jang Hyunseung's life turned upside down when a fan snapped a picture of him in a café with a girl and posted it on Instagram. Cube Entertainment kicked him out of Beast and now haunted by memories, he yearns for a secret love.  Will Hyuna heal his heart?   




When I read the Beauty Before Beast, I was reminded on how Troublemaker was formed.  CEO Hong needed to form a subunit to promote both groups, Beast and 4Minute and to protect both of his best talents.  Hyuna was his bestseller having dazzled American audiences with Gangam Style.  She had appeal. Hyunseung was the best dancer but his personality was too quiet, too sensitive and too much of a flower boy.   There were many toos to count so he wasn't CEO Hong's natural choice for a lead.  He was strongly leaning towards Junghyung as a best talent because of his strong attitude or maybe DongWoon. But what became Troublemaker was really Hyuna's idea.  She has that type of influence with the CEO.  She chose Hyunseung for his dancing abilities and harmonious voice.  His style appealed to her and he became a hell of a strong lead.   Somehow, she found a way to unveil the true Hyunseung who was short lived in Beast.   She later told me that she wouldn't even practice Troublemaker's choreography with her dance instructor.  She would only do so with Hyunseung.  Ravi put her on the spot once on Korean television asking about their relationship.   Hyuna is not one to kiss and tell. . . 

-  Manager Kang, Jang Hyunseung's International Tour Manager



Author's Note:

Inspired by the recent events in Cube Entertainment, I began this journey without knowing much about Hyunseung and why he left Beast.  As I researched the reasons, I became fascinated with his character--  an idol with few words and deep sorrowful eyes who projected his sensitivity in interviews and captivated audiences with Hyuna.   This is where the real story begins.  Are they really in love?  Their chemistry was beyond anything I had seen on Korean television.   It didn't seem staged but natural.  

This is a work of metafiction, a K-pop story, inspired on actual events speculated by netizens.  It is loosely based on credible news  and more on my imagination.   In other words, it is a totally made up story (including the foreword) starring Troublemaker (Hyunseung (JS), Hyuna), Junghyung, Beast, 4 Minute, Usher, Prince, Michael Jackson and other famous and not so famous people.  

This is my first fan fiction.  

Author's Note:    The fan fiction is complete.  Thank you subscribers for upvoting.

Before Triple H, there was Troublemaker!

 When asked whether the two would reunite, she said, "I cannot say for sure.  Trouble Maker was a project that we worked on and prepared whenever a song that matched our concept came in.  We haven't made plans for promotions, but I am very ambitious when it comes to performing, so I want to promote as Trouble Maker, too."  (AllKpop, August 1, 2016).  

 'I'm sure everyone has someone they miss but can't meet. . . "  --  JANG HYUNSEUNG 



Author's Note: 2023

I am so tempted to write a new Hyunseung and Hyuna fan fiction. Hyunseung now has a new stage name, Able. Hyuna recently broke up with E-Dawn. Fate?  



















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Join me as I celebrate the one year anniversary of my first ever fan fiction, Beauty Before Beast.


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Argghh. . . Asianfanfics has been down. I finally have the last update for the weekend up and Hyunseung is ready for his mini world tour! He is going to Japan, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Japan is the first stop on chapter 15 where he meets Lee Hong Gi. Enjoy!
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