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The Billionaire's Hierarchy (Poster Needed)

When Kwon Hana rescues the sole heir of billionaire Byun Baekhyun, the powerful leader of the Hierarchy, she unwittingly enters a realm of opulence, fame, and peril.

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Surrendered Silence (One-Shot)

By iam0130 Updated
Tags  hyuna   oneshot   sad   tragedy   troublemaker   2hyun   junah 
Characters Hyuna | Hyunseung
With 1 chapters, 3 votes, 105 subscribers, 1370 views, 2 comments, 2436 words
Status [M], Completed, Members Only, Subscribers Only

bathroom wall confessions

By omona-mark Updated
Tags  2hyun   hyunjin   theboyz   hwall   straykids   hwanghyunjin   heohyunjoon   2hhj   hwalljin 
Characters Hwang Hyunjin, Heo Hyunjoon (Hwall) | Stray Kids + The Boyz
With 2 chapters, 5 votes, 58 subscribers, 740 views, 1 comments, 3844 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only, Crowdfunded

“You’re way more good looking than I am,” Hyunjoon blurted out before he could stop himself, blushing immediately after, which he was certain would be way too obvious against his pale cheeks. Before he could say anything more, their professor for that class entered the room, effectively shutting up the whispers of the other students and also making Hyunjoon face back towards the front.

My blonde Angel

By BlingZumie Updated
Tags  drama   jinki   jonghyun   kibum   minho   minkey   onew   ontae   shinee   taemin   2hyun   exo   love   baekhyun   crossovers   jongbaek   jongyhunxbaekhyun 
Characters Jonghyun Baekhyun Kibum Jinki Taemin Minho
With 5 chapters, 16 subscribers, 3310 views, 2 comments, 7908 words
Status Completed

Jonghyun is one of the stars of the school. His best friend is Jinki who loves Jonghyun´s cousin Taemin. Jonghyun has a brother, Kibum, who is for a year younger than him, Kibum loves Minho. And only Jonghyun is  without true love. He's still looking for true love but then... one day... he found it.   Baekhyun is a boy full of secrets, he is quiet and shy. Can he entrust his secret to Jongie?

Hearts Were Meant To Be Broken So They Can Heal

By minhyunbin Updated
Tags  angst   cheating   drama   life   romance   slice   2hyun   love   romancedrama   baekho   nuest   minhyun   aron   jrnuest   jron   baekmin 
Characters Kwak Aron, Kim Jonghyun (JR), Kang Dongho (Baekho), Hwang Minhyun
With 1 chapters, 7 votes, 10 subscribers, 680 views, 4 comments, 37287 words
Status [M], [TW], Completed, Members Only

Love Shot

By JeonggukPark Updated
Characters Yoon Jeonghan, Choi Seungcheol,Kim Mingyu,Kim Sunggyu, Nam Woohyun, Ten, Taeyong, Hanbin, Donghyuk, Yangyang,Wonwoo, youngmin,woojin,Minhyun,Jr, Momo, Sana, Jihoon,Jiwon,winwin, Byun Baekhyun, Zhang Yixing, Song Mino, Kang Seungyoon
With 36 chapters, 3 votes, 693 subscribers, 4210 views, 16 comments, 67659 words
Status [M], Subscribers Only

REPLY 2012

By emarginata Updated
Tags  jonghyun   2hyun   baekho   ren   nuest   ocgirl   minhyun   nuestjr   produce101 
Characters Hanna, Jonghyun, Minhyun, Dongho, Minki
With 66 chapters, 12 votes, 296 subscribers, 16900 views, 439 comments, 213141 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

Hanna opened the photo album she collected when she was young. She looked at one of the pictures of her and her four bestfriends, Jonghyun, Minhyun, Dongho, and Minki. Suddenly youthful memories she spent with them came to her mind. It was in 2012 when they just turned 18 years old, when they get through transitional period between puberty and adulthood, when everything felt so new and exciting and many experi

Sweet Intermission

By rhapsodysiscaa Updated
Tags  hyuna   hyunseung   troublemaker   2hyun   kimhyuna 
Characters Jang Hyunseung || Kim Hyuna
With 17 chapters, 13 votes, 308 subscribers, 8010 views, 101 comments, 25478 words
Status Subscribers Only

  [HIATUS] Kim Hyuna doesn't have a choice but to obey her father's request; to marry someone that she never knew. She tried to find a way to run away from this 'arranged marriage'. But what if Jang Hyunseung, her best friend, asking her hand in marriage in front of her family? Hyunseung x Hyuna!AU

Chat 101\ Wanna One Chatroom\DMs 101

By Martinetran03 Updated
Characters Kang Daniel Ong Seungwoo Park Jihoon WannaOne Hwang Minhyun Yoon Jisung Park Woojin Lee Daehwi Baejin Bae Jinyoung Lai GuanLin Kim Jonghyun Nu'est Ahn Hyeongseop Kim Samuel Ha Sungwoon
With 77 chapters, 62 votes, 1360 subscribers, 45330 views, 488 comments, 55129 words



By Jongkey90 Updated
Tags  minhyuk   2hyun   kihyun   wonho   shownu   hyungwon   jooheon   monstax   hyungwonho   changkyun   shownuxkihyun   showki   jookyun   minhuyk 
Characters shownu kihyun wonho minhyuk hyungwon jooheon changkyun monstax
With 3 chapters, 5 votes, 66 subscribers, 1590 views, 4 comments, 4502 words
Status Subscribers Only

Kihyun is a young man in his senior year of high school. He always thought he'd be surrounded by the same people, but this all changed when his parents move to a smaller secluded city, where he has to start all over again.  Meeting new people, yeah he could manage. Starting over, easy. Falling in love...? . . .

hotline to hell

By dystopianDebaucher Updated
Tags  2hyun   jihan   jihanseventeen   2hyunnuest 
Characters hwangminhyun, kimjonghyun, choiminki, hongjisoo, yoonjeonghan, kimmingyu
With 8 chapters, 6 votes, 72 subscribers, 1890 views, 9 comments, 18219 words
Status Subscribers Only

010-68XX-XXXX: ya i did it i blew him you better get me that damn game Satan: I'm sorry you did what now? 010-68XX-XXXX: i did the bet!! u said you'd get me the new persona game if i blew kim mingyu Satan: Oh Oh my I'm sorry, I think you have the wrong number?


By NuNeen Updated
Tags  jonghyun   2hyun   nuest   minhyun   jmin   ong   wannaone   onghwang 
Characters Minhyun, JR + other NU'EST & Wanna One members
With 30 chapters, 17 votes, 130 subscribers, 9160 views, 161 comments, 102657 words
Status Completed

JR and Minhyun have been friends for eight years, and lovers for three. They had been absolutely inseparable… until the end of Produce 101 Season 2. As JR continued his activities as a part of NU’EST, Minhyun had to walk a different path as part of Wanna One. As the two began to grow apart because of busy schedules and lack of communication, new passions began to stir, and their once-unbreakable bond began to falter.


By Y0B0SEYO Updated
Tags  jonghyun   2hyun   nuest   minhyun   wannaone 
With 8 subscribers, 390 views, 79 words

    Minhyun is a tattoo artist while Jonghyun's habit is to merely look for trouble... Except that he never found it. Instead, he was embraced by peace within the comfort of Minhyun's needles puncturing his skin.  

Perfect That I Can't Have

By lietothedevil Updated
Characters Joshua Hong, Hong Jisoo, Yoon Jeonghan, Hwang Minhyun, Kim Jonghyun
With 8 chapters, 16 votes, 59 subscribers, 2810 views, 45 comments, 4863 words
Status Completed

“Perfect,” Jonghyun whispered as Minhyun took Joshua’s hand and swung it between them like they were children on a play date. “Exactly,” Jeonghan said quietly, no doubt watching the same scene as Jonghyun was watching.

Serendipity and Zemblanity

By AnotherFairytale Updated
Tags  2hyun   jinseob   ongniel   panwink   kencall 
Characters Park Jihoon, Lai Guanlin and the rest of the Produce 101 Season 2 Trainees
With 11 chapters, 10 votes, 328 subscribers, 6060 views, 34 comments, 33866 words
Status Subscribers Only

According to this myth, everyone's pinky finger is tied to an invisible red string that will lead him or her to another person with whom they will make history. For the Japanese, human relations are predestined by a red string that the gods tie to the pinky fingers of those who find each other in life. Legend has it that the two people connected by this thread will have an important story, regardless of t


By Another_JRen_Trash Updated
Tags  angst   dongho   fluff   jonghyun   ot5   soulmate   2hyun   minki   baekho   nuest   freindship   minhyun   jren   baekren   jrnueast   jron   baekron   baekmin   jbaek   minbaek 
With 1 chapters, 5 subscribers, 1170 views, 2 comments, 556 words

The thing about soulmate is, you don't find them, fate brings you together, one day you just bump into someone and you feel that special connection, something you have never experienced before. Something which remains with you for your life..... This will be an OT5 fic, based on their friendship, the chapters will be inspired by their real life , predebut and struggles after their debut.  

i got intentions, baby

By dystopianDebaucher Updated
Tags  2hyun 
Characters hwangminhyun, kimjonghyun, choiseungcheol, scoups
With 1 chapters, 2 votes, 13 subscribers, 610 views, 3270 words
Status [M], [TW], Completed, Members Only

I love You Three

By meanie_binhwannie Updated
Characters kimjonghyun/jr, kangdaniel, ongseongwoo, hwangminhyun, choiminki/ren
With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 108 subscribers, 1490 views, 3525 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

Seongwoo, Daniel, and Minhyun were all after Jonghyun but when they realized they can’t have him for themselves , what will they do?

Even The Stars Fall Asleep

By goyangiprince Updated
Tags  pwp   2hyun   kimjonghyun   nuest   minhyun   hwangminhyun 
Characters Jonghyun, JR, Kim Jonghyun, Minhyun, Hwang Minhyun
With 1 chapters, 2 votes, 6 subscribers, 1310 views, 1 comments, 1532 words
Status [M], Completed

Two Hearts That Beat As One "Semi-hiatus"

By omshlu07 Updated
Characters ongseongwoo kangdaniel
With 2 chapters, 1 votes, 67 subscribers, 1730 views, 3 comments, 2259 words
Status Subscribers Only

This is my first ongniel fic and I think it would be the last I don't know just bear with me please.  xoxo. 

Colour Mixer

By Damien_Reid Updated
Tags  yadong   zikyung   2hyun   nap   jongbin   wontaek   taejin   jackbam   doubleb   moonsun   hyungnu   johnnyxmark 
With 10 chapters, 8 subscribers, 1910 views, 2 comments, 6472 words

Hallyuu stars at Hogwarts.


By wccjin Updated
Tags  angst   jonghyun   2hyun   baekho   ren   nuest   minhyun   produce101   nuestw 
Characters Jonghyun/JR, Minhyun, Baekho/Dongho, Ren/Minki, Aron, Produce 101 contestants, kidols
With 2 chapters, 2 votes, 7 subscribers, 1790 views, 826 words

this is a very messy and basic 2hyun fic since i'm trying to get back to writing but hope y'all enjoy!

A March Rain

By xxLovelyWookiexx Updated
Tags  fluff   jonghyun   2hyun   drabble   kimjonghyun   nuest   minhyun   hwangminhyun 
Characters Kim Jonghyun, Hwang Minhyun, Kang Dongho, Choi Minki, Kwak Aron,
With 1 chapters, 3 votes, 3 subscribers, 930 views, 796 words
Status Completed

Just a small drabble about a 2hyun phonecall in the middle of the night. 

He already mine

By vernonmoms Updated
Tags  jonghyun   romance   2hyun   nuest   minhyun   nuestjr   soulmateau   kangdaniel   ongseungwoo   wannaone 
With 3 chapters, 6 votes, 193 subscribers, 2510 views, 14 comments, 5099 words
Status [M], Subscribers Only

Taehyun's Trophy

By BestStories Updated
Characters JBJ Taehyun X Hyunbin
With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 7 subscribers, 1090 views, 1398 words
Status [M]

if i say the right things can i kiss you goodnight

By dystopianDebaucher Updated
Characters hwangminhyun, kimjonghyun, wannaone
With 8 chapters, 14 votes, 305 subscribers, 3790 views, 15 comments, 17561 words
Status [M], Completed, Subscribers Only

un coin de soleil

By dystopianDebaucher Updated
Tags  2hyun 
Characters hwangminhyun, kimjonghyun, yooseonho, choiminki, kangdongho, kwakaron, ongseongwoo, kwonhyunbin, kangdaniel, kimjaehwan
With 1 chapters, 59 subscribers, 930 views, 1 comments, 12077 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

Now, his next task: to find Jonghyun in their next life. The current tally: 1-0.

Fait Accompli

By rhapsodysiscaa Updated
Tags  janghyunseung   troublemaker   2hyun   kimhyuna 
Characters Kim Hyuna || Jang Hyunseung
With 4 chapters, 6 votes, 71 subscribers, 1970 views, 9 comments, 2897 words
Status Subscribers Only

[DISCONTINUED] Meet the two partner-in-crime (Well not exactly though), Kim Hyuna and Jang Hyunseung. Despite their personality and status differences, They need to work together in this fait


By Minjonghyunlove Updated
Characters Kim Jonghyun, Hwang Minhyun, Choi Minki, Kang Dongho, Yoon Jisung, Ong Seongwoo, Kang Daniel
With 2 chapters, 19 votes, 155 subscribers, 4760 views, 32 comments, 11631 words
Status [M]


By Naito_Haito Updated
Tags  angst   2hyun   warau   jikook   namjin 
Characters Seokjin, Namjoon, etc
With 1 subscribers, 420 views, 558 words
Status [M]

The Story of a Very Confused Lee Daehwi

By le3chan Updated
Characters Lee Daehwi Kang Dongho NU'EST Wanna One trainee PD101S2
With 4 chapters, 7 subscribers, 2390 views, 4 comments, 9544 words

Sebuah cerita tentang bagaimana Produce 101 berlangsung dari sudut pandang seorang Lee Daehwi. Bukan, lebih tepatnya tentang kebingungan (dan ketakutan) Lee Daehwi terhadap trainee Pledis, terutama Kang Dongho. "Tatapannya seperti orang yang ingin membunuh satu ruangan, tahu!"

I love you a Latte (One day I'm going to hurt you) HIATUS UNTIL NOVEMBER SORRY GUYS

By Yoshi875 Updated
Characters Hwang Minhyun, Kim Jonghyun, Ong Seongwoo, Kim Jaehwan, Kwon Hyunbin, Lee Daehwi, Yoo Seonho, and many more ;D
With 15 chapters, 7 votes, 88 subscribers, 4070 views, 12 comments, 37422 words

Losing both his parents, Minhyun is forced to take ownership of their coffee shop while caring for his 5 younger brothers, a touching story of 6 siblings supporting each other to the end. OR A revenge story where the eldest brother of 5 plots vengeance against his parent's killers..... in the comforting confines of his parent's coffee shop.

Long Overdue

By jjawon Updated
Characters Hyuna; Hyunseung; Others
With 26 chapters, 5 votes, 64 subscribers, 6630 views, 80 comments, 82629 words
Status [M]

I thought I was

By kenjumma Updated
Characters Kim Heeryung, Kim Jonghyun, Hwang Minhyun
With 3 chapters, 3 votes, 1780 views, 5 comments, 5779 words
Status Subscribers Only

"i told myself to wait and hope  that you will never leave me.  but you did."

Fast y Furious

By Beautygirl Updated
Tags  angst   jongkey   sihae   sunsun   2hyun   daejae   sekai 
With 14 chapters, 4 votes, 64 subscribers, 4570 views, 7 comments, 20323 words

Mr and Mrs. Choi have 10 sons. Nine of them are successful and the couple couldn't be happier to have such wonderful sons and then there is Sehun. That's not all. While all his Hyung's are in a relationship,  he's the only one who's single and gay. Eventually he meets Kim Jongin and his brother Luhan. Will he be able to feel love and survive his homophobic family?

we were two halves || DISCONTINUED

By dystopianDebaucher Updated
Tags  2hyun   nuest   hwangminhyun   kimjonghyunjr 
Characters hwangminhyun, kimjonghyun
With 2 chapters, 2 votes, 57 subscribers, 1010 views, 3 comments, 3730 words
Status Subscribers Only

plot twist: the person you let in doesn't actually destroy you

The meaning of Happiness

By Minjonghyunlove Updated
Characters Kim Jonghyun, Hwang Minhyun, Ong Seongwoo, Kang Daniel, Choi Minki (Ren), Kang Dongho (Baekho)
With 9 chapters, 31 votes, 355 subscribers, 144 comments, 22271 words

There is always that one kid who stands from the crowd. In this case Kim Jonghyun was that kid. To everyone Jonghyun was an outsider, to others a punching bag, and a target for rumors. Most people avoided him like the plague, but one day that all changes. Hwang Minhyun, the kingka of Pledis High School, is given a dare: to get Jonghyun in his bed. Will he succeed? (this is not a rated m fanfic)

shrine of your lies

By dystopianDebaucher Updated
Tags  2hyun   jonghyunseongwoo   pacabugi 
Characters hwangminhyun, kimjonghyun, ongseongwoo, limyoungmin
With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 56 subscribers, 870 views, 2 comments, 1628 words
Status Subscribers Only

minhyun had developed this awful habit of making sure the entirety of jonghyun's attention and affection belong to him, and he makes sure of this by getting rid of anyone and everyone--method varies.

and i am yours now

By dystopianDebaucher Updated
Tags  2hyun   nuest 
Characters hwangminhyun, kimjonghyun
With 1 chapters, 2 votes, 12 subscribers, 1160 views, 4 comments, 2831 words
Status Completed

you've heard of unrequited love, you've heard of one-sided or mutual pining, now let's give a round of applause for everything falling into place!   or alternatively, jonghyun and minhyun have been constants in each other's lives for three years now and all their friends have just assumed their dating. question is, are they?

And, Things Left Behind

By pr3tz3l Updated
Tags  minhwan   2hyun   kimjonghyun   nuest   hwangminhyun   kimjaehwan   wannaone 
Characters Hwang Minhyun Kim Jaehwan Kim Jonghyun
With 2 chapters, 2 votes, 46 subscribers, 1820 views, 6 comments, 5546 words
Status [M], [TW], Completed, Members Only

2hyun Drabbles

By Minjonghyunlove Updated
Characters Kim Jonghyun, Hwang Minhyun
With 2 chapters, 7 votes, 68 subscribers, 2920 views, 13 comments, 17848 words

I do not know how to show my gratitude to all the subscribers who subscribed to both: The Meaning of Happiness and Marked, and my commentators. All I can say is: Thank you, thank you all so, so much. To show my gratitude I decided to make drabbles for 2hyun/jmin. How it will work: Give me a prompt with Jonghyun (jr) x Minhyun, and I will do my best to fulfill the prompt to the fullest.


By cieda90 Updated
Characters hwang minhyun kim jonghyun
With 2 chapters, 1 votes, 13 subscribers, 1000 views, 1186 words

Minhyun, Jonghyun, Minki and Dongho are friends.  Jonghyun like Minhyun but Minhyun claims that he's straight like ruler.   So, Minki said "there have flexible ruler and you can bend it,Jonghyun." "But Minki, even it flexible and I can bend it... it will always be straight again." " Why you always make something simple be complicated? Just confess to him." And everything turns not so good between minhyun and jonghyun.

Whisper Tape

By WoodWitchofSuburbia Updated
Tags  angst   2hyun   minhyun   juniorroyal 
Characters JR | Minhyun
With 1 chapters, 3 votes, 16 subscribers, 1640 views, 5 comments, 3095 words
Status Completed

When Minhyun disappeared, JR couldn't cope. He stares at the television in a dark room, reliving their memories in old recordings. But then one day, he discovers a box full of unmarked tapes, several with messages to him from Minhyun. 

2000 days with you

By HADESHI Updated
Tags  jonghyun   2hyun   nuest   minhyun   nuestjr   nuest2hyun 
Characters nuest, jonghyun, minhyun
With 19 subscribers, 860 views, 2 comments, 553 words

Minhyun misses his Onibugi.

Won't You Look at Me

By ScarletaVchan Updated
Tags  jonghyun   2hyun   nuest   minhyun   jrnuest   jmin   wannaone   howons 
Characters kim jonghyun, hwang minhyun, kim jaehwan, jung sewoon, yoo seonho, choi minki
With 1 chapters, 7 votes, 33 subscribers, 3490 views, 13 comments, 3056 words
Status Completed

Based on Wanna One Go Episode 2. Where Jonghyun, Minki, Sewoon and Seonho come to visit Wanna One dorm.

while lingering in the universe, we got each other

By orangecaramilk Updated
Tags  2hyun   nuest 
Characters Kim jonghyun/JR, Hwang Minhyun
With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 112 subscribers, 1280 views, 3 comments, 1072 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

Jonghyun had wondered where it all went wrong.

Happy Birthday Minhyun!

By ScarletaVchan Updated
Tags  jonghyun   2hyun   nuest   minhyun   nuestjr   nuestminhyun   jrnuest   jmin   minhyunnuest 
With 1 chapters, 5 votes, 14 subscribers, 2370 views, 1 comments, 3767 words
Status Completed

Happy Birthday, Minhyunnie!!