Aircraft designer Kang Sora wanted to deliver state of the art jet that she'd designed to its new owner in Middle East. But then war engulfed the desert kingdom, and suddenly she was held prisoner - in a place that was like something fromt the Arabian Nights...

Her captor was just one of the most gorgeous hunk of a man she'd ever laid eyes on. But his attitude, specially when it came to women, where straight out of another world. And the most infurating part was, Sheik Park Leeteuk awakened within her a passion that rocked her world to the core.



My imagination runs wild. Let us bring our lovely dimple couple in another world. 



I don't own the characters nor the story. I coudn't forget this story I read years back and since I like Leeteuk and Kang Sora together, I want to substitute the characters with teukso couple. You might find it boring since each chapters are quite long but I hope you will keep reading until the end and enjoy the story the way I did.


“Come, kiss me, Kang Sora…” Leeteuk murmured. “I’m starving for the taste of you…”

She was losing it. Sora thought, and would continue to do so if she kept looking into those enigmatic eyes. How compelling they were, how beautiful. She sat up straight on the bed, her bed tucked beneath her, and placed her hands tentatively on his broad shoulders. “Will you be satisfied with ne kiss of welcome from your prisoner?”

His brow rose. “Does one simple kiss frighten you?”

Sora slid her palms along the smooth, bare skin of his shoulders. “It could…” she said deliberately. She moistened her lips and looked at his mouth. Very slowly she closed the gap that separated them. She bent her head and took the soft edge of his ear between her teeth.

Then she bit him.

“I want out of here!” she growled.


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I hope you can update this story.. I am loving this story so much.. hope you can consider for update..
Woah_crazyb #2
Chapter 58: I had finally got the chance to finish reading this ff and i am on the edge....where have i been and had missed this ff.
I am glad to have read it and cant wait till you come back with a update. Come back soon authornim!
maryetta01 #3
Chapter 58: Awww no worries authornim. Cant wait for updates. Dont work too hard. Fighting.
lotus16 #4
Really like your story. I couldn't imagine them finding love in the midst of war and cultural differences. Great story authornim! Anticipating updates.
Woah_craycray #5
New reader here.
I hope its not an abandoned story. I can see it has not been completed and last update was a couple of weeks ago. So I am over the moon excited to read this.
Thank you.
maryetta01 #6
Hope all is well with b you authornim. Just popped by to write you a msg. Come back soon and update...miss this story. Fighting.
maryetta01 #7
Chapter 57: OMG.... DID YOU JUST???...DIS THEY JUST???...OMG
maryetta01 #8
Chapter 56: Oh my gosh...yhey are in more danger now. Ohhh Sora was only trying to help. Whats gonna happen now??? So curious and i love this ff. Cant wait for the next update. Fighting!