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Taoris (8,308 taoris fanfics)

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The Dreamer | Le Rêveur

Jaehee is a dreamer, she sees the ghosts of people who are about to die ahead of time in her dreams and saves them from falling into death's hands. What happens when she meets Sehun, a boy who is mute but desperately needs her help?

He Wanted Everything

By levi-heichou updated
Tags tao kris taoris
Characters Tao, Yifan (Kris), Luhan
With 6 chapters, 4 votes, 37 subscribers, 830 views, 8 comments

A poor man, Yifan is interested in money. He hates his poverty-filled life and yearns to escape. Being a man of intellect, he gets into a prestigious university where he uses his charm and wit to make rich ‘acquaintances’. One particularly naive man catches his eye:


By pandagalaxy updated
With 1 chapters, 2 votes, 41 subscribers, 250 views, 2 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Wherein Kris is an angel and Tao is his – well let's just say, the best burden he's ever had.

Finding Home

By MayBaby1995 updated
Tags hunhan taoris
Characters Oh Sehun Luhan Wu Yifan Tao
With 3 chapters, 10 subscribers, 150 views
Status Subscribers Only

They say 'Home is where the Heart is.' . .

Fluffy Drabbles

By MyBabyLuhan updated
Characters EXO, Junmyeon, Kyungsoo, Jongin, Chanyeol, Baekhyun, Sehun, Luhan, Yifan, Tao, Yixing, Minseok, Jongdae
With 4 chapters, 1 votes, 13 subscribers, 180 views, 2 comments
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

I've read a lot of drabbles before and I decided fluffy drabbles are the abosolute best, so i'll just but a bunch of small drabbles here all the time ahaha

Friend Zone Forever

By e243365 updated
With 2 chapters, 18 subscribers, 610 views, 4 comments

Tao loves Kris, but Kris has Lay. Tao is heartbroken, but then a friendly crossdresser somes along. highschool!AU

To Be Loved

By nomnomlovez updated
Characters Tao and Kris as main, other EXO members, Super Junior, BAP, 2NE1
With 10 chapters, 36 votes, 310 subscribers, 82 comments

Tao was a (although he would rather die than admit it) lonely omega without a pack. After a tragic incident in his childhood, his immediate family was killed and he ended up in Korea with no one he loved or who loved him. After years of trying to be on his own and leaning a few individuals for support, he had his routine f

Ficlet Dump

By QuiescentMe updated
Characters xiumin, luhan, suho, chen, kris, tao, sehun, kai, lay, d.o, baekhyun, chanyeol
With 37 chapters, 24 votes, 115 subscribers, 5800 views, 48 comments

Fics that are too short to be considered to be a oneshot make residency here

How to Live as a Supporting Character

By cangnor updated
Characters Tao, Kris, Luhan and many more, +exo
With 4 chapters, 3 votes, 65 subscribers, 620 views, 8 comments
Status Subscribers Only

There's a boy, shining at the center of the world, a spot light for all. Handsome, charming, and smart, not to mention kind. He always got an A on every test. He's the perfect boy that parents always pray for, and his name is... Luhan. But this is NOT a story about Luhan, who could fit as the perfect main character on every story. This story is about his introvert brother. The boy that could hide... or rather, always stay HIDDEN behind Luhan's shadow, making him in

Black Pearl

By IsabelleShion updated
Characters Luhan, Sehun, Kris, Tao, Suho, Lay, Kai, DO, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Xiumin, Chen, zelo, Siwon, Ren, Mark, Jackson, BamBam, Jr., leo
With 19 chapters, 12 votes, 154 subscribers, 3530 views, 60 comments

   People face many challenges in life, but twelve Highschool students are about to face their biggest one yet.     Throughout their lives, they have hidden the strange powers unique to them, confused as to why they have such inhuman abilities.    Now the time has come for then to fulfil their purpose, after they figure out what that is, of course. 

150516 FINALLY

By she_O_pao updated
With 3 subscribers, 70 views, 2 comments
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

  May 16, 2013 Tao and Kris began dating.   May 16, 2014 Kris died in an accident.   May 16, 2015 '...finally'  Tao whispered under his breath.     What does 'finally' 

Attack on Love

By CookiesMonsterr updated
Characters Xiumin, Chen, Kris, Tao, Lay, Luhan, Suho, Kai, Kyungsoo, Beakhyun , Chanyeol, Sehun
With 2 chapters, 3 votes, 25 subscribers, 430 views, 4 comments

Oh Sehun is a 17 year old freshman, with an IQ 160, entering SM  Universtiy. Even with an IQ that high the boy still has rainbow coloured hair. Xi Luhan is a 18 year old freshman, with the avarage IQ, entering SM Universtiy. Being one of four Chinese exchange studens, he has decied to change for the better. Starting by changing his hair colour to a bubble gum pink. Kim Jongin, a 17 year old, his IQ slightly lower than Sehun's but still high (157) , enters SM Universtiy hoping to

Exo Fanfics Recommendation Corner

By Theangelvampire updated
Characters Exo/OC, Kris, Tao, Chen, Xiumin, Luhan, Lay, Kai, Sehun, Suho, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, D.O
With 41 chapters, 11 votes, 29 comments

Bringing to you well-written exo fanfics with original and interesting plots! 

EXO OTP One-Shots, Short Stories, and More

By Maya-chan173 updated
Characters Kim Jongin, Do Kyungsoo, Kim Joonmyun, Kim Minseok, Kim Jongdae, Lu Han, Wu Yifan, Oh Sehun, Huang Zitao, Byun Baekhyun, Park Chanyeol, Zhang Yixing
With 14 chapters, 80 views

Hey! I'm Maya. This is basically a book of random EXO OTP one-shots and things like that. This is basically a book of random EXO OTP one-shots and things like that. All members are included, meaning I do write about Luhan and Kris and I will still write about anyone who leaves in the future. Hopefully that doesn't happen. OT10 is sad enough. Since a lot of EXO fans aren't on Wattpad, I decided to post my storie

Describe Me In One Word

By Perfect_Fantasy updated
Characters Luhan Sehun Kai Kyungsoo Suho Lay Tao Kris Xiumin Chen Baekhyun Chanyeol
With 4 chapters, 1 votes, 17 subscribers, 540 views, 3 comments

"Sehun,describe me in one word." "Perfect.Describe me in one word." "Perfect."  

SM Academy

By DawnMalfoy updated
Characters Tao Kris Henry ZhouMi Heechul Hangeng EXO OtherSMartists Amber Victoria Eli Kevin
With 19 chapters, 7 votes, 165 subscribers, 4630 views, 34 comments

Tao met Yifan at the age of six and fell in love with him at first sight. They lived a fairy tale romance for three years, but Yifan suddenly had to move to Canada.  Three years after his departure Zhou Zitao is prepared to begin SM Academy, one of Seoul's most prestigious art academies after moving from Qingdao theem year before. However, when he arrives, he meets a mysterious boy by the name of Kris Wu, who tips everything he thought he felt for Yifan on it head. But Yifan is at Sm

Paper Airplanes

By Lococopuff updated
Characters Tao, Huang Zitao, Kris, Wu Yifan, Other Exo Members
With 14 chapters, 7 votes, 68 subscribers, 1430 views, 16 comments

When Zitao was a kid, he thought roses were what made relationships real, but eventually, paper airplanes had to replace roses. He meets Wu Yi Fan, he keeps red paper airplanes with him waiting for just the right moment.

The Twelve Protectors

By pantherhyung updated
Characters Sehun, Kai, Tao, Chanyeol, Chen, Baekhyun, Xiumin, Suho, Kris, Luhan, Yixing, Kyungsoo
With 27 chapters, 38 votes, 148 comments

"This girl, she isn’t a girl at all. Well, she is a girl, but she is more. She is the tree. The Tree Of Life.” When Yixing and Luhan turn up

I've Never Liked You!(But I Always Loved You)

By Luhannie101 updated
Characters Exo Baekhyun Chanyeol Chen D.O. Kai Kris Lay Luhan Sehun Suho Tao Xiumin
With 10 chapters, 18 votes, 374 subscribers, 4000 views, 74 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Luhan had a terrible past and he seems to struggle with his present and maybe future too. He is now in XoXo High School with his childhood friend D.O. He is a target by the two most popular bullies in school ; Oh Sehun and Kai.

Kpop Scenarios, mainly EXO.

By ExoticSoneElf updated
Characters SM artists, EXO, Super Junior, SNSD
With 23 chapters, 3 votes, 33 subscribers, 1640 views, 14 comments

        I just love those gif reaction thing on tumblr and thought I'd make some on here.. mainly because I can't do them on tumblr, it hates me at the moment.   So anyway this basically a scenario thing like if Exo were.. or if any other artists were.. (scenario) you know those kind of things. I just really want to do one of those, so yea I'm doing one.  

[EXO] College Life

By supalurve updated
Characters Sehun, Luhan, Kris, Tao, Chanyeol, Baekhyun, Kai, D.O, Chen, Xiumin, Suho, Lay
With 14 chapters, 5 votes, 80 subscribers, 1880 views, 26 comments

Starting College can be tough. Meeting new people, having a whole load of coursework to do and the stress of exams is difficult enough but, when you throw complications such as romance into the mix, things can become pretty hectic.

まだ片思い (Still an unrequited love)

By PinkyUnicorn updated
Characters Exo/Others
With 1 votes, 12 subscribers, 150 views, 2 comments

        “私のためにあなたの愛は存在しない場合でも, even if your love for me is nonexistent, 

Clumsy Kris

By Namwan updated
Characters Kris, Tao and the rest of EXO
With 32 chapters, 16 votes, 162 subscribers, 6050 views, 80 comments
Status Completed

Imagine having a picnic with Kris on a sunny spring day. And it's just the two of you and he lays down his head on your lap while you comb his eyebrows...   What a perfect imagine for a fangirl, right?  

The Dolls

By ziva1234 updated
Characters Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Lay, Suho, Sehun, Luhan, Kyungsoo, Kai, Tao, Kris, Xiumin and Chen
With 2 chapters, 15 subscribers, 260 views, 2 comments

In seoul 1918 there once lived a toy maker. This toy makers name was Lee soo man. His toys were sold all over the world. He was also known for cursing people to be dolls. Now in 2015 he is still a renowned doll maker. Just that he is actually really old but looks not even above the age of 40. Four boys are on the run from him. They were cursed to be dolls cause of their parents. They were running one day when they bumped into four boys. Which these boys led them to two happy married couples w

The Compound

By NewlywedKpop updated
Characters Sehun, Luhan, Kai, Kyungsoo, Chanyeol, Baekhyun, Minseok, Jongdae, Lay, Suho, Kris, Tao, Yeri, Joy, Taemin
With 10 chapters, 6 votes, 29 subscribers, 500 views, 10 comments
Status Members Only

After a long and terrible internal war, the world is finally peaceful again. The War was started by the creation and experimentation of Specially Modified humans or SM humans. They are considered super-beings and hold great power. At first, they were used

Morning Love

By ChoSandeul updated
Characters Kris Tao
With 2 chapters, 7 votes, 194 subscribers, 1300 views, 16 comments
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

Characters : Kris Wu || Huang Zi Tao     Description:     Mr. Huang and Mrs. Huang are going on a business trip, leaving their one and only son ZiTao on their mansion. M