Reciprocal : The One Who Went Away

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Was it all about Sooyoung? You bet.


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I supposed this had to be series of so called Reciprocal.  I can't promise for frequent updates as I'm committed to responsibilities in life. But I shall stick to the original idea of writing Reciprocal. 

Listed are arranged chronologically Reciprocal potential short series.

of obnoxious little spark • the one who got away • crestfallen •  reciprocity • Road to a place called Home



I have special playlist in Spotify and shall update with new sets of songs from my preferences.


1st January 2018

Hi. Liana is back, just for a while. Currently I'm on hiatus; having my final semester for undergraduate studies. Probably will be very busy until June. Updates is likely very uncertain, probably no updates until June. Thank you for reading. I'll be back to write again soon. ?


September 27th, 2015 : chapter ten


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Dhiana98 #1
Chapter 15: HIIII! miss your story so muchhh
lauranx #2
Chapter 15: do whatever your heart desires LOL
hope you're staying safe and healthy during this time~!
pandamaster2727 #3
Chapter 15: I miss you
setirram08 #4
Chapter 15: ?
Can you update soon...looking forward to the next chapter ......
syukchan #6
hi author-nim,
where can i find the prequel of this story? its a bit weird for me when i read the sequel before the first one :). xoxo
Chapter 14: i was about to scream in joy because i thought its a new chapter LOL.

i need to know everyone pov though. i cant pick
Chapter 13: this fic is so good. there is a lot of mystery i really dont know whats the motive and whats the actual reason for their action aside from joy that ks
Chapter 18: Fighting! Cant wait for read new chapter:D