To Catch A Demon

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"Between the world we see and the things we fear, there are doors, when they are opened...nightmares, become reality."






There's an old myth about Demons. It's been passed down from generation to generation, a timeless tale.

They say that you can actually catch a Demon and make it into your servant.

Ludicrous right? That's what Bang SeulMi thought when her best friend confided to her about the myth.

SeulMi was a very logical girl who believed in fact. Surely one could not catch a Demon, right? 

So what is SeulMi to do when not only has she accidentally captured a Demon but has captured the Demon Prince of all people?

I guess you'll just have to read to find out.


 Bang SeulMi


 Factual. Doesn't believe in what can't be seen or explained.





 Kim TaeHyung



Demon Prince. Very cold and very powerful and has never been captured...until now.





 Yi ChangMi


Bubbly. Easily believes in anything. Naieve.






Jeon Jungkook



Servant to the Royal family. Tough on the outside but sweet and caring on the inside. 





Bangtan Boys



They're also Demons.






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*Dodges rotten tomatoes and flame throwers*


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Chapter 19: that cliffhanger...
Chapter 19: HOLY SMOOOOOOOKES. When’s.the.sequel.
That cliffhanger killed me!!!! IS SHE PREGNANT?!!?!?!?!
Chapter 19: I completed reading this story in one night and dayum, one of the best I have ever read. I love your style of writing, keep up the good work!
ikran12 #6
Chapter 19: Lfkcmoojddjoepc why are you like this where is the sequel Iam dying with questions like is she pregnant,will she forget v
Kurosawa_Shizuka #7
Chapter 19: Whattt this was so good but like whattttttt omg. First of all, I'm so happy with thw grammar and everything (although if it had mistakes I still would've loved it just as much) But the whole plot and storyline was super interesting! :) I'm really expecting that sequel because that can't be the end for Tae and Seul. Hope to see it soon~ Thanks for thw read ♡
wonderdream #8
Nice story^.^
Marlene52 #9
Chapter 19: I can't come to terms with this...
Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy do you do this to me??!
Chapter 19: 2 heartbeats? She's pregnant? Omg, that's one hell of a cliffhanger u left us with authornim. *pouts*