I'm Sentenced To Life

To Catch A Demon
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"What?" I questioned, shocked as TaeHyung pointed his finger towards me. It only seemed to increase his anger when my mind couldn't comprehend anything at the moment.

"You heard me human. I'm the Prince of the Demons and I've been enslaved to a worthless sack of water." This didn't make any sense. This was not logical. It wasn't even POSSIBLE for Demon's to exist right? I must be being punk'd right now. It's the only explanation. 

"Demons don't exist." I stood firm in my belief. TaeHyung grabbed my wrist harshly and flipped it over, revealing a tattoo. The same tattoo that now shown over TaeHyung's collar bone. The same tattoo that wasn't there until now.

"That tattoo right there is real. It's my symbol and it is also a symbol of the royal family. When you fell on top of me you activated my tattoo when your lips touched it. We're bound together...for the rest of our lives. And you can bet your I'm going to make you regret every single day of your life."

I let out a vicious scream into my pillow. 


This wasn't real. Demon's aren't real. What am I going to do? Me owning a slave? I wouldn't ever. But I do wonder...

"TaeHyung please hold my hand." I smirked. There was NO WAY he would EVER touch me in a million years. TaeHyung saw my smirk and he frowned. It looked like he was trying to resist me, yet his feet shuffled over towards my bed. I closed my eyes when I felt his warm hand slip into mine. His hand was actually really soft. I was expecting it to be coarse and rough like his personality.

I pulled my hand away and turned it back and forth examining it.

"Did you...did you really just hold my hand? I mean...MY hand. You're serious aren't you?" TaeHyung nodded, not giving me a verbal response. Not that I expected it, anyway. I just know my life is ruined already. No need for him to add more fire to the already burning flames.

"We're bound now, forever. Or well, until the day we die, at least."  I froze and brought my head up from my hand.

"What is that supposed to mean?" TaeHyung rolled his eyes, "Don't you listen to the gossip?" He took a seat on my desk chair.

"Basically we're bound together, forever. When you claimed my tattoo, you turned me semi-mortal. Because you've turned me semi-mortal, I will die when you die but if I get killed I won't die. You are my master and I am your slave. I serve you now. As much as I hate you and as much as I wish I could severe the bond, I cannot. Even the royal family cannot break eons old magic. You claimed ownership over me. It all stems back t

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Chapter 19: that cliffhanger...
Chapter 19: HOLY SMOOOOOOOKES. When’s.the.sequel.
That cliffhanger killed me!!!! IS SHE PREGNANT?!!?!?!?!
Chapter 19: I completed reading this story in one night and dayum, one of the best I have ever read. I love your style of writing, keep up the good work!
ikran12 #6
Chapter 19: Lfkcmoojddjoepc why are you like this where is the sequel Iam dying with questions like is she pregnant,will she forget v
Kurosawa_Shizuka #7
Chapter 19: Whattt this was so good but like whattttttt omg. First of all, I'm so happy with thw grammar and everything (although if it had mistakes I still would've loved it just as much) But the whole plot and storyline was super interesting! :) I'm really expecting that sequel because that can't be the end for Tae and Seul. Hope to see it soon~ Thanks for thw read ♡
wonderdream #8
Nice story^.^
Marlene52 #9
Chapter 19: I can't come to terms with this...
Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy do you do this to me??!
Chapter 19: 2 heartbeats? She's pregnant? Omg, that's one hell of a cliffhanger u left us with authornim. *pouts*