To Catch A Demon
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"Rise and Shine! It's beach time!" ChangMi chirped loudly as she burst into my room at...7 am. It's Saturday, ChangMi-ah let me sleep!

"Go away!" I swatted my hand out from under the covers and pulled them over my head so that I was 100% covered in my blanket. It also blocked out the sunlight creeping in through my bedroom window which was a plus.

"We have to look really cute today! The boys are coming at 10." I let out a tiny growl. I just want to sleep. If you haven't noticed yet, I'm not a morning person in the least. I don't have anyone I'm trying to impress either. Plus, it's the beach, all you have to do is throw your hair up and call it a day. It's just going to get sandy and dirty anyway. 

I ignored ChangMi's plea and continued to try to go back to sleep. The key word here is try. ChangMi was making so much racket in my bathroom it was impossible to block out the noise of the hair dryer. I usually don't mind when ChangMi sleeps over but it's to goddamn early on a Saturday. 

"I already picked out an outfit for you! I also found your swim suit you hardly wore last year. It's such a gorgeous bikini too." 



"If your not up by the time the boys get here I'll make TaeHyung come and wake you up personally." I peaked my head out of the covers and saw ChangMi wiggling her eye brows suggestively. I scoffed. No way. 

"Alright I'm up, I'm up." I threw my covers off me and walked into the kitchen. I needed to eat first. I also needed coffee or I'd never survive the morning.



When TaeHyung and Jin's cars pulled up to my driveway to pick us up with the rest of their friends, I really couldn't believe it. I was going to be spend the whole day with this . And what if his friends are just as bad as he is? Could I really keep sane?

Also I wasn't really a fan of the beach. No matter how careful you are, sand always gets all over everything. I also hate when anything sticks to my skin, I'm really peculiar about things like that. That's why I hate baking, the flour always congeals and sticks to your skin. I feel constricted when that happens and it freaks me out. 

I head squealing coming from upstairs and fast footsteps approaching. Before I even had a chance to slip on my shoes, ChangMi had rushed out the front door the minute the cars beeped, her flip flops tapping against the tile. She looked cute as always in her navy blue tank top and white washed shorts.

She had her cute yellow bikini underneath as well as a white bow in her hair (Bows were her signature thing, she wore them everyday without fail to match her outfit). Her beach tote was slung over her shoulder and surprise surprise she immediately hopped into the vacant seat next to JungKook which means I had no choice but to take the seat in TaeHyung's car.

Thanks for throwing me under the bus Changie. Thanks.

I gathered my things quickly and pulled out my keys to lock up the house. I casually walked to TaeHyung's convertible. Of course he would have a fancy car, he's a prince after all, even if it is of Demons. I hopped into the back seat between two guys I'd never met before. One guy had flaming red hair like a Cheeto while the other guy had a soft brown color that reminded me of milk chocolate. 

The guy with the red hair looked like he couldn't really be bothered to meet someone knew, while the other one immediately held out his hand for me.

"Hello! My name is Hoseok but you can just call me J-Hope. And this grouch over there is YoonGi but you can just call him Suga. And the blonde guy in the front seat is Nam Joon but you can just call him Rap Monster." His smile seemed friendly enough and unlike TaeHyung's hands his were soft and smooth when I returned his handshake. I've always loved guys with soft skin. "My name is SeulMi, it's nice to meet you." J-Hope gave his infectious smile again and started to ask me all sorts of questions about my life.

Oddly enough I didn't mind talking with him. 

Unlike that TaeHyung, J-Hope seemed like he actually liked humans, or could at least tolerate and be friendly towards them. TaeHyung would chime into our conversation here and there with a witty remark but other then that the ride to the beach was relatively peaceful.

The first thing we realized was that the beach was crowded. Literally hundreds upon hundreds of people must have been at the beach today because you could hardly find a spot to set up camp. It wasn't a particularly scalding hot day and the sun wasn't even shining that brightly because of the amount of clouds in the sky. It must have been because today is a Saturday.

I also realized that I had been completely wrong about TaeHyung's friends. All of them weren't that bad, TaeHyung seemed to be the only one with a stick up his . I especially noticed how flirty Jimin was. The boy just would not stop wiggling his eye brows at me or trying to get all touchy feely with me. I wasn't uncomfortable or anything like that, but, I am still a girl after all.  

You need to take me on a date first!

"Oh look there's a spot!" ChangMi pointed out excitedly as she fixed her large tan beach hat and ran towards the coveted open space dragging JungKook along with her. That girl seemed to be running a lot today. Her boundless energy boggles my mind sometimes.  But I was also impressed at how bold she was being with her advances on JungKook already.

I think she's really serious this time. Now whether those efforts payed off or not I couldn't be sure. I'm no love expert. I mean, I can't even figure out my own love life, so there's that. Plus I don't even think I'm interested in love at this point either. I'm content with being single. 

"Do you want to sit under the umbrella or do you want to sit in the sun?" Rap Monster questioned as he pulled out the huge beach umbrella to shade us. Everyone had seemed to start setting up their belongings while I had zoned out. I loved the sun but I wanted to sit under the umbrella today.  "I'll sit under the umbrella if you don't mind." Rap Monster shook his head and gestured to start setting up.

I took out my mom's beach chair (like I said I hate the beach) and set it up as far under the umbrella as I could. I settled into the chair and adjusted

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