Hello, Baby!


Welcome to this tale of two

a short story about ChangBum and you.

An idol life can be hard indeed

especially when a scandal breeds.

So what ever shall you do

when that scandal involves you?

"Breaking News today: Hello, Baby! star Woo ChangMi is actually the BIOLOGICAL daughter of Woo ChangBum of Baek Percent."

"Well ."





Lee MinJae

Past age: 17

present age: 21

Mother of ChangMi, whom she loves very much

Used to date ChangBum before he became an idol

Woo ChangMi

Age: 4

Child of ChangBum and MinJae

Loves to dance, sing, and read her favorite story about her Dad.

Can't go to bed without her stuffed giraffe Yuki.

Woo ChangBum

Past age: 18

Present Age: 22

Father of MinJae (but doesn't know he's a father)

He is an Idol in the group Baek Peo a.k.a 100%

Jung Suzy

Past Age: 18

Present Age: 22


Let's you stay with her while you raise ChangMi

Baek Percent (100%)

(so goddamn hot, my ChangBum Oppa by a few months :) And SangHoon ♥

ChangBum's best friends

Famous Idol Group


I am writing this slowly but surely!!!! My semester is crazy already and I'm trying my best to find the time!


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Chapter 2: I love the ending so much..^^ thank you for making it as a happy one.. :)
Chapter 2: Can i cry because this is so beautiful i loev ittttttr soo much
1say16 #3
Chapter 2: I love this story a LOT
Chapter 2: ctrl + v
Great story! I loved it! The ending was perfect.

Sorry, My english Isn't so good
But the fic is really awesome!!!!
I want to read this all over again! >.<
And OMG ChangMi is so CUTE! I loved it!
Goldie #5
Chapter 1: Omg!! Update soon!
teleporter97 #6
Chapter 1: OOOHHH MYYY GODDDDDD!!! I'm absolutely going nuts at the first chapter??! Is that even possible??! Well, apparently it is when it comes to this fan fic!! I soooo love it! Cant wait for the 2nd chapter and the rest of the story kekeke :)
1say16 #7
Chapter 1: Pls update soon juseyo I love it.
Chapter 1: Update soon ^^
xMelancholic #9
Chapter 1: Aaah, so cute! This is actually a really good idea for a story and it's written really well. Can't wait until you update <3
jazzy_1711 #10
OMG I CAN'T WAIT!! Ah!! I've always wanted to read a story like this, so yeah, I can't wait! XD Please update soon~^^ I'll love youuuuu :3