Believe It Or Not

To Catch A Demon
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If there's one thing I know more than anything, it's that you have a choice in this world.

You can choose to believe or not to believe in something. Me? I choose to believe in fact, to believe in Science, and to believe in Theory. Afterall, those can be explained and proved through hard evidence. How am I supposed to believe what can't be seen? How can you believe in something that doesn't exist?

These are the questions I want answered.

Some people say that you can't prove everything with science and theory, but I disagree completely. Anything that exists can be proven, and anything that can't be proven isn't valid. You can tell me that ghosts are real, but until I see one or the existence is proven, I'll tell you you're giving me a bunch of bull . I don't just believe in this and that. 

My friend ChangMi, however, is a completely different story! Sometimes I don't understand how this girl is even considered eighteen years old. If you ask me, she's more like a small child. She'll believe in anything if you're excited about it. You could tell her that Santa Clause is hiding in the Janitors closet on the third floor of the school and as long as you made it believeable, she'd believe it. Unlike myself, she's very bubbly, happy, and naieve. I guess it's why we're the best of friends. I give her reason and she shows me how to have fun (sometimes). 

I don't really have anything special about me, I have a loving mother and a father and a pet cat named Lilly. I live in a middleclass neighborhood and go to the average public school. I even get average grades. I'm only in class 3C where, by some weird coincidence, class 3D was too small so they combined them together. I'm at least thankful that I have my best friend ChangMi in class with me. Last year was just horrible because she was in class 2B and I was in 2C. She said she'd rather be with me then get good grades. I'm the practical one and yet she is smarter than I am.

I'll never understand it.

"SeulMi-ah....SeulMi-ah..." I felt a nudge to my side and I quickly turned towards ChangMi. I must have zoned out again. I always do that, especially during classes or lectures. Sometimes they're just so boring and I'd rather be in my own little world. Where I can think. I'm a thinker through and through.

"Did I zone out again?" ChangMi nodded and continued to doodle in her notoebook. I looked at the clock and the time read 12:15. That meant it was free period. Had I really tuned out that whole class period? I hope we won't be tested on the subject matters tomorrow. 

"So have you heard?" I hated when ChangMi asked this question. Of course I haven't heard anything, I don't listen to folly or gossip. Why should I listen to something I don't believe in?

"No ChangMi. What is it this time?" ChangMi smiled and clapped her hands together. She was always giddy when she had something to share or something juicy she'd heard or found out about. 

"Have you ever heard about the Demon Myth?" I only gave ChangMi the look. She should know better to try and get me to believe in myths, "Well today I heard that you can actually catch a Demon!"

"Catch a Demon? Really ChangMi they don't even exist." Where in the world did this nonsense come from?

"It's true! I know you don't believe me but you can. The myth goes that if you manage to catch a Demon, that Demon is a slave to you for the rest of it's life. And because Demons are not immortal, they are bound to their humans life span." Maybe I'll at least humor her this time.

"And how do you catch one exactly?" ChangMi grinned.

"Well it says that each Demon has a seal or tattoo that will bound them to their Human master. However each Demon's is located in a different place on their body. The only way to activate this supposed tattoo or seal is by kissing it." 


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