Feelings Are Easier In Costume

To Catch A Demon
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The Halloween dance came much quicker then I expected. I hadn't really been serious when I said TaeHyung was coming with me as my date but it just turned out this way anyway. I told him that I didn't want to dress up in any costumes, it took way to much work, and I usually just go to the dance for free food and drinks. 

But like an idiot somehow I ended up agreeing to TaeHyung's stupid costume idea and now I sorely regret it. My mother had spent hours today prepping me and fixing every little thing about my costume. TaeHyung would be here any minute now so I was thankful to be released from the prodding hands of my mother.

As I observed myself in the mirror, I couldn't even recognize the girl in front of me. I mean, I guess that's the whole point of a costume but I never would have seen myself like this. I wouldn't admit it to anyone, but I felt like a princess, especially with this huge tiara on my head.  

My beautiful hair was tied up and curled in an elegant style. The yellow ruffled gown flowed to the floor gently, poofing out like an umbrella at my waist. My feet were crammed into sparkly gold heels and finally the yellow elbow length silk gloves adorned my hands. 

The dress bottom was so big it was hard to get around in it but I guess I'll manage. There was no going back at this point.

You see about four days ago TaeHyung got this crazy idea to be Beauty and The Beast from the classic fairytale. He said it was just because he wanted to "see me in a dress" but we all know he just wanted the satisfaction of seeing me tortured by having to actually do things for the dance. 

A soft knock on the door from my father told me that TaeHyung was here to me. I snorted at that and let my father help me down the steps because as I previously mentioned it was hard to get around. I also wasn't used to walking in heels but I'd never admit that either. 

When I descended the stairs into the living room all conversation stopped. JungKook and ChangMi who were dressed up as Ash and Pikachu froze, TaeHyung who previously looked annoyed had dropped his jaw slightly. I smirked a little at that. I must have looked better then I thought. Then again, I don't think I've ever been this dressed up in my entire life!

"Seul you look amazing!" ChangMi shouted in awe. I smiled at her. I felt amazing to be honest. Seeing TaeHyung in his costume brought an odd feeling into the pit of my stomach. He was cleaned up real nice, dressed up as the Beast after Bell has saved him. I guess all Prince's look good, even Demon Prince's.

The rest of TaeHyung's friends weren't here because they all had their own dates they wanted to take and all had different plans but it wasn't really that big of a deal because we would still meet them at the dance. I couldn't believe it but I'm really starting to get excited for this dance.

"Thanks Changie!! You look good yourself." I gave back the compliment sincerely because I really meant it. Maybe it was the dress but I felt more reserved, calm, and level headed. Like royalty should be. I wasn't really sure where this night was going, but it was definitely off to a great start.

When I twirled in front of TaeHyung, JungKook shot me a thumbs up and I giggled. TaeHyung's face had gotten over the shock and had returned to it's usual state. The stoic stare and hard set jaw, it was natural at this point. But I could see the shock in his eyes, serves him right.

"Well hello, Beast." I smirked and stuck my gloved hand out for it to be kissed. He looked nonplussed yet chagrined at the same time. Even though he always vehemently denies any type of contact, I felt his warm lips touch my hand and was surprised when my stomach did a flip. Did that really just happen or was I imagining it? Regardless I played it off cooly.

"If you weren't Seul I might actually have fallen in love with you." TaeHyung shot me an arrogant smirk. ChangMi smacked TaeHyung on the arm in retaliation. "Hey! This is a special night! Can we just get along?" I nodded and so did TaeHyung. This was a special night for ChangMi, I knew that, so being her best friend I wouldn't let my personal vendetta for TaeHyung ruin it.

We make our way out to TaeHyung's car. It's as sleek and shiny as always, it's metallic grey reflecting the front porch lights. We all pile in, my dress giving some difficulty as it ended up taking a majority of the front seat. I hear ChangMi and JungKook happily chatting in the back and I smile even wider. I'm so glad ChangMi is making progress. 

The ride is relatively quiet, but it's not awkward by any means. We're listening to the radio, SNSD is currently on, and I have to laugh at ChangMi's off key singing. It's adorable but, you can only take it for five minutes at a time. 

The parking lot to the school was packed as we pulled up. We saw the other members of BTS standing at the front entrance, horsing around and being goofy. They never failed to keep a situation entertaining.

TaeHyung surprisingly opened the car door for me and extended out his hand. "Princess?" His smirk is taunting. I see his game. Well two can play it. "Thank you my handsome prince." 

It was my turn to smirk now as I stepped out of the car. I straightened my dress and looped my arm around TaeHyung's extended one. The dress was a little long on me, so I used my free hand to hold up the other end so that I could walk and not trip over myself. We drew stares as we got closer to the entrance, which I suspected.

I couldn't see anyone else with a bright yellow silk ball gown that's bottom took up a whole area in and of itself.

"Wow Seul you look...royal." It took Jin a minute to pin point the word but I suppose it was fitting enough considering I felt royal in this. I could hear the faint sound of music from the gymansium. I'd been to this dance hundred of times, and yet, it never felt like this. I never felt happy or excited to be here. I just tagged along because ChangMi loved it so much.

"Thanks Jin! You look pretty good yourself." Jin was dressed up as Count Dracula. He wasn't wearing makeup or anything but those fangs did wonders for his appeal. He looked like a night dweller with his cape. Suga and Jimin were dressed up as Tweedle Dee and Tweedl

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