Beauty and the Beast

To Catch A Demon
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TaeSoo furrowed his brows in concern. He'd visted the seer again and her troubling prediction still haunted him. "The one you call friend is the devil incarnate, and the one you call princess is the key."   If Sulli was the key, and TaeHyung was Balthazars incarnate, then that meant Sulli's father, TaeSoo's best friend, was the devil.

If this was true. Then why did the seer predict a human in the royal family? Why did the seer predict Seul? Since Sulli is the key, that means that TaeHyung and Sulli are supposed to stay together.

What if the prophecy was wrong? What if it was misswritten? It could have been possible since each time it got passed down, the story changed that much more.  Maybe a human was never involved at all. Maybe Seul wasn't supposed to be bonded at all. It troubled the King greatly. It gave him a whole new list of things to worry about.

"Your majesty, I have good news. We know who was behind the attack." The King pursed his lips in disdain. He already had a pretty good idea of who was behind the attack. The seer gave that away clearly. "It's BoonGyu, isn't it?" The minister of special investigations nodded solemly. His best friend was trying to overthrow him.

It hurt.

"Find him and bring him in." It's a shame though, because his whole family wouldn't be found, because they had surfaced to the human world. They were hiding out.

I haven't talked to Seul in weeks. Ever since the Halloween dance, she's been avoiding me. When we are together, its usually with our friends and even then our conversations are short and awkward.

I should be okay with this right? Happy that I won't be bothered by a human anymore? Yet why do I feel restless? My minds been in a jumble ever since the dance. I found my reply letter to Sulli today when I was cleaning my room. I'm ashamed to say I forgot about her. I was so caught up in loathing my bond with Seul that I failed to realize the girl waiting for me back home.

Yet, as I read through the contents of the letter I felt odd. 

Did I really mean those things anymore? The more time I've spent here, the more I've gotten to know the people and I've started to relent to them. Me, Kim TaeHyung actually relenting to humans. I know it's absurd but somehow, someway, since the dance things have been different. The underworld, my life there, I've started to drift away from it. Everyday here I can feel myself pull farther and farther away. 

I guess, being away from Sulli for so long, I kind of forget why I even liked her in the first place. Sure she was pretty, but I just remember my parents telling me I had to date her. I guess I just did as they wanted, not really realizing if I wanted it or not. I cared about her, sure. But the more thinking I've been doing, the more I'm realizing that I only dated her because I felt obligated too.

And I think, I think I have to break it off with her. 

With Sulli, we were even. We liked the same things, had the same personality, etc. But with Seul it's different. She's the total opposite of me, not only is she human, but she pisses me off to no end. She was everything exciting. With Sulli I knew what to expect, but with Seul I don't know whether to kiss her or kill her. GAH! I've been a mess ever since the Halloween dance. 

I can't tell if I just feel this way because of the curse or if I'm genuinely falling for a human. I'd really have to eat my words if that were true.

At first I really did hate humans. I hated this place. I was angry and upset so I lashed out on the easiest thing to blame. But then I got to know Seul and ChangMi and I realized that humans aren't so bad after all. They somehow became part of my group of friends and I guess I just became used to their presence. 

When I saw Seul all dressed up like that, I never realized how beautiful she truly looked. I'd never seen that side of her before but I am glad that I was able too. I guess, at the shooting range, when we were just having fun, I realized that I needed to stop fighting my hate. Stop fighting my anger and loathing. I needed to stop resisting that madly intoxicating girl and stop fighting our bond. 

Even though we've been bonded for months now, I can still feel the slight stings and pulls. I've also noticed the slight crackings of Seul's seal. I have to do something about it. I have to change things. I have to embrace this human

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