Fate Doesn't Make Mistakes...Or Does It?

To Catch A Demon
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"Yeobo I'm worried." TaeHyung's mother looked across the table at her husband, tea cups steaming in front of them. The house was quiet, TaeHyung was at school and wouldn't be home for another 4 hours. 

"It's already started. There is nothing we can do. From the moment he was born to us, we knew by his tattoo that he was the key. We are part of the Royal bloodline, we knew there was a chance. We can only hope that the curse is broken this time." The king sighed and took a sip of his tea. It was all in fates hands now and they had to accept it. When the seer had told them of TaeHyung's fate, they were shocked.

A human in the Royal Family? It was unheard of. 

It all stems back to Lucifer's first born son. His first born son fell in love with a human girl and in order to protect her from his father, he created the tattoo to bond them together. So that they could never be separated by anyone. If she was killed them he would die along with her. Lucifer, detesting anything human (because human's were children of God) refused to allow their love. So he killed them both.

As the story goes, it says that every 100 years, their souls become reincarnated into a new life, doomed to meet the same fate as Balthazar and his beloved. Satan has always found a way to keep the lovers apart, it was only a matter of time (hence such worry). Satan can posses any human who allows him in to do his evil work. Humans are easy to kill, Demons however on their own are not. 

No one knows how to break the curse (as the curse has never been survived by anyone) but TaeHyung's parents had hope. It was all they could do in this situation. Since moving to earth, the tension in the Underworld had been high. The king could feel a change in the tide. He could feel the turning of tables. He knew something was brewing and he was exercising every possibility and countermeasure in his head. 

He was no fool. He didn't trust anybody on the council other then his three closest advisors. He knew there were some officials who wanted his throne but he refused to be overtaken so easily. It may be harder to keep tabs from the human world but it's not impossible. 

"I have faith in SeulMi. She seems different Yeobo. Her spirit and will is strong." TaeSoo grabbed his wife's hand from across the table and smiled. "Yes, I saw that to when we first met her. If anyone can tame our knucklehead of a son, it's this girl. I hope for all our sakes that things can come to an end." 

A puff of smoke distracted them for a moment as one of their advisors had appeared before them. He looked worn down and tired but also frantic and anxious.

"My lord we have trouble! There's been an attack on the palace. 5 of your mother's maid servants are dead and so are the two shamans who frequented her room!" The King cursed and gave an apologetic look to his wife. This was a warning plain as day and he knew it. She merely waved her hand in understanding. He was the King, he had a world to look after, and she knew where her duties lied as the Queen. 

~SeulMi POV ~

The weather was starting to get chilly now, as late October was approaching. I'd long abandoned my Summer uniform in favor of my Winter uniform and always wore a fall jacket. I hate this time of year. I am a freeze baby so I'm naturally cold and surviving the Winter is the worst for me. Spring is my favorite season, but I love Summer weather the best. However, October did bring one good thing to me that I'm very thankful for. 


I was finally starting to feel like I was getting some back in my life. I'd started to develop a new routine again. It was a fragile one, but after all that's happened, I'd take this over chaos any day.


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