There's Always An Evil Plot

To Catch A Demon
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~ TaeHyung's POV ~

I really hate my situation. Have I mentioned that already? Because I really can't stand it. This girl makes me do I never would have dreamed of doing. I never would have acknowledged a human (willingly), talked to a human (willingly), nor would I give two s about whether they lived or died. Yet just this weekend I saved the life of a human in order to save my own. While also letting another human know of my secret.

The look on ChangMi's face when my blazing red eyes met hers was priceless though. But I still would have liked to avoid any humans in my circle period. I can't stand them. But what's done is done and I'm just going to have to learn how to adapt. 

This isn't my vision of ideal at all but when I really think about it I know it could be so much worse. SeulMi wants nothing to do with me, but some humans would give anything to get me as their slave. And then they would use me purely for . In a way, I have to count my lucky stars.

Speaking of humans, two of them are currently sitting on my game room couch watching Suga and J-Hope play Destiny. I really can't tell you how this came to be, but it all started with Jimin's idea to invite over the "girls" as he called them. When it was 6 against one, obviously my vote was outnumbered. Also, one of them was my next door neighbor so here we are a half hour later.

I watched Seul (it's what everyone's been calling her) closely from the lazy boy as she interacted with Rap Monster and Jin. They seemed to genuinely enjoy her company and even laughed at some of her stories. It boggled my mind how they can treat humans as equals. Let alone actually like them.

"Seul do you like TaeHyung?" Jimin questioned throwing a glance over my way. I watched Seul scrunch up her face in obvious distaste. "Ani. The only person who would like TaeHyung is himself." Rap Monster snickered at her sly remark and I narrowed my eyes at her. Hmph.

"Great! So then that means I can make you fall in love with me right? Let's go on a date!" Jimin wiggled his eyebrows at Seul and to my surprise she actually blushed. But then I saw her punch him in the arm. "Yah! Who said you could date me?" I rolled my eyes at the flirt. He will make moves on anything as long as it's breathing and has s. 

"I wouldn't be to flattered. Jimin will touch anything with s." I couldn't help but to fire back hotly. It's the subconscious instincts that come out due to our bond. Slaves are naturally jealous once they bond. So even though I didn't mean the words I couldn't fight the urge to say them. It's all a bunch of crap if you ask me. She doesn't have to go through nearly as much as I do.  She doesn't even realize how much she affects me now.  

"Yah! You . I'm really serious about Seul." Jimin slid his arm around Seul's shoulders as if to prove his point and I rolled my eyes. My body wanted to remove that arm but I refused to give into that desire.   

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Chapter 19: that cliffhanger...
Chapter 19: HOLY SMOOOOOOOKES. When’s.the.sequel.
That cliffhanger killed me!!!! IS SHE PREGNANT?!!?!?!?!
Chapter 19: I completed reading this story in one night and dayum, one of the best I have ever read. I love your style of writing, keep up the good work!
ikran12 #6
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Kurosawa_Shizuka #7
Chapter 19: Whattt this was so good but like whattttttt omg. First of all, I'm so happy with thw grammar and everything (although if it had mistakes I still would've loved it just as much) But the whole plot and storyline was super interesting! :) I'm really expecting that sequel because that can't be the end for Tae and Seul. Hope to see it soon~ Thanks for thw read ♡
wonderdream #8
Nice story^.^
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Chapter 19: I can't come to terms with this...
Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy do you do this to me??!
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