❄ The Eighth Day of EXOmas...

[ π‘Žπ‘Ÿπ‘β„Žπ‘–π‘£π‘’π‘‘ ]β€” The Twelve Days of EXOmas

... and my true love gave to me ❄
Park 'Chanyeol' Chanyeol

Chanyeol rubbed a warm, soft towel against his head as he meandered from the bathroom and back towards his bedroom, not surprised in the slightest to find Baekhyun still laid in bed. The singer looked over at him, trying to suppress a sneeze which only ended up sounded like a vacuum backfiring. His nose was red and he sniffled, wiping his nose discretely as he peered up from his ipad at his boyfriend.

β€œAwww, my fox is still sick,” Chanyeol pouted, tossing the damp towel onto the chair and moving over to the bed, resting a hand against Baekhyun's forehead.

β€œI'll be fine...”

β€œBaby, you've got a cold. You're not getting out of bed.”


β€œNo, no buts. You need to rest up if you don't want to be sick the entire of Christmas,” Chanyeol was putting his foot down and Baekhyun simply didn't have the energy to argue. The taller leant forward and pressed a gentle kiss to his temple. β€œI'll go get you some honeyed tea. What do you want to eat?”

β€œCan I have porridge?”

β€œOf course you can, baby. Pretty sure Kyungsoo already got a pan of it started. Tao and Luhan are under the weather too.”

β€œTao started it.” Baekhyun grumbled as Chanyeol pulled on some fresh clothes and left the room.

He was telling the truth. Tao had initiated the rather short snowball fight by pelting Luhan in the face as he left the house. Baekhyun had received a face full of snow shortly afterwards and it wasn't until Kris and Chanyeol found Luhan and Baekhyun pinning Tao face down in the snow that they were all ordered back inside.

Kyungsoo hadn't been pleased. Minseok less so. Before night had fallen, Tao's eyes had gotten puffier than usual and then the sneezing had begun.

Chanyeol approached the kitchen counter just as Minseok turned around from the large pan bubbling away on the stove.

β€œHow is he?”

β€œDefinite cold.”

Kyungsoo sighed. β€œLuhan too. I think Tao has full on flu though. He's running a fever. Kris won't let anyone in their room.”

Chanyeol looked over his shoulder into the living room. Luhan was wrapped in several blankets so just his head was visible. Sehun sat beside him, an arm around him and a worried expression on his face as he tried to coax the older into eating from the hot bowl of porridge set before him.

β€œThis is why we don't play in the snow unless wrapped up,” Chanyeol mimicked Kyungsoo's mother-hen sigh.

β€œExactly. You want porridge for Baekkie?”

Chanyeol nodded, smiling at Minseok as the older set a steaming cup of honeyed tea on the counter beside him. β€œThanks Minseok-hyung.”

Minseok nodded before placing another mug before Luhan. He then shuffled off down the hall, knocked on Kris and Tao's door and handed the third mug to the M-Leader for the sick panda. They talked for a minute before he shuffled back.

β€œTao's adamant he's fine but Kris isn't letting him out of the room for today at the very least,” Minseok informed Kyungsoo.

β€œOkay, I'll make their dinner to go on a tray. Want me to do the same for you two?” Kyungsoo turned his attention to Chanyeol who nodded.

β€œThat would be great, 'Soo. Thanks. I want him to rest up today.”

β€œIt's for the best. Luhan's only out here because Sehun can't say no to him.”

β€œI'll kill him if he infects the rest of us, though,” Minseok muttered, throwing a mask into Sehun's lap. β€œMake him wear it when he's done eating. We don't need the entire dorm in quarantine.”

Kyungsoo spooned a fresh bowl of porridge for Baekhyun and placed it on a tray, handing it to Chanyeol who took it with a smile and a thanks.

It actually worked out okay for Chanyeol. Not that he wanted Baekhyun to be sick. But him being bed ridden meant he would be able to not worry about someone walking in on them as he gave his little fox his gift. Chanyeol wasn't nervous, he just wanted the moment to be theirs.

Baekhyun set his ipad down as Chanyeol re-entered the bedroom, face lighting up into his usual kilo-watt smile at the sight of the hot porridge. Chanyeol returned the smile, closing the door and moving to the bed with his breakfast.

The shorter tucked into his breakfast with a lot more gusto than Luhan had demonstrated. Chanyeol loved that about Baekhyun. Even when sick, he was bright and cheery. He never let anything get him down. It was no surprise that they were known as the 'mood maker' couple, really.

When Luhan got sick, he became quiet and much like a child, he would become withdrawn. He was still the same old stubborn deer, but he wasn't like Baekhyun. Baekhyun wouldn't let a cold stop his mood from being happy. Sickness be damned!

β€œI don't know how Kyungsoo does it...”

β€œHmmm?” Chanyeol tilted his head.

β€œEven though he uses the same oats the rest of us do, his porridge always tastes divine. Lay's is good too, but Kyungsoo's is just incredible. Tao's tastes like ash.”

β€œWhich is one of the reasons we don't allow Tao into the kitchen.”

β€œOr you,” Baekhyun's eyes sparkled as he sniffled, taking another mouthful of creamy oats and relishing in the warmth as it slid down his throat.

β€œWell... yeah. Last time I tried, I almost burnt the eggs.”

β€œI really don't understand how you can burn boiled eggs...”

β€œOkay, that's enough of that,” Chanyeol pouted, pulling his face into a mask of mock hurt.

β€œLeast you're not as bad as Kris. He can only make ramen.”

β€œAnd even then it's hit or miss...”

The two broke into fits of giggles which resulted in Baekhyun wheezing for breath, coughing like he was trying to bring up his lungs. Chanyeol rubbed and patted his back until he calmed and held out the cup of tea to him.

β€œThanks...” Baekhyun gasped as he recovered. β€œI think I'm done with breakfast.”

Chanyeol nodded, moving the tray aside. He had managed over half the bowl, which was good. He didn't want to have to force him to eat.

β€œI know you're sick, baby, but it's still my day. So...” Chanyeol pulled open the drawer on his side of the bed and pulled out a little box wrapped neatly in silver and red paper. He held it out to Baekhyun with a beaming smile. β€œI saw it when I was out shopping with Kris and the first thing I thought was that you would like it.”

Baekhyun took the gift with slender fingers and opened it carefully, pulling the flat green box from within. The lid was lifted off slowly to reveal a bracelet... or rather, three identical almost flat chains.

Chanyeol lifted one out and indicated for Baekhyun to hold out his arm. Once he did, Chanyeol placed the first chain around the underside of his wrist. He took out the second, wrapping it over the top and the third wove between the two to create a sort of braid, interlinking effect with the three silver chains. They fastened together and were the perfect size for Baekhyun's wrist.

He pressed a finger to Baekhyun's lips when the older tried to talk, immediately silencing him again as he pulled another box... or three from the drawer. These were far smaller.

The first was opened and Chanyeol hid what was in it from Baekhyun as he fastened it onto one of the links of the chain. When he revealed it, Baekhyun let out a soft sob. It was the head of a howling wolf.

Chanyeol repeated the process, smiling when Baekhyun wordlessly opened his mouth, unable to form words. The second charm was an exact replica of their Tree of Life – not the one they formed themselves on stage, but the design art concept.

The final charm was that of Baekhyun's own symbol. The vocalist was crying when Chanyeol sat back to admire the effect on Baekhyun's wrist.


The rapper grinned, purring in his deep voice. β€œSee? I'm a romantic.”

Baekhyun pouted and pulled him into a hug, nuzzling his neck softly. β€œYes, you are. You silly giraffe.”

β€œStick your hand in my pants. There's another.”

β€œChanyeol, I'm not stirring that pot whilst I'm sick.”

Chanyeol let out a low rumble of laughter. β€œNot down my pants. In my pants. Back pocket.”

Baekhyun dipped his long fingers into the back pocket of Chanyeol's jeans and pulled out the final charm hidden there.

He dissolved into uncontrollable sobs, hiccups racking his body as Chanyeol attached that to his bracelet.

It was a beautifully designed silver fox.


❄ one giraffe-a-creeping...

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