❄ The Eleventh Day of EXOmas...

[ π‘Žπ‘Ÿπ‘β„Žπ‘–π‘£π‘’π‘‘ ]β€” The Twelve Days of EXOmas

... and my true love gave to me ❄
Kim 'Kai' Jongin

Oh this is humiliating.

Jongin's mind replayed the same four words over and over in his mind for the last hour as he sat in the bedroom he shared with Kyungsoo, staring at himself in the mirror in the door to his closet. It didn't matter how many times he tried to justify it, he kept coming back to those same words.

Oh this is humiliating.

This was all Jongdae's fault. The damn troll had told Kai what Kyungsoo wanted for Christmas and Kai being... well, Kai... he had jumped into the idea head first. And then Chen had suggested this and Tao had happily backed him up on it and now the dancer was sat on his bed, peering at his own reflection wondering why the hell he let these things happen to him.

Still, he looked adorable. Or so liked to think.

He double checked the message he had received from Min, a friend of the group – and the one who had helped Kyungsoo in acquiring Coffee, Jongin had learnt recently – to make sure he was still going by the time schedule they had drawn up to make sure she was at the door on time for him to grab the main part of the gift he had made for Kyungsoo. He still had thirty minutes before she would be waiting...


Now all he needed was for Kyungsoo to actually come into the damn bedroom so he could stop glaring back at himself, wondering if this was such a great idea.

The bedroom door opened five minutes later and Kyungsoo slipped through the gap, carrying a pile of neatly folded laundry that he couldn't see over. The tower of clothes threatened to topple, but the vocalist managed to catch it before it all cascaded to the floor like a limp jenga tower, placing it on a chair and rubbing the tension out of his lower back as he righted himself.

He had his back to Kai.


Kyungsoo's frame stiffened and his fingers paused in their digging into his flesh as his eyebrows knit together and he turned slowly on his heel, not quite sure what to expect when he turned around.

β€œWhat was th-...”

Kyungsoo stared at Kai.

Kai stared back.


Kyungsoo's mouth opened as he tried to find the words to respond to his boyfriend as the two stared each other down. Kai looked calm, though there was a light pink hue to his cheeks and Kyungsoo could see the uncertainty in his eyes.

β€œJongin... why are you --”


It was difficult for Kyungsoo to choke back the little squeal that rose in his throat and he coughed awkwardly to cover it up.

Kai was sat on the bed with a pair of furry black cat ears on his head, a tail attached to his rear and a studded collar around his throat.

Kyungsoo covered the tense silence by pouncing on his partner and peppering his mouth with soft kisses until the dancer broke character and laughed against his mouth, purring when the vocalist his cheek.

β€œWhy are you dressed like a cat?”

β€œI was trying to find out what you wanted for Christmas and Chen said a kitten,” Jongin pouted.

Kyungsoo chuckled. β€œI meant an actual kitten, but this is far better.”

Jongin flushed scarlet, attempting to hide his face by burying it in the crook of Kyungsoo's shoulder.

β€œI was afraid you'd find it a little weird.”

β€œWeird? The fact you've dressed up for me is the most amazing thing. Do I get to play with kitty now?” Kyungsoo's eyes sparkled with mischief as the dancer pulled away.

β€œWell now, Kyungsoo. Who would have thought?”

Kai's phone beeped and he checked the message, beaming brightly as he slipped out from beneath his lover. β€œWhere are you going?” Kyungsoo frowned.

β€œThe rest of your gift, come on,” the dancer grabbed Kyungsoo's hand and pulled him out of the bedroom and down into the living room. β€œSit here.”

β€œI told you. Kai has balls of steel,” Jongdae whispered – loud enough for the others to hear – to Tao who was looking a little put out by Kai's appearance.

β€œFine. Lunch is on me tomorrow,” the panda huffed and folded his arms over his chest. His expression soon softened when Coffee bounded over to him and started pawing at his toes for affection. The martial artist picked him up and watched as the puppy rolled around on Kris' lap, barking happily as the couple tickled his belly.

β€œHello Kitty,” Chen smirked, meeting Kai's dark gaze.

β€œBite me,” came Kai's response.

β€œOoooo, my lil' kitty is fiesty,” Kyungsoo purred, ruffling the dancer's hair.

Kai tried so hard to keep up his scowl towards Chen, but the moment Kyungsoo spoke, his resolve quavered and he scampered out of the front door in an attempt to cover up. A few moments later and Kai poked his head around the corner. β€œSomeone cover his eyes.”

Kyungsoo and Chen's eyes met before Junmyeon moved around behind him to block his vision. Kyungsoo gave Chen a thumbs up, to which the older responded with a sly wink just before Junmyeon's fingers formed a blind over Kyungsoo's eyes.

Kai re-emerged a minute later, carrying something in his hands as he stalked up to Kyungsoo and pressed a light kiss to his full lips, placing his gift into the vocalist's lap. Kyungsoo's eyes were uncovered and he felt something the pad of his thumb with something that felt like sandpaper. When his eyes opened, the little beast on his lap turned her eyes up to meet his and they stared at each other for a long second before...


She was a little ragdoll kitten with grey blue points and large cold blue eyes that pierced the soul. When Kyungsoo squee'd in delight, the kitten started and tumbled onto her side in surprise, purring happily when the singer's finger rubbed against her stomach and her little paws kicked in the air.

β€œShe should fully house-trained. Min has been taking care of her for the last week and she's house-broken her. Here, watch this...” Kai retrieved his pup from Kris' lap and placed him beside the kitten. The two stared at each other before letting out little yelps of happiness as they pounced on each other and rolled around each others faces. β€œCoffee was with her when I'd already got you this little one. They're already playmates.”

β€œYou mean they knew about each other before we even knew what we'd gotten each other...” Kyungsoo couldn't help but laugh at that. They were lucky to have a friend who could keep secrets from the rest of them when necessary.

Coffee and the kitten continued their mock tussle when they were placed on the floor to give them more room to move about in. The kitten would bat Coffee's nose and the pup would bark and jump on her, and the fight would continue until the kitten his face until he submitted. Then she would bat him again and the cycle would repeat itself.

β€œWould you guys keep an eye on them for a bit?” Kyungsoo asked after a good twenty minutes of watching the playing.

β€œSure, but why?” Tao glanced up at the owl-eyed boy whose face split into a wicked little smile.

β€œI hadn't finished playing with this kitty,” Kyungsoo grabbed Kai's hand and dragged him back to the bedroom.

β€œI hope the kitty likes cream,” Chen deadpanned.

The entire room dissolved in a fit of giggles.


❄ one wolf-a-stripping...

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