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feels like i've already done this whole update thing once before... but writing got away from me for the longest time and i wanted to restart over on a fresh account and everything but i realised that i could potentially be taking my ideas and stories away from those of you who already read the stuff i've put out there. so i decided... rather than do any rewrites or sequels, i'm going to mark all my old stuff as archived/discontinued, on this account and leave them on here for posterities sake.

but i will then also start looking into writing new stuff. i realise now, looking back that i focused so hard into exo and never really explored groups outside of that and now that i've grown and taken time away from writing for a few years, i think now is as good a time as any to make a come back focusing on the various other groups i have in interest in. so you can look forward to a lot of content involving favourites like bts, blackpink, red velvet, stray kids, ateez etc... but also maybe some much lesser written groups as well. my knowledge and interests in kpop vary greatly so hopefully there will be something for everyone in the works coming up.

i have several ideas for things i wanna write. the pokΓ©mon series is still one i plan to do based on nuzlocke runs that i play and considering i never really got that into it, it won't feel like a rewrite. i'm also in the process of thinking about replaying the final fantasy games at some point and basing a series on that series of playthroughs. i still want to write a wolf!series so while it won't a rewrite of truth in defiance, there will be something for you wolf/abo fans. maybe something more akin to teen wolf. there will probably also be some sort of vampire series too. hahaha.

and i'm also going to do a 100 one shots challenge series. this might be where i actually start. each one shot will feature an entirely different ship, with no-one repeated through the entire series of oneshots. i haven't yet decided who the first one-shot will be, but you can probably expect this to be the first story posted up once i have sorted through the others and marked them all as archived/discontinued. i will be copy/pasting a little announcement as a chapter to each story linking back to this little explanation, so... hi there those of you that have come from any of those.

and i was also considering maybe putting together a discord server. mostly because when it comes to one shot series, etc, i would love love looooove to get direct input from you guys and i feel like it would be more efficient to ask questions and get your thoughts through a discord server. let me know what you think! if i do it, i'll edit this story with the discord server link. haha.

[ EDIT: here it is, lmao > discord server ]

so... i love you all and i'm looking forward to getting back into some sort of writing routine. this time it is for reals.


β€” skit


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