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all stories before september 19th, 2021 are officially archived and discontinued. this doesn't mean that the ideas of them are gone... at some point, the ideas may resurface but in entirely new ways. i figured this was going to be a better way for me going forward rather than constantly trying to rewrite old stuff. i will begin over with new ideas, and any older ideas that are still poignant enough to worm their way in, will be written where they fit in.

i know i've been away for a long looooong time... but this time i'm back and while it might take a little time to get settled back into some sort of routine with writing, i hope you're all excited for many new works to come!


please come join my discord server! it's an easy, direct way to interact and you'll never miss an update. my schedule will be kept up to to date over there, along with a database for new works, and an archive with links to my old works. you can also input on ships you'd like to see — especially for one shots — and discuss ideas! join me here!


love y'all!
— skit