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So if you're reading this, you've come to see what I've got going on, right? Well, here it is. The full list of all the stories I have written/currently writing/planning in the future.

Random stories, like my exo crack pairings story, etc, (anything that isn't an actual story) can be found under the miscellaneous section.


all stories here are currently ongoing meaning I am writing them at the present time :3


Truth in Defiance

angst . fantasy . romance 

The Legends spoke of this war... though very few alive believed the tale. Twelve Legends must overcome the greatest evil the world has ever known to save Mankind from certain extinction. When two worlds threaten to crash together and the balance thrown of kilter, who will emerge as the victors?

 EXO, OC, Super Junior, SHINee



Let's Play

psychological . horror . survival . torture 

When a group of friends head out into the mountains to spend four weeks in an old Mansion, you would think life was the best it could be. No parents to tell them what to do. No responsibilities... just them, alone, having the time of their life. But what happens when the Mansion decides to give them an entirely different experience? They cannot escape... They must play.





romance . fantasy . horror

The Vampire courts. Each is known throughout the world to both vampire and humans alike. Each treats humans differently. The Black Court are turned humans who have rebelled against their Vampire Sire. The Red Court are either born or infected. The White Court are the psychic vampires and The Royal Court are the strongest Vampires known to exist, each with animal qualities and the ability to shift into their animal; born into their world though they keep turned vampires as their slaves. What happens when the Four Courts end up at war with one another and what does it mean for the Humans?

EXO, Nu'est, B.A.P, OC, 4minute, Secret, Sistar, F(X), SNSD, Super Junior, BtoB, Vixx, Infinite, U-Kiss, Teen Top, ZE:A, Beast, SHINee


Game On

comedy . . ot12 . co written

Twelve boys... bored during one of their few breaks off from promoting. When Chen suggests 'playing a game', the others agree all too eagerly, looking for any way to stave off their boredom. Little did they realise exactly WHAT kind of game Chen had in mind. Cue twelve boys getting very hot, and sweaty in the ultimate game of pride.


Co-Author: LavenderGazelle





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The Academy

comedy . romance . fluff . schoolbased

The Academy is a school where those exceptionally talented within certain fields go to expand their talents. With just three classes a week, it's no surprise that the kids learn a whole love more about each other than they do their chosen subjects. Just a school... with all the hormones that rage within it

EXO, Super Junior, SHINee, B.A.P, Beast, SNSD, 2ne1, 4minute, f(x), OC


One Shots Collection

. . . fluff .

Ease of access to all my one shots. Simple as that.

Kpop Idols



where anything that isn't classed as an actual story can be found


Exo Crack Pairings and All That Fun Stuff

exactly as it says


Kpop Challenge

that thing where i answer the things


Gif Challenge Funsies

random gif crap


The Academy && You

this could go in the ongoing but meh






any ideas for storie that i come up with will be placed here until i officially start writing it


The Imprint

angst . romance . psychological

They say that everything in your life leaves some sort of Imprint upon you; what if something so terrible happened to you that you carried on with your life without even realising that what you thought was reality was infact something imagined by your subconsciousness to help you deal with it?

MBLAQ, Infinite, Hyoyeon (SNSD), OC


Battle Royale: Domination

survival . romance . gore

How do you deal with delinquent kids? Throw them on an island, each armed with a weapon and survival pack and wait for them to kill each other off in order to survive. It starts just as the Government had intended... but what will happen when the Survivors from the previous year join the newly damned kids? A Resistance hellbent on releasing themselves from Domination.

Kpop Idols . OC


The Hunger Games: Labyrinthine

survival . romance . angst

We all know what the point of the Hunger Games are... twelve boys and twelve girls must kill each other in a morbid game of survival to win the honor for their district. The Game was brought to Korea, where the Twenty Four most renowned families set their sons and daughters against each other in the same fashion. The winners will be bonded as man and wife and must life with the memories for the rest of their lives.

EXO . Kpop Idols . OC



romance . fantasy . comedy

He is human. She is a vampire. Their love is forbidden by the very laws of nature, yet each refuses to live without the other. Will their love be sempiternal?



Trying Not To Love You

comedy . romance

One is a playboy who is popular with the ladies. The other is a complete idiot who likes to think he is a standup comedian. One is straight. One is gay. They are best friends... and he's in love with him.

Chanyeol, Baekhyun, EXO



psychological . horror . survival . romance . comedy

The Institute. That is all it is known as. It stands on a nexus that binds three planes of existance. Students do not leave their rooms at night, because the Unseen roam the halls freely during the darkest hours... killing any who get in their way. There is no way for the students to escape. They have come here to die... they are damned, life has given up on them. Yet, with the use of the Ethereal Daggers, they have hope... Guardians.

EXO, Beast, B.A.P, OC



romance . angst . fluff . mpreg . violence

The streets are rife with violence, various gangs trying to make a name for themselves by trying to eliminate their 'opposition'. It is not uncommon to find a body dying in the streets due to a drive-by shooting or gun-war. One particular gang rises above the rest, the goal having nothing to do with laying claim to the streets of Seoul. They simply desire one thing; for the violence to end.

EXO, B.A.P, Nu'est, BtoB, Block B, Infinite, OC



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