[ 10/01/2014 - 16/01/2014 ] Update Schedule

I'll be posting these weekly - usually on thursday, just to give a heads up of what I plan to update the coming week for those that want to know what is in the works for the coming seven days. Probably not many of you but xD

I might randomly update something on a day it isn't scheduled for, but I'll be aiming to at least update those listed for that day.




EXO Crack Pairings and Other EXOciting Stuff -- Daily

Friday 10 January -- Kisses and Flowers & Twelve Days of Omas

Saturday 11 January -- Let's Play & Kisses and Flowers

Sunday 12 January -- Kisses and Flowers & Twelve Days of Omass

Monday 13 January -- Insomnia & Kisses and Flowers

Tuesday 14 January -- Let's Play

Wednesday 15 January -- Kisses and Flowers

Thursday 16 January -- Kisses and Flowers & Truth In Defiance


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