❄ The Third Day of EXOmas...

[ π‘Žπ‘Ÿπ‘β„Žπ‘–π‘£π‘’π‘‘ ]β€” The Twelve Days of EXOmas

... and my true love gave to me ❄
Lu 'Luhan' Han

Insecurity was biting at Luhan's heels. Kris and Kyungsoo had really pulled out all the stops when it came to their gifts of love... and it made Luhan feel like his own was on the inadequate side. He chewed on his lip nervously, positively terrified about the prospect of presenting such a meaningless gift to his boyfriend.

Well, it felt meaningless beside Kris and Kyungsoo's.

Luhan had, in actual fact, put a lot of thought into his gift. He had taken the time to try and get Sehun to tell him exactly what it was that he wanted rather than just going off of his own guesswork because he really wanted it to be something that Sehun would find practical and useful. It also needed to be something that would visually mark him as his. Short of tattooing a deer on his arm, Luhan had been stumped for a while, until Sehun had broken his watch and pouted about it for a good three days.

It had taken a fair bit of persuading to stop Junmyeon from taking it to the repair store so that the maknae would stop sulking over never know what time it was and always having to ask. Sehun liked to be punctual and having to constantly check his phone was proving to be more work than he would have liked.

Once Luhan had told Junmyeon exactly WHY he didn't want the watch repaired, the leader had given in and helped take Sehun's mind off his broken gadget whilst Luhan had prepared his gift.

Now apprehension was gnawing on him like a dog on a bone as he sat in their room contemplating whether he should give him the present with the others in the living room, or wait until he inevitably came looking for him.

His fingers smoothed over the already impeccably flat paper that was wrapped around the box, tracing the little white snowflakes as his gaze drank in the pale blue of the paper itself. A silver ribbon was tied into a bow around it and he toyed with it as he tried to make up his mind of whether to go into the living room or wait where he was.

Luhan didn't think he'd be able to handle it if Sehun didn't like his gift; it would be even worse if he debuffed it in front of everyone else. He also had a feeling that Kris would scoff at his idea of a present; Kris had gone for something that was straight to Tao's nature whilst being romantic. Kyungsoo had gone down the heartfelt and far-too-adorable-for-his-own-good route.


Practical and personal; he hoped.

Maybe they would all be too preoccupied with watching Kai's new puppy to notice him if he did going into the living area to give Sehun his present. Yeah, he could pretty much count on that.

Yet before he could stand up to leave the room, something incredibly fluffy slipped in through the small crack in the door that he hadn't realised he had left. The puppy looked over at him, barked it's chirpy little happy bark and bounded towards him on stubby little legs.

β€œYou little scamp. Your daddy and mommy are going to go frantic looking for you,” Luhan scooped the overly-adorable ball of fur into his free hand and held it to his chest as he finally pushed up from the bed and strode towards the door. β€œCome on, let's get you back.”

Just as Luhan had predicted, Kai and Kyungsoo were tearing apart the living room looking for their baby. Pillows flew everywhere as they pulled the sofa apart and it wasn't until the pup let out a happy yap from Luhan's arms that they looked up to find it at the deer's hand.

β€œThere you are, Coffee,” Kai tutted, all but running across the room to take the puppy from Luhan.

β€œCoffee?” Luhan tilted his head at the name.

β€œKris named him after he knocked over his mug this morning,” Kai explained as Kyungsoo righted the cushions and grinned up at him. β€œFits him though, right?”

Luhan had to agree with that. The pup was full of energy and was the colour of coffee and his eyes were so dark they were like expresso. It fit him perfectly.

Kris was scowling from his armchair. He had not expected the name to stick.

β€œAwwww, Uncle Kris is all grumpy,” Kai teased, dropping the puppy onto his lap just to watch the usually pokerfaced leader fight with his urges. It was like there was a battle of wills going on in his head; every now and then breaking through to the surface with the softening of his gaze or the tilting of his lips as Coffee the Puppy nibbled at his fingers or pawed at his chest trying to get affection. β€œYou can pretend you hate him all you want, Kris, but you're not fooling anyone.”

Trying to take the attention away from himself, Kris spotted the gift in Luhan's hand. β€œIs that for Sehun?”

Luhan swallowed audibly as eleven pairs of eyes fixed on him and he looked down at the gift; he had completely forgotten to leave it in the bedroom.

Well, now he had no real choice.

A nod bobbed his head before he had time to think it through and Sehun patted his lap, inviting the shorter to take a seat. With trembling steps, Luhan approached and the rapper eased him onto his thighs, snuggling him from behind and whispering against his ear.

β€œWhat are you so afraid of?”

Luhan whimpered; almost silently, as he pressed the box into Sehun's fist.

β€œAre you worried I won't like it?” Sehun continued to ask, opening the bow slowly and pulling it free. He then slipped the silky ribbon around Luhan's neck, allowing it to gently caress his flesh as he tied it neatly into a fresh bow. Luhan flushed as he heard Tao chuckling behind his fist.

β€œI'll open this one later,” Sehun's voice was so soft that it felt like a warm breeze against Luhan's ear, followed up by a light kiss to the lobe. Goddamn it Sehun. Stop teasing and open the damn present, Luhan muttered in his mind, shifting a little on his lap.

Luhan watched Sehun's face intently as he tore into the paper and lifted the box only his knee. There was a little glint of happiness in the maknae's gaze that made Luhan realise that it didn't matter what he got him for Christmas. Sehun was going to love it no matter what because it came from him.

However, when the box was opened and Luhan's gift was revealed, the look on Sehun's face was unexplainable. It was like he had never experienced such happiness and joy before as he chewed on his bottom lip and took the watch out of it's confines.

The part that went around his wrist was a single, curved piece of silver that would fit under the main part of the watch to secure it into place. The watch face was designed to fit his power; his symbol was etched into it and his name was inked in tiny lettering in the middle of it. The hands moved around the swirl of the wind symbol and Luhan grabbed his hand and turned it over. There, engraved on the flat underside, was his little message.

To my Sehunnie. Love you always. Luhan xoxo

When Sehun held out his arm, Luhan took his hint and took the watch from him, latching it to his wrist just before the dancer cupped his face between his hands and smiled at him.

β€œI don't know why you were so scared, Luhan,” Sehun laughed softly and gave him a sweet, gentle kiss.

β€œBecause it's nothing like Kris' or Kyungsoo's.”

β€œSo? I'm nothing like Tao or Kai.”

Luhan bit his lip, feeling a little ashamed at being so childish about the whole thing.

β€œYou silly deer,” Sehun chided gently, scooping him up and disappearing down the hall with him. β€œNow to open this gift,” he purred against his ear as they disappeared into their bedroom.

Tao was still fighting his giggles, pressing his fist into his mouth.

β€œIt's not that funny, Tao,” Baekhyun rolled his eyes and gave the rapper a kick to the ribs. That was all it took for Tao to burst into hysterical laughter.

As it turned out, Tao wasn't laughing at Sehun and Luhan.

There, completely forgotten by all the others was Kris with a rather amused puppy sitting on his head, nibbling on his hair and pawing at his ears. But what amused Tao more than Kris' new hat, was the little present sat on Kris' lap.Β 

To Uncle Kris. Love you. Coffee oxox



❄ one laughing deer...


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