❄ Bonus #02

[ 𝑎𝑟𝑐ℎ𝑖𝑣𝑒𝑑 ]— The Twelve Days of EXOmas


Eyes the colour of dark, rich chocolate blinked open as the first rays of sunlight stole through the slightly parted curtains to fall in a pool upon the bed. Furry paws rubbed at tired eyes as the pup tried to push the remnants of sleep away, trying to ignore the alluring warmth curled up against his flank as his head lifted and he glanced around.

One of the humans was still fast asleep – the one Coffee thought of as his daddy. That one was laid on his front, mouth agape as he snored softly into the pillow cushioning his head. The blankets lay tight over him, half way down his back, revealing tan coloured skin and a white vest which Coffee had come to associate with sleepy time.

The other – momma – was already bustling about the bedroom, pulling on those weird material things they seemed to like to wear. Coffee couldn't really understand that. He had his fur and he couldn't just take that off... so why did the humans even bother?

The pups' attention was pulled towards the ball of fur at his side when the kitten mewled, her eyes tight shut as opened in a yawn that forced a light whine to tickle the back of . She looked as though she was nomming the air for a moment before she turned her lazy gaze towards Coffee, one ear flickering when she realised the Pup was awake.

Cookie greeted him in her customary way – wrapping her paws around his head and his face with her rough tongue. Coffee didn't mind these morning baths because the kitten would purr and he liked the sound; it was soothing and reminded him of the time they had been at that one female human's place for the week.

Both pup and kitten liked her; she always smelled nice – a light and flowery scent that was easily distinguishable. Not that the guys they now lived with smelled bad. It was just different. Muskier and there was more sweat.

He felt Cookie's tongue against his muzzle, dragging through the light fur as she continued to purr. It was almost like having his face brushed.

A moment later, her paws unhooked from around his head, her nose touching against his as her bright blue eyes closed. He could feel every exhalation of breath she made, and soon their breathing became synchronized as they dozed like that, Coffee's head falling onto his paws because he couldn't fall asleep with his head up like the kitten could.

A hiccup startled him awake, jolting his entire body and his eyes snapped open in surprise. Cookie had flinched awake and she was staring at him as though he had been possessed. A second later, another followed and they both jumped at the sound.

Awwww, baby, you got hiccups?” the motherly human male brushed fingers down his back and Coffee automatically relaxed to the sensation. He was then picked up and Cookie soon joined him as the human paced down the hall and into the living room.

Once his hiccups had died down, paws touched the floor and Cookie landed beside him, mewling in protest. She liked cuddles and affection. Coffee nuzzled at her, silencing her immediately as she turned and pounced on his back, initiating a mock tussle. Momma watched them for a moment, laughing as Cookie got her teeth around Coffee's leg; not really biting, when he pinned her down, barking his victory.

When Momma moved away and into that room that had the strange, cold stone floor, Coffee and Cookie sat side by side, watching him for a moment. There was signs of others stirring down the hall and curiousity got the better of the two scamps as they chased each other into the first door that wasn't closed to them. Coffee sniffed the air, barking in joy when he recognized the smell.

The big blonde human was fast asleep, hand dangling down from the bed, bare shoulder pale in the light that tumbled in from the curtains that the darker haired one had opened before shuffling off to shower. Cookie attacked the hand, rolling on her back and batting at his fingers as the human grumbled and groaned in his sleep but made no real effort to move his hand out of her reach. It wasn't until she started nibbling at the digits that he rolled over, taking his hand out of her reach and leaving her pouting sullenly up at him – if felines could pout, she most certainly would have been – before she turned her attention to a discarded piece of clothing that lay in front of the bedside table.

Purring happily, the kitten latched her jaws around it and started to drag it away, out of the room. Coffee watched for a moment before pouncing on a bright blue piece of material and following her back into that large room the humans liked to group up in. The kitten found a hole in her prize, climbing inside and curling up, purring herself to sleep.

Coffee's was a weird on. There was some strange design on it like... a sponge with eyes. He discarded it, having lost interest when he couldn't find a way inside it like his companion. He just kept going through some strange tunnel with his. The pup sat on it instead, stretching out on it and rejoining the kitten in slumber-land.


Kyungsoo...why is your kitten in my sock?” Kris' deep rumble stirred the pup and kit from their nap, the former yapping happily as he charged at the blonde human and head-butted his legs.

Whose are those boxers?” Momma asked, picking up the strange piece of discarded 'fur' Coffee had stolen from the bedroom.

Mine,” Kris mumbled snatching them from him and trying to shove them behind his back out of sight.

You wear spongebob boxers?” Kyungsoo asked, snickering.

Coffee barked, demanding the blonde one's attention – and getting it as massive hands engulfed him to place him on his lap. The puppy rolled onto his back and delighted in the fingers rubbing his tummy.

You should see some of his other underwear,” the darker human who Coffee had seen attacking the blonde one's face with his mouth said, holding his hand down before Cookie who sniffed at him before stretching sinuously and stepping daintily into his palm.

Momma couldn't seem to stop sounding like something was assaulting him as he disappeared back into the strange, cold room. Coffee nibbled and chewed on Kris' fingers whilst Cookie curled up on the lap of his mate, paws tucked under herself and eyes closed as she purred.

Coffee and Cookie would never understand what the humans found so fascinating about their mouth wars, both disturbed when their 'godparents' engaged in a little war.

It was so weird.

Humans are weird,” Coffee grumbled, receiving a purr of agreement from Cookie before her paws latched around his head and another impromptu face bathing session began.

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